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  1. I had the same thing happen to me. I had the Paragard IUD inserted because I had just had my twins and I had 2 other children as well. I thought it would be a lot easier than remembering a pill. Well, a week later I was told it was in my abdomen, after being in so much pain and not being able to sleep, and needed surgery to have it removed. I stayed up all night the night before pumping milk for my 2 month old twins who would not take a bottle. It is such a scary feeling being told the IUD is not in the uterus and seeing it in an X-Ray.

  2. Ok now I know totally freaking out. I have to get mine out( didn’t know I was supposed to get it out last year).

  3. I have a similar story…although, my doctor could not retrieve it all via laparoscopy because it broke into pieces.

    I had to have a C-section like incision along my belly (horizontally), while my uterus was cut open in the opposite direction. Picture a “+”
    That is how I had to heal.

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything more invasive than the laparoscopic surgery? Questions for me are: will I ever get pregnant again? If so, will I have to deliver via cesarean? Of course doctor says, I will be able to get pregnant again and yes it will have to be delivered via cesarean. Any firsthand experience is much appreciated!

    You are all warriors! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences!

  4. I’m going through this right now. And I’m completely terrified. I got my IUD placed in on December 2017 at the 6 week check up they couldn’t find the strings and I had to get X-rays done. Which proved the the IUD is in the left pelvis. What makes matters worse is that a doctor didn’t insert the IUD a Midwife nurse did.

    Literally terrified of leaving my 4 month old son 🙁

  5. After my 4th child . I knew i wasn’t planning on having anymore. So i decided to get the copper IUD. Which stays in place for 10years. And it has worked for 10years. However when i went to get it removed. My doctor couldn’t see the strings. But she did a sonogram. And there it was sitting pretty and comfortable. Due to her not be able to get it out in the office. I was scheduled to have it surgically removed. The experience wasn’t as bad as i thought. I’ve seen some situations where women have had there’s fall out in their own. As i read your message i was horrified. I can’t imagine the pain you were going through. I wil only suggest to women. Do not get any form of IUD until at least 6months to 1 year after delivery. Your cervix is not back to its normal self. I got mine when my last son was 1 years old. When my sister got hers 6after the birth of her son. She got pregnant again????????‍♀️

  6. I’m currently pregnant. We’re waiting until after the baby is born to do x-rays to find my Mirena. Since Idid have heavy bleeding one month, my midwives are hoping it fell out (8 months after insertion). I feel like a time bomb.

  7. Instead of celebrating my birthday tomorrow I will be at a pre-opt appointment to surgically remove the IUD that has traveled outside of my uterus into my belly.
    This nightmare began two weeks ago when I was convinced by the doctors at Kaiser that the Mirena IUD would be the safest most practical form of birth control for a new mommy like me with a brand new breastfeeding baby.
    The minute the doctor inserted the foreign object in my body I regretted my decision. I was in such horrific pain I could hardly walk let alone drive myself and my newborn home. Little did I know this was only the beginning of the physical and emotional pain I would endure.
    After the initial pain of insertion I was still feeling different pain (similar to post child birth) and felt something must be wrong so made a appointment to check on my iud. In this appointment I was misdiagnosed with something and sent home. A few days later I began having shooting knife like pelvic pains whenever I moved or when my bladder was full. These pains became so excruciating I would feel faint and have to hold onto something when they began. I immediately tried to make another appointment and talked to three different advice nurses at Kaiser who all promised me the doctor would be calling me back that day to set up a appointment. That phone call never came. I tried to suck it up and somehow made it to the next day before my husband and I decided something was very wrong. The next day we went to the ER and demanded they take the iud out immediately. I was put through further excruciating physical pain by two different doctor searching inside me for an iud that wasn’t in there. To add insult to injury one doctor had the audacity to tell me “welp it must of fallen out” to which I told her no, that wasn’t possible and it was causing me pain. She then tried to tell me I was experiencing ligament pain and tried to convince us to go home. Finally I broke down in tears, only then did she agree to an X-ray.
    The story only gets worse from here. I was passed off to different doctors who seemed to have no idea what was going on, we were forced to wait in the waiting room til after midnight with our new born just to be told “everything is fine, I promise! Your doctor will call you on Monday to set up an appointment to remove it, we just don’t have the right tools on hand to do it tonight”
    We went home knowing we had been lied to and there was more agony to come.
    So far I am set to have surgery on Monday. I am fearful that it will move even further in my body by then. I am scared and angry and want my story out there so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  8. Hello, I went to the my appointment yesterday to get the mirena taken out, and they doctor couldn’t find it.
    After having so many complainations with this IUD I was surprised at the that they had to do a xray just to find it in my pelvis and not my uterus. I don’t think that the mirena IUD should even be an options for birth control.
    Now I will be having surgery Friday and I can admit I’m a little scared.

