Great Snacks To Bring The Breastfeeding Mom

Great Snacks to Bring The Breastfeeding Mom: Breastfeeding Snacks

If you’ve ever breastfed, you know it makes you hungry. I’m talking crazy, need-to-eat-24-hours-a-day hungry. So I’ve rounded up some great snacks for the breastfeeding mom, who’s generally tired and has little time on her hands. How about making these as a gift to bring your new mom friend? She’ll be so grateful that you helped her out in her time of need!

Great Snacks to Bring The Breastfeeding Mom: Granola bars

Granola Bars- Minimalist Baker. These granola bars are healthy, easy, vegan, and nutrient packed! Perfect for a mom to grab and eat.

Great Snacks to Bring The Breastfeeding Mom: Bean SaladBean Salad- Paula Kathlyn. Packed full of protein and easy to refrigerate leftovers, this one is a win win all around.

Great Snacks to Bring The Breastfeeding Mom: Salad in a JarSalad in a Jar- The Baby Gizmo Company. Who will do this for me? Otherwise I’ll be doing it for myself because it’s genius! Make ahead salad in jars for a whole week for your new breastfeeding mom friend! She will have a delicious and healthy salad each day for seven days! Brilliant!

Great Snacks to Bring The Breastfeeding Mom: Trail Mix

Trail Mix- My Blessed Life. Trail mix is an easy snack that mom can just grab by the handful for a little pick me up. Throw all her favorite ingredients in a pretty jar and deliver!

Great Snacks to Bring The Breastfeeding Mom: Hummus Wraps

Hummus Wraps- The Pioneer Woman. These colorful and delicious wraps are healthy, hearty, and will be the perfect snack for a hungry new mom!

Great Snacks to Bring The Breastfeeding Mom: Frozen Smoothie

Frozen Smoothies- The Kitchn. Here’s a super clever idea for you! Make some smoothies and freeze them in ice trays. All your friend has to do is keep them frozen and then thaw them in a glass when she wants a fresh, delicious, homemade smoothie without any of the work! Genius!

Great Snacks to Bring The Breastfeeding Mom: Soup


Chicken Noodle Soup- The Morning Fresh.This recipe claims to be the easiest recipe for chicken noodle soup which is already a great start! Package some soup up and your friend (and her family) will have some good snacks and dinner options!

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