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Halloween Oreo Pops Recipe

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Yep, it’s halfway through September so we are already looking forward to Halloween! Today we are showing you how easy it is to make these kid-favorite, delicious, Halloween Oreo Pops.

Halloween Oreo Pops

Oreo Pops can be made for any holiday, any time of year or for just no reason at all. They are super easy to make and since they are on a stick, they tend to be less messy than handing a kid a chocolate covered cookie.


The best thing about these Oreo Pops is that you can use absolutely ANY kind of Oreo. Sure, Halloween Oreos with the bright orange creme center are fun but what if you are a Dark Chocolate Oreo kind of person? Or mint Oreos? Or Carrot Cake or S’mores Oreos? Yep, you do you. You pick the flavor of Oreo you like best and go with that. You can’t go wrong.

Halloween Oreo Pops


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What You’ll Need for Oreo Pops:

Halloween Oreos (or any flavor Oreos)

Dark and/or White Chocolate

Halloween Sprinkles

Sucker Sticks

How to Make These Oreo Pops:

They turn out adorable and make a great after school snack, party favorite or dessert!

snack on a stick for kids

The kids love them!

Halloween Oreo Pops

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.