Things To Do With The Family in Venice Beach, California

With its wonderfully warm weather, and fun, hip, and eclectic style, Venice Beach attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year. As there are so many things to do, we’ve rounded up some great family fun for you!


1. Visit Abbot Kinney. Abbot Kinney is the most popular street in Venice Beach and for good reason. It’s full of amazing restaurants and shops.

2. Be sure to stop inside my two favorite stores while there. Lightning Bolt Apparel and Aviator Nationtwo great surfer shops that have a large selection! Grab a bite to eat and the freshest lemonade ever at Lemonade!

Photo by Daniele Smith

3.  Be sure to surf, swim, and enjoy the beach! Bring your towel, shades, and sunscreen and spend the day relaxing on the sand or playing in the water. If you surf, Venice has some of the best waves.


4. Boardwalk. There are performers and street vendors aplenty at the fantastic boardwalk. It is also full of small mom and pop eclectic stores slinging everything from hot dogs, to sunglasses, to tees.

5.Visit the Venice Boardwalk Area Murals. Look out for the concrete barrier that divides the parking lot and the Venice Beach Boardwalk between Navy and Rose Ave. There are images and text of current and past murals of Venice and L.A. You’ll be blown away at the beauty of all the art!


6. Venice Canals. Visitors can walk along the canals in the area located within South Venice Blvd, Pacific, Ocean Ave and Washington Blvd. Your kids will love the canals, bridges, ducks and pretty homes. 

muscle beach

7. Muscle Beach. While you’re hanging around the boardwalk of Venice, be sure to walk past Muscle Beach, where you’ll find body builders (think Arnold Swarzanager) getting their lift on. By the way, this really is where Arnold pumped iron in the 70s.

8. Venice Beach Recreation Center. Located right near the beach you can play hoops and several other sports here.


9. Skate Park. If your kids (or you) skate board, be sure to check out this 16,000 square foot skate park that opened in 2009 and is one of the only in the world located on a beach. It features two bowls, a snake run and a street section with steps, rails and platforms.


10. Check out the Children’s Park. And for your canine children, visit the Westminster Dog Park and meet some local furry friends.
If you live near Venice or have ever visited before, what would you add to my list? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!