When the Baby Becomes A Boy & the Haircut

Anyone who knows me…as in really knows me…knows that I’ve been hanging on to my baby’s long locks for a long time. Grandparents have begged me to cut it. Strangers have repeatedly said “ohhh…SHE’S so cute”.  And even though our standard response has been “SHE is a HE…and thank you!”, none of it has phased me. My little guy has always had long hair, well, since it started growing when he was a baby. Sure, he has had countless haircuts (okay, they were “trims”) but I’ve always been standing over the hair stylist’s shoulders threateningly that she better not cut off the curls. I heard if the curls were cut off that they would never return. I was deathly afraid of that.

Yes, he was blessed with a head full of angelic curls. Or shall I say, he was blessed with curls. As he has gotten older, the curls have slowly straightened out.

It started like this…

Toddler Haircut

and then it started to get like this especially in the summer…

Toddler Haircut

Then after he turned two, it started to straighten out a bit…

Toddler Haircut

Nooooooo! I was devastated that the curls were disappearing!! I just kept letting it grow hoping the curls would stay! This is about the time that the problems with his hair began. At some point, a hair stylist (can we call them that at the kid’s hair cut place?!?) gave my son bangs. Straight across bangs. It wasn’t bad at first but as the hair grew in the back, the combination of the bangs and long hair started making him look like a girl. “Grow out the bangs and that will make him look more like a boy,” people suggested.

Long Hair

Do you know how hard excruciating it is to grow out a toddler boy’s bangs? You can’t use bows, clips or barrettes to keep it out of his face during the day. This is what we have been struggling with for months. Yet, I refused to cut it.

“Buzz it off,” my husband would say.

Are you crazy?!? Never. Going. To. Happen.

So, during the grow-out phase of the bangs, he just wore a lot of hats. For months, he wore hats!

Toddler Hat

As the bangs were growing, the hair was getting worse. I didn’t know what to do. The “hair stylists” at the kid’s haircut place had no idea what to do. His hair was turning into a bad bob with bangs that were too long but too short to tuck behind his ear. Finally, I had enough. I was complaining to MY hair stylist that I just couldn’t figure out what to do with his hair but cutting it all off wasn’t an option. I just wasn’t ready.

“He’s just meant to have long hair. It’s what makes him HIM!” I insisted.

I showed her a photo of him and she said she had the answer. I have heard that before. Grow out the bangs, I get it.

Nope, she said it has to have a style. It needs a good cut. The little girl bob haircut isn’t working for him. Ouch. That one stung. She promised she could fix it.

“Schedule him an appointment and bring him in,” she insisted. “I know I’m more expensive than a Supercuts-type of place, but believe me, it will be worth it.

Okay, I gave in and today was the day! Time for a haircut.

All I can say is that she is a miracle worker! Seriously, I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. It’s perfect. Long enough but yet he looks like a boy. Sure, he looks like a mini Justin Bieber but waaaayyy cuter.

Just look at the before and after photos:


Here it is from the side…


And the back…


Toddler Haircut

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My son recently turned 3. I have had my rounds with everyone in regards to cutting his hair. I just can’t bring myself to cut the curls. I laugh at the people that call him a beautiful girl. Thanks, but he is a boy. He loves his long hair,so when the day he decides he wants it cut I will do so. So you do what is best for your son. His hair is gorgeous by the way.


My twins are just over 2 now and at the same point but their hair is so thin I feel like there’s nothing to work with and I am beyond terrified of getting even the slightest bit trimmed off because of that. I don’t know what to do and there’s absolutely no good hair dressers here in my small rural town :/

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THIS is me right now! My 2 yo has these beautiful blonde curls that I just can’t part with! His bangs are grown out because I don’t like straight across bangs with the long hair. He is ALWAYS getting mistaken for a girl (which really annoys my husband). Right now his hair is a little ways below his shoulders, and I admit is a little long for a boy. I have decided to cut it up to shoulder length and pray that the curls stay. If they don’t, I will most certainly cry. ?


this is super cute, exactly the look I try and do for my son! Last time I accidently gave it a little bit of a bowl look the front was all straight like what happened to your little guy, in the final pic has the front been cut on the slant? Where I live there is no one who is any good at cutting European hair so I have to do it myself, any tips would be REALLY appreciated!!!

Roselyn Arrieta

I am having the same problem! My son is 2y and he has brown curly hair… I dont want to cut it neither his dad but my sisters are bugging me that he looks like a girl and he could get confuse with his identity and one day he will be gay…. I ignore them I just dont want to cut his hair I know is going to be stright hair one day so for now I want to see those beautiful locks!!


Good news moms – the curls come back around age 11 or 12!! This happened with two of ours that had beautiful toddler curls. And more good news at age 12, they won’t get that frizzy tangle from the car seat. Oh and our third child with board straight, never messy, hair…at age 12 he became the curliest of them all.


You are a lifesaver. I am currently in the same predicament you found yourself in. I came to google to look for a solution that will mean my little guy is no longer mistaken for a boy but will also keep him looking like “him”. I am so very grateful to you for taking these head shots!! Now, to just find a hairdresser my son will allow near him…

Cindy B

So glad my lil one’s curls grew/grow back when we cut them… that was really tough the first time.

Boy, did your story ever hit home with me. My sister-in-law had a little boy born with those wonderful blonde curls just like your son. And like you, she loved them dearly, especially with three other sons and no daughters. Unfortunately as curls seem to, when she let them grow and grow eventually the hairs get so heavy, it pulls the curl out of all but the bottom part. She was pretty disappointed with his curls but about the time he was four with hair halfway to his waist, suddenly the curls returned. She had discovered spiral curlers and was… Read more »

I was searching on pinterest for boys’ hair cuts and came across your son’s pic/this page… I love it! My son’s hair looks like your son’s ‘after’ shot, but it’s getting long and with this heat and humidity (Nthn NSW, Australia), his fringe/bangs stick to his face from sweat, it gets in his eyes… I thought I’d have to clip it short, styled, shave it off! But I’m so happily convinced to just trim what he’s got. Like you said, it makes him HIM 🙂


Wow what a beautiful boy. Love the hair cut. He looks really pleased with it too.

Juliet J
Hey there! I was just about to re-pin this cute haircut of your son and I wanted to click and see where it led to. Isn’t Pinterest a great resource for cool stuff and good information? I loved your post……. but wanted to share, I own a Children’s Salon. And yes, you can call us hair stylists. In fact, I often joke that we get to do yoga and hair at the same time. The hardest part of our job sometimes is that parents love, love…. love their sons curls, but there comes a point when the curls decide they… Read more »
I’ve been googling for weeks on solutions to bring back curl in toddler’s hair, but I’ve had no luck in reviving the once to the root curls in my 2 year old son’s hair. So today I Googled “before and after curly hair toddler hair cut” and found your post. Lol. My son’s hair is past his shoulders, very curly on the bottom and around his face, but the roots on the sides and back are straight. My husband wouldn’t let me take him to get it cut even though I’ve been telling him that people ALWAYS think he’s a… Read more »

He will look beautiful no matter what you do.My daughter fell in love at first sight.