Halloween Crafts

halloween craft ideas for kids

Although Halloween may seem like it’s just about the costumes and the food, it’s actually also a great time to get creative with your little ones. So we’ve rounded up some fun crafts to make your home a little bit more spooky!

pumpkin mummy
Photo Source: Hands As We Grow

Pumpkin Mummy Family From Hands As We Grow. Pumpkins turned into mummies? How fun and easy!

cotton ball ghosts
Photo Source: No Time For Flashcards

Cotton Ball Ghosts- No Time For Flash Cards. Here’s a craft even the littlest ones can make! Turn cotton balls into ghosts by stretching, molding, and gluing them!

bat craft egg carton
Photo Source: Crafty Morning

Egg Carton Bat Craft From Crafty Morning. Next time you go through a carton of eggs, save the carton and construct these cute bats with your kids!

candy corn monster
Photo Source: Crafty Morning

Candy Corn Monster From Crafty Morning. This simple craft only requires a few supplies. Make sure the kids know they have to turn the candy corn into teeth before they eat them!

egg sacks
Photo Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids

Spider Sacks From Modern Parents Messy Kids. This intricate craft will definitely take some time and some parent assistance, but wow, the finished product is so cool!

Photo Source: Fantastic Fun And Learning

Halloween Candles From Fantastic Fun And Learning. This craft is best for older kids, and these would look beautiful on display in your house!

Photo Source: Tinker Lab

Halloween Garland From Tinker Lab. Make a beautiful Halloween Garland complete with all your favorite Halloween components. Pumpkins, spiders, be creative! String this around your house for some fun and festive décor!