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Acts of Kindness You Can Do For Others

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Acts of Kindness is so important right now. February has always been my favorite month. Maybe it’s because I am a sucker for love and could eat my weight in sweets? Or maybe it’s because my birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day so instead of being sad that the love, cards, and candy are gone I have another day dedicated to presents and cake?

While the candy and cards are great to get, it’s always better to give. So since February is known as the month of love, why not do something nice for others, just because. Today I have compiled a list of random acts of kindness that you can do for others.

Total strangers even. I know it would shock and amaze me if anyone did this for me so why not make someone’s day, or even month, and try a few of these out!


Acts of Kindness

1. Pay for the person behind you in line at the drive through. Going to pick up a coffee at Starbucks or lunch at McDonalds? Why not pay for the person behind you. Can you imagine the surprise and delight that the driver will feel when the worker tells them the stranger in the car ahead of them paid for their order? I know this would make me happy beyond belief.

2. Go buy a few lotto tickets and put them on the windshield of random cars. When people go to their car they will be pleasantly surprised to see a brand new scratcher ticket and maybe they will even win some cash!

3. Pick up some packs of Conversation Hearts from the store and tape them on to your spouce’s windshield. Strangers may not appreciate this as much but your loved ones will.

4. Make fresh baked cookies or cupcakes and deliver them to your neighbors and your friends. Give some to your mail man and any one else you can think of.

5. Say something nice to everyone you meet for a day. Or longer. Compliment people, say hello, be friendly, and make someone’s day.

6. Bring coffee and donuts to the office staff at your children’s school or to everyone at your work place.

7. Leave an extra big tip to your restaurant server. Besides a tip you could even leave them movie tickets or a gift card to Starbucks. I was a server for over five years while in college so trust me when I say, I know they would be THRILLED.

8. Send flowers to your mom, your best friend, and any other loved one. Just because.

9. Pay for the person behind you in line for the movies. Talk about a nice surprise.

10. Give someone your parking spot.

11. Let the person behind you in the grocery store go ahead of you in line.

12. Buy cold drinks for the people next to you at a sporting or other event.

13. Give a bag of groceries to a homeless person.

14. Send gifts anonymously to friends or loved ones. Do you know anyone who could really use a specific item or just a pick me up in general? Send them a gift from their secret admirer.

15. Babysit for your friends so they can go do errands or have a date night. As a parent who doesn’t get very much alone time anymore I know I would appreciate this.

16. Buy books and donate them to your children’s school library.

17. Offer to return a shopping cart to the store for someone loading a car. I usually have my squirmy son with me when I shop and sometimes even something little like this could mean a whole lot for a person.

18. Give friends and family “kindness coupons” that they can redeem for kind favors.

19. Drop off cookies or donuts to the police and fire department in your city.

20. Volunteer your time at a local senior center, hospital, or your child’s classroom. Sometimes time is the best gift of all.

So now it’s your turn. Leave us a comment and add to the list. What random acts of kindness would you suggest?

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Wednesday 6th of February 2013

Very nice list. RAOC Random Act Of Kindness. way to go.

Deidre Jordan

Tuesday 5th of February 2013

Go visit those at nursing homes or childrens hospital and read or just sit with them.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.