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  1. My son is exactly the same, beautiful,long,blonde and curly… but at 4 we are at the same stage with his hair.
    His Primary school makes me put it in a pony tail..but he still looks cute !! Even some of the children think hes a girl !!
    I love your sons new style..will be going to the stylist in the summer to get the same !!

  2. My son recently turned 3. I have had my rounds with everyone in regards to cutting his hair. I just can’t bring myself to cut the curls. I laugh at the people that call him a beautiful girl. Thanks, but he is a boy. He loves his long hair,so when the day he decides he wants it cut I will do so. So you do what is best for your son. His hair is gorgeous by the way.

  3. My twins are just over 2 now and at the same point but their hair is so thin I feel like there’s nothing to work with and I am beyond terrified of getting even the slightest bit trimmed off because of that. I don’t know what to do and there’s absolutely no good hair dressers here in my small rural town :/

  4. THIS is me right now! My 2 yo has these beautiful blonde curls that I just can’t part with! His bangs are grown out because I don’t like straight across bangs with the long hair. He is ALWAYS getting mistaken for a girl (which really annoys my husband). Right now his hair is a little ways below his shoulders, and I admit is a little long for a boy. I have decided to cut it up to shoulder length and pray that the curls stay. If they don’t, I will most certainly cry. ?

  5. this is super cute, exactly the look I try and do for my son! Last time I accidently gave it a little bit of a bowl look the front was all straight like what happened to your little guy, in the final pic has the front been cut on the slant? Where I live there is no one who is any good at cutting European hair so I have to do it myself, any tips would be REALLY appreciated!!!

  6. I am having the same problem! My son is 2y and he has brown curly hair… I dont want to cut it neither his dad but my sisters are bugging me that he looks like a girl and he could get confuse with his identity and one day he will be gay…. I ignore them I just dont want to cut his hair I know is going to be stright hair one day so for now I want to see those beautiful locks!!

  7. Good news moms – the curls come back around age 11 or 12!! This happened with two of ours that had beautiful toddler curls. And more good news at age 12, they won’t get that frizzy tangle from the car seat. Oh and our third child with board straight, never messy, hair…at age 12 he became the curliest of them all.

  8. You are a lifesaver. I am currently in the same predicament you found yourself in. I came to google to look for a solution that will mean my little guy is no longer mistaken for a boy but will also keep him looking like “him”. I am so very grateful to you for taking these head shots!! Now, to just find a hairdresser my son will allow near him…

  9. Boy, did your story ever hit home with me. My sister-in-law had a little boy born with those wonderful blonde curls just like your son. And like you, she loved them dearly, especially with three other sons and no daughters. Unfortunately as curls seem to, when she let them grow and grow eventually the hairs get so heavy, it pulls the curl out of all but the bottom part.

    She was pretty disappointed with his curls but about the time he was four with hair halfway to his waist, suddenly the curls returned. She had discovered spiral curlers and was putting his hair up in them every 3-4 nights with lots of setting jell.

    He went through preschool with his ringlets and of course, everyone thought he was a little girl. (The barrettes she put in his hair didn’t help matters a bit.) By this time, he had become pretty unhappy with people mistaking him for a girl or sometimes even asking his mother in front of him, whether he (or she) was a boy or girl.

    Then his mother decided that it was the boy clothes and girl hair that was confusing people. Rather than cutting the poor kids hair, she began putting girls shirts on him. Not particularly ruffly or frilly but pink or otherwise things that people would assume were on a girl. (We think there might have even been some skirts and dresses involved when his daddy wasn’t around.)

    Finally when he got old enough for school, the teachers and social workers convinced her that this long hair was causing the poor kid too much trouble. So, she finally got it cut. And that’s what really hit home in your story. She got him a little girls bob.

    In some ways the bob was even worse than the ringlets but at least he wasn’t sleeping in curlers anymore. She made him suffer with his girl’s style for almost another year before the kid finally took it on himself to use the scissors. He cut off much of one side and she finally got it cut like a boy. He was almost seven.

    Curls on little boys are cute as can be, but there is a limit!

