How to Keep Strangers from Touching Your Baby

Strangers and Baby

Strangers and Baby

Navigating the world of parenthood can be tricky for any new mom or dad. Which diapers do you use? Crib or bassinet? Bottle or breast? Travel system or pram?

The last thing a new parent wants to worry about is how to make their new baby well after they pick up an illness. Sometimes illnesses just happen, but unfortunately, sometimes they happen because of germs transferred to your baby from an overzealous stranger. You know the kind! The touchy-feeling person in the store that just reaches out and touches your brand new baby without permission. They caress the baby’s cheek, or worse,¬†grab the baby’s hand! Gasp!


Why must they grab the baby’s hands?!? Don’t they know that baby’s hands always go in their mouths and now they have just created a highway for whatever germs they thoughtlessly transferred to your baby’s hand?!

I know babies hands are tiny and adorable and just beg to be grabbed BUT as parents, we must take a stand and start saying no! Why? Because that overzealous stranger isn’t going to be up with the baby all night fighting a cold. But what is a new parent to do? I’m sure you can think of a few things you’d like to do but being booked on assault charges can ruin a new mom’s day.

We are here for you! We have created a short video to show you three ways to get strangers NOT to touch your baby!


  1. Funny video! But what about wearing your baby facing in? I feel like people will be less inclined to touch the baby if he or she is right against your chest.

  2. One of these needs to be invented for Momma’s belly too.. although, I at least kept my co-worker’s hands off of me- I play hockey and the word when out early that any one touching the belly was going to be hip checked into a cubicle wall. lol


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