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  1. . I bought them their own reusable water bottles with their names on them and keep them in the fridge filled with water. They think that the bottles are so cool that they want to drink more water.

  2. I think education played an important role with my daughter. Playing sports for 10 years, she knew the importance of drinking water, and that is basically all she drinks now.

  3. The best way to get kids (and myself!) to drink water is to make that the “default.” We don’t keep other drinks in the house except for special occasions, so water is what we drink.

  4. Each of my kids has their own water bottle. I make sure they are filled and bring them in the car whenever we leave the house. Their car seats have cup holders so we know we always have water with us wherever we go.

  5. My kids drink a lot of water. The key is to make sure it cold and there’s lots of ice! Makes it that much more appealing and refreshing.

  6. We only offer dd water or make sure she drinks a glass of water before getting something sweet like tea or juice. She also only receives a water bottle in her lunch every day as a drink!

  7. I get my son to drink more by telling him how it benefits his body vs only drinking juice or milk. He rotates it in between one of the other two, especially when he’s outside playing.

  8. We infuse water with fruit and herbs. We also enjoy coconut water and they have Capri sun like flavored coconut waters that are a much better choice.

  9. I found having a water bottle that my son can easily open and close. It also helps to not have/give other sugary drinks so kids won’t fill up on that and then get dehydrated because they aren’t drinking enough water.

  10. When my kids no longer needed a diaper bag I tried to change to a stylish purse! ” mom this has no drink holder” my daughter said… The key to drinking water is to always have it with you everywhere. Needless to say I went back to my diaper bag that holds two bottles of water for the fl heat.

  11. Our family drinks water with meals AND in between meals – and I rarely offer any other options! My kids and I carry stainless-steel water bottles with us wherever we go.

  12. When our boys were younger i started giving them water and it seemed every time they took a sip they were getting chocked on it so it scared me and i stopped giving it to them until they got a little older..then it was to late and they didnt and still dont like it. However they will drink propel water now so we buy it so they are getting some sort of water in them, and they are NOT allowed soda. Makes me mad when they come home telling about getting soda at school that day.

  13. I feed them spicy food. LOL It really works. If my boys eat anything spicy, which is often because we all love spicy, they will gulp down the water.

  14. We’ve used the fun ice cube shapes and even frozen grapes to put in her water. The most influencing is us drinking water in front of her.

  15. Love your blog! My toddlers love to “share” my cup so I drink water, they drink water. They also ask for “juice” which is water with MIO drops in it.

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