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  1. My daughter have Alopecia. Start from 1 but She is 2 now. Has your sons hair started growing back since you posted this?
    Thank you for your posted

    1. Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. My daughter was 1 when she lost all hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. She is about to turn 2 now and she has peach fuzz hair and white eyelashes and eyebrows. I was wondering if this a good sign. Does your daughter has hair back? I would love to hear other stories. Al the best!

  2. Thanks for your article. This is the only one on the net that goes through the experience from a parent’s perspective of what it is like to have a child with alopecia. Our 5 year old son started losing his hair mid-way last year, some of it grew back this year, and then it fell out aggressively again this year. It’s easier to deal with knowing that others have gone through the same.

  3. My two year old daughter just got diagnosed with alopecia areata,in a course of 6 weeks she has lost almost 35% of her hair.New spots are appearing on her scalp and as a mother it has been difficult to see her hair falling out without being able to help her out.

  4. Hi Hollie, your son is a handsome boy. Your story resonated with me; since the middle of March the exact same thing happened with my 4 year old son. Just today we saw the dermatologist and he diagnosed him with alopecia areata. I am researching the treatment options although I think I might forego them all and just let it be. I definitely do not want any steroid based option. Thank you for sharing.
    God bless you and your family.

  5. Love your story! My 13 year old son was just diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis and he lost his blonde hair within weeks also. He doesn’t have eyebrows or eyelashes either, it has been very hard. He also wears a hat to school. Prayers for you all!

  6. Good day. I read your story. Beautiful child. It’s good that he doesn’t get upset and that teaches him to be strong. A year later, found the cause of alopecia? I have a child 15 years old and 6 months ago my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes fell out.
    We are looking for a reason.
    In Russia, children with alopecia have become many times more.

  7. Hi Hollie, I am so moved by your sons’ story. I am a student at ASU and working on a social change project about raising awareness about childhood hair loss and empowerment, would it be possible to use his photo from this blog post and credit this blog and share his story?


  8. Thank you so much for having the strength to share your story. Be blessed in your journey. He is such a handsome little man with or without his locks.

  9. My 9 year old son Benjamin is going through the same thing, for the second time actually! January 2018 he lost the majority of his hair and it grew back within 6 months and then January 2019 the cycle started over again. It’s so awful to have no control and I know exactly what you mean by the strangers looking at him with sad eyes.

  10. My daughter was just diagnosed with Alopecia. She is 2. It’s falling out in handfuls and I’m devastated. I just keep saying it’s only hair but it’s hard to watch. Has your sons hair started growing back since you posted this? That’s great that he’s being so brave and owning it. Praying our little girl does the same.

  11. Right behind you on this one Hollie….my son started losing his hair 4 weeks ago and I agree that it’s been tougher on me than him. It is a daily struggle trying to find a cure, a solution, a haircut. Wondering if I put too much stress on him or kept his hair too long when he was 2. Does it get easier? Are you seeing any regrowth? What kind, if any, of treatments are you currently using? Currently we are using topical steroids and changed his diet. Testing for tick borne diseases. See some regrowth but still losing on the outer edges. Good luck and be strong.

  12. There are almost always underlying causes that lead to alopecia. It does not just happen on its own. Find a functional medicine doctor to help uncover the root cause. Have your son tested for thyroid issues, vitamin/ mineral deficiencies and anemia. A comprehensive stool test will help uncover possible issues in his gut, as well as parasites.

    1. Thanks Bryan for the suggestion! Our son was tested for other thyroid issues and all came back fine. He takes daily kids vitamins and is very active. He was also tested for gut issues.

  13. Hello, thank you for being so open about your son’s hair loss. My son Frederik was born with Down Syndrome and has been thru the excact hair loss at the same time. He is 12 years old and I feel so bad for him. Kind regards, gaby

  14. What a trooper!???? Sending you much strength and love through this journey with your little guy.

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