  10. I was searching on pinterest for boys’ hair cuts and came across your son’s pic/this page… I love it! My son’s hair looks like your son’s ‘after’ shot, but it’s getting long and with this heat and humidity (Nthn NSW, Australia), his fringe/bangs stick to his face from sweat, it gets in his eyes… I thought I’d have to clip it short, styled, shave it off! But I’m so happily convinced to just trim what he’s got. Like you said, it makes him HIM 🙂

  11. Hey there!

    I was just about to re-pin this cute haircut of your son and I wanted to click and see where it led to. Isn’t Pinterest a great resource for cool stuff and good information? I loved your post……. but wanted to share, I own a Children’s Salon. And yes, you can call us hair stylists. In fact, I often joke that we get to do yoga and hair at the same time. The hardest part of our job sometimes is that parents love, love…. love their sons curls, but there comes a point when the curls decide they need to go and the parents don’t want that to happen. Communication is paramount, like your stylist did for you, and he got an awesome style. I’m not sure what kind of kids salon you went to, or the level to which their stylists are trained. But at my Children’s Salon, my stylists are trained well. We have won numerous awards in the Seattle area and pride ourselves on hard work, continuous training and communication with our guests. We’ve even expanded and have a Women’s Salon and a Barbershop, so whole families come to us. In the new year we will start classes to educate pre-teens on the importance of self-care and grooming. So maybe we aren’t a typical “Kids Salon’.

    So great article and I’ll show my clients your after photo on my pinterest board when they bring their son in with the same hair issue (which is one thing we do to provide better communication). But please don’t think that all kids salons have mediocre stylists. It is actually a very, very difficult job. But when done well, it is very rewarding and I wouldn’t trade the relationships we build with families and making kids look awesome for anything.

  12. I’ve been googling for weeks on solutions to bring back curl in toddler’s hair, but I’ve had no luck in reviving the once to the root curls in my 2 year old son’s hair. So today I Googled “before and after curly hair toddler hair cut” and found your post. Lol. My son’s hair is past his shoulders, very curly on the bottom and around his face, but the roots on the sides and back are straight. My husband wouldn’t let me take him to get it cut even though I’ve been telling him that people ALWAYS think he’s a girl. Someone finally said it to him so he’s agreed it’s time to cut our son’s hair. I think the style your son has is so ideal for a boy who still has a little curl on the bottom and who looks good with longer hair. I’m hoping tomorrow will be the day! Thanks for your post!

  13. And here I was thinking that I was the only going through this turmoil! I’ve got 2 boys (2 & 4), with the most beautiful blond hair. The oldest now insisted that he wants his hair like daddy’s (bald!). I refused the completely bald shaven head, but had to give in for a crew cut. (Still feel like crying!) Now the family is on my back about my baby! Will have to do something soon!

  14. oh too funny. Seems like just yesterday my son had white curls cascading down his back:)
    I hate to tell u but the curls are ALL gone now. But he still likes his hair long, just 15 now. And you’ll have to keep going to a proper salon, as the kids places have no idea.
    It’s still white though, and honestly as much as we love the curls, older boys REALLY don’t want them☺️

  15. Love Love Love the hair cut ! My grandson has the same kind of beautiful hair and his momma my daughter is feeling the need to have it cut. I and others including his mom like it long but right now it is a little out of control .She sent me this pin today so it looks like he gets to keep it long !!!!!

  16. I pinned this article months ago b/c my son’s hair looks just like yours in that green argyle shirt! (And let me just say, it is by FAR my most popular pin – haha!) I actually took this picture to a kid’s haircut place about 6 weeks ago (only for his second haircut…he’ll be 3 in 3 months). So I had a couple of questions for you: 1. did you have to use product to get his bangs to stay to the side? My son’s end up going back across his brow and now that it’s grown out for 6 weeks, one side is longer and hangs in his eyes! 2. Do you have any updated/grown out pictures of your son’s hair? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      No, we don’t use any product in his hair on a day to day basis. When he first got this cut at the salon, she put a very small amount of gel in it but we don’t do that at home. Sure, it falls in his eyes sometimes but he has perfect the Justin Beiber head swing to solve that. 🙂 I’m kidding. Honestly, it does fall in his eyes from time to time but he doesn’t seem to mind. I definitely have some updated photos of his hair so I’ll be adding them to the blog soon. – HOllie

  17. THANK YOU!!! Thank you for posting this. I’m in tears over my 2 1/2 yr olds first hair cut next Friday and seeing this blog and pics makes me feel so much better. He looks EXACTLY like your son in the before pic. I’m taking him to my stylist so I sent her these photos. Adorable!