  9. This happened to me too! I had to placed 6 weeks ago (8 weeks after the birth of my daughter) and I was in excruciating pain on and off for 2 weeks. I ignored the pain and it went away. I just went in last week to have it’s placement checked at the 6 week mark and I, too, was told that it wasn’t there! Ultrasounds and then a CT scan showed it in my pelvis area. I didn’t know this was possible! I am scheduled tomorrow to go in for laparoscopic surgery to retrieve it.

  10. I had my original mirena inserted at 12 weeks postpartum. When they did the ultrasound, they found that the “arms” were up and had not fallen. So they scheduled me with a follow up a month later. At that appointment they did another vaginal ultrasound and found it the same way, so far they scheduled to have it removed a Week later. At this appointment is where it went horribly wrong. They did yet another ultrasound. It was still not right so they had to remove it. I decided to have another inserted, thinking this was just a freak thing and that it wouldn’t happen 2x! They inserted yet another painful IUd, did the ultrasound and searched for it. Then had another doctor come in to look. Well it was not in my uterus. It had gone all the way through and was behind it. I am now waiting to be scheduled for surgery… I am terrified. I have never even had a stitch in my life!!

  11. I had Mirena inserted in November 2016 two months after I had a csection. 3 weeks later, I went for a routine ultrasound and was told the IUD moved a bit low. My gynecologist recommended another scan, and this time it was turned to the side. I decided this was it, I want this thing OUT. She tried removing it at her office and the pain was unbearable, I screamed for her to stop and she suggested hysteroscopy. On the said date the procedure was supposed to take 15mins. I woke up 2 hours later with the doctor telling me they couldn’t get it out because the arms were closed together and stuck in the fallopian tube. I almost fainted from shock, fear and anger. She suggested I went for a sonohysterogram to determine how far up the arms were in the tube and I did. Finally, another 20 minutes of surgery with two other doctors present to help, the “foreign object” was removed in two pieces. Mirena is not worth it even if it is 1 in a million issue like this.

  12. When I read your blog I want to cry.
    We had our 2nd baby the 7th of January 16 and on my 6 week check up after my c-section the docter inserted a mirena for me.
    My husband and I talked about what we wanted to do for contraception for months before the birth of our second baby and felt it would be wonderful!
    Inserting the mirena was horrible.
    After 2 c-sections i don’t think I’ve had so much pain in my life. I came back after the appointment, I drank pain pills and cried myself to sleep with this new 6 week baby and my 3 year old crying because I’m crying. My poor husband he had to look after all of us.
    For a a few days after that I was aware of something feeling funny and different. 5 days after it being put in I made a cup of coffee and while I was standing there I felt I wanted to faint and I had horrible cramps, I couldn’t walk or sit or lye down. It was horrible! I phoned the doctor and decided this is over I want it out. When I arrived at the doctor he thought I was making it worse than it is and when he wanted to take it out he took really long and I knew there’s a big problem. Eventually they had to do a Laparotomy to get it out. I know the mirena works for a lot of people, but I would never recommend it to anyone. Going through that again with 2 children and one being 7 weeks is one of the worst things that can happen.. at least when I had my 2nd baby my mother helped us with my 3 year old girl and our new born was still so sleepy and a normal little newborn but this experience was horrible..

