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How to Build a DIY Barn Door | DAD HACK

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We have been swamped with new house projects so much for the past 3 months that we are forgetting to share them all with you guys here. Sure, Dad Gizmo is sharing videos on his channel and we are featuring many of the projects on our Baby Gizmo Instagram page but we don’t want our loyal Baby Gizmo website fans to miss out.

how to build a barn door

Today we are showing you how easy (and cheaper!) it was to make our own barn door rather than purchase one already made. Seriously guys, anyone can do this project. It’s not difficult at all AND you can customize it to your liking in terms of size, color and design.

The first barn door we made for the new house (yes, we are planning on building another one) was for Savannah’s room. To be honest, she doesn’t have the biggest closet in the house despite the fact that she is pretty bitter that her brother’s closet is twice the size.

To utilize all the space in her closet without losing storage space where the door swings open, we decided to remove the closet door. Actually, we told the builder to leave the door off completely so that we didn’t have to patch holes where the door hinges would be. We knew we would be adding a barn door immediately so skipping the closet door during the house build was a great idea.

Instead of a traditional swing-open door, we decided that a barn door would be perfect. It would slide open outside the closet against the wall but wouldn’t take up any valuable space in the closet. And to keep the project fun for her and in line with her super girly room, we painted the door pink. Not just any pink. BRIGHT PINK.


Needless to say, she absolutely love it and the barn door does exactly the job that we wanted it to do.

You know us, we couldn’t do it without you, so we made a video of the barn door making process in case you wanted to make one of your own.

Yes, it was as easy as it looked! So, if you are looking for a house project, this is a good one!

To purchase the barn door hardware that we used, you can grab it on Amazon HERE.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.