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  1. A child should always fly in an FAA approved car seat or CARES harness – therefore you need the window seat (for the carseat). Sorry guy with the laptop!

  2. Oh, I’ve been there alone… more than once… for long international flights… with an active toddler! I agree with many of these points, but I must say, limiting liquid intake borders on child abuse in my opinion. Cabins are so dehydrating and liquid intake should be encouraged and often! Parental convenience is a terrible reason to advise otherwise.

  3. Bring small suckers like dum dums for take off and landing. It works like gum, making the child swallow and therefore helping with the pressure change in their ears.

  4. Did you know that some (maybe all?) airlines will allow someone (ie husband) to get a pass to meet you immediately off the plane at your destination? The same pass will also allow for a person to go through security and make sure you get to the gate when you’re boarding. This is if you are flying alone with a child. A friend of mine flew from Phoenix where her parents live back home with a 20 month old. Her husband was right outside the plane door with the stroller ready to go when they landed in Portland. They don’t advertise this feature-you have to ask and get the right pass but it’s pretty awesome if you’re alone with a child.

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