    1. It will all be okay, Charla! I was very nervous for so long to cut his hair and I’m just so happy I took the leap! I realize how much better his hair looks now that it has been cut.

  18. Aaaaand now you’ve terrified me that my sons curls might go away. Since birth mom is biracial surely he has more of a chance right?! He has the most beautiful jet black soft ringlets. Women are drawn to it, & insist on touching it.

  19. Love this cut! My son has beautiful blonde curls as well and my husband is the one who wants to grow it out. I love it long but straight hair is growing in and he too gets called a girl all the time, especially when I have to put it up in a pony when it gets too hot. But he hates that now so it’s not an option. I’m going to show this to my sister in law and hopefully we can something like this! Thanks!!!!

  20. This is my life right now!!! Our son was born with a Mohawk..kid you not!! Now he is 19 months old and his hair is to the middle of his back!! I just trimme the bangs a bit so he could blink without it going into his eyes!! It’s so long that in a tank it loops around his arms and gets stuck in his little dude pits and makes him pissed off at the hubby has been asking as politely as possible (due to the wrath he knows would come with being insistent) for me to cut it. Bless his heart.. (Isn’t that what they say in the south when they really mean they want to punch you in the throat?) but NOW, we have a solution that I think he will agree on!! (Notice I said we but really mean I) so I might throw up, and will definitely lose sleep until his bangs grow out a smidge, probably be about two weeks since his obvious superpower is amazing hair.. Wish me, I mean “us” luck!!!

  21. He has the face of angel. What an adorable little boy. His hair rocks. I always wished
    My kids would have curly hair like their dad but it’s bone straight.

  22. I could have written this – my 3 year old son was blessed with gorgeous blonde curly hair that no one else in our family has. Your adorable boy’s hair pics look like my Drake’s: super-curly, then waves, now they are dragged-down curls that reach almost to his butt. I keep hearing how beautiful “her” hair is, and I want to cut it, but I am afraid to let those curls go! I LOVE your son’s cut, I am bringing Drake to my stylist…soon…when I get the nerve to finally do it…with this cut as inspiration!

  23. Thank you! My curly haired son is getting his first real cut (Daddy “trimmed” the bangs). The thought of cutting off the curls was breaking my heart. Your son’s hair is the perfect solution!

    1. I’m so glad you like it! It was a REALLY hard decision to let go of the curls but looking back – his hair was getting ridiculous. 🙂

  24. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I have been searching for an answer to the exact same hair issues with both of my boys and this is perfect!!! We are going to get their haircut today and I will be using these pictures as a guide 🙂 Thank you!!

  25. Thank you do much for these pictures of your son, it was just the look I was wanting for mine! So I took it in and key the barber see it and he done a great job! My son I almost 3 and had surfer type hair but started to get too thick and like a girls bob. If I could post a photo I would buy not sure how to do it!! But thanks so much anyway:)

  26. I’m finally giving in and cutting my little boy’s blonde curls. I love the cut your boy got! I will be showing this picture to our hair stylist to copy it!

  27. Adorable! I take my son to my stylist too. Over the summer I was 9 months pregnant during the July heatwave in Chicago and too much of an moose to leave the house but he desperately needed a haircut. The thin stringy blonde wasn’t doing him any justice so I buzzed it myself, wahhhh!! We are still trying to grow it out.. My stylist charges me exactly what great clips and other places would charge But I have also sent her a lot of business.

  28. I could have written this whole thing myself!!! This is EXACTLY what we did with our son. I’m so sad that his curls are gone…we thought he would keep them because my hair is naturally curly but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. He is 5 now and this is the shortest it’s been…I’m not in love with the cut…she did exactly what I asked for but I miss the long curls. 🙁

  29. I hear you. I’m afraid to cut my daughter’s hair because I don’t want to lose the curl. But he looks ADORABLE!

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