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May Day Bouquet Craft Project

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In many cultures, May Day is celebrated with parties and food to welcome the beginning of Spring. It’s not a huge holiday here in the US, but May 1st does allow for a few fun traditions. One of which I’m excited to introduce you to today!

It all started years ago with my grandma. Due to her Swiss and German heritage she was much more familiar with the excitement of May Day and we would celebrate by making front door flower surprises for our neighbors! It was the perfect DIY project for us because not only did it fall into the category of simple crafts, it also helped clear out her garden of Spring annuals.

make your own may day bouquet

We’d craft paper “vases” with door hangar loops, fill them with flowers and deliver them to each neighbor’s door knob. We wouldn’t stay to chat though – tradition states that if you’re caught hanging a May Day surprise that you have to kiss the person who opens the door! So … we’d hang, knock and run away yelling “Happy May Day!” 

Here’s how you and your kids can “May Day” your neighborhood and bring a Spring smile to all their faces 🙂

This is what you’ll need for a May Day Bouquet …

  • one piece of square card stock
  • flowers
  • tape
  • a stapler
  • scissors.

If your bouquet won’t be claimed right away you can also help keep the stems watered by soaking a paper towel wrapping it around the base and adding a plastic baggie and rubber band.

may day  supplies needed

Then, create your paper vase. First, cut off a strip from one side. That will be your loop to hang it on the door handle. Next, fold the bottom two corners and rolling it into a cone shape. When the bottom creates a point, tape it off. Staple your loop to the top.

may day collage

Prep your flowers and stick them into your vase!

bouquet of flowers

Now you’re ready to hit up the neighborhood! I can almost guarantee this will be your kiddos favorite part of the project! Who doesn’t like being a surprise gift giver?

may day bouquet


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.