  13. I just had my surgery a couple of days ago. I had mine put in on Nov. 18 and almost passed out from the insertion. Then I kept feeling sharp pains in my left abdomen until I went in for my check up to find out it was no longer there. X-ray confirmed it was still inside. I hadn’t had a baby recently, just two years ago and by C-section. The pain was not as bad as a c section but nothing you should have to go through. I hate that now I owe thousands to the hospital for what I consider my doctors mistake. I believe it was inserted wrong but I have not proof.

    1. I am currently going through the same ordeal. Has my mirena for almost 4 years before the unbearable pain started. Last week I discovered my iud was lost so today I’m going to the doctor for an xray and to get surgery scheduled.

  14. Well I had my tubes removed and at the time of my surgery my doctor assured me he would be taking out my mirena. 2 weeks after my surgery i went in for a check up and once again I asked my doctor if he had removed my mirena and he said yes. I’ve been having pains in my lower abdomen since my surgery so finally today I went to my doctor and they did a sonogram..the tech said “your mirena was never removed look it’s right there.” She said that might be the reason you’re having so much pain. Any suggestions on what I can do regarding my doctor?

  15. I am currently at the radiology dept. At my local hospital. I’m waiting for an xray to be done to locate my mirena. Earlier this afternoon I had two ultra sounds done to find my i.u.d. no luck could see strings or anything. … my obgyn called me within the hour I had the ultrasounds and told me to drop everything and get to the hospital

  16. I got pregant again with an copper IUD inserted,then we had
    to aborted the baby,and then the doctor found no IUD in my uterus!Then I got a X-ray,and they found it!So I have to have a surgery to remove it on 29 December. I am so worried about it, and I don’t know if the hospital has responsibility to it.

  17. Thank you for sharing your story. I am currently in panic-mode. The same thing is happening to me as we speak. The extra fun part to my story is that I went in for an MRI and the radiologist reported back to my Gynecologist that the IUD was not on the scan and therefor not in my body. I did not accept this – so I loaded my MRI images on my own computer and found the IUD on its side by my left hip. I am having surgery tomorrow to remove it. I not only had an incompetent doctor, but an incompetent radiologist. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are “making it up.” I know my body better than anyone and I have completely lost faith in birth control medicine. I cannot believe this is happening and that I am going to have surgery in the morning.

  18. I’m having surgery tomorrow to remove my iud. Unfortunately, my doctor has no idea where it has migrated which is a little nerve wracking . I can’t wait for the pain to go away. I hope the recovery is speedy..

  19. I’m was so upset to learn this know, after I’ve put in the mirena. I got my mirena inserted 19 June 2015 was dizzy and having extreme abdominal pain just took pain killers and went on when the pain got worst I went back to my doctor they did a scan could not see the mirena, vaginal sonar nothing and on the ex-ray there it was in my pelvis. The removal is tomorrow 16 July 2015 i don’t know but I’m so scared as if something worst will happen

  20. I’m was so upset to learn this know after I put the mirena. I got my mirena inserted 19 June 2015 and the removal is tomorrow 16 July 2015 it migrated to my pelvis. I’m so scared

  21. I had my IUD put in 5 years ago after my son was born. I went back 6 wks later to have the IUD checked and they could not find it. Abdominal and vaginal ultrasounds were performed and there was no IUD. I was told by my OB at the time that it fell out. Does it every really fall out? For the last 3 yrs we have been trying to get pregnant. We decided to go see a Fertility Dr. because of all the things we tried and were unsuccessful. My fert. Dr said that there is no reason you should not be getting pregnant. Im regular and I get positive Ovulations test. So he recommended having a HSG done to see if my tubes are clear. Before my HSG my Fertility DR. did an other vaginal ultra sound and was looking for an IUD and didn’t find anything. I had my HSG done yesterday and when we looked on the screen the tech said “oh you have an IUD” I freaked out looked good at the screen and started to ball. My husband was in shock as well. The thing was that it was not in my uterus. It looks as though it is floating in my pelvic cavity. All these year of taking Progesterone, Ovulation test, pregnancy test, clomid, 3 failed IUI’s, sharp pains in my hips, Yeast infections. and added Progesterone and that IUD was in there. My husband and I always thought in the back of our minds that it had to be the IUD and yesterday when it showed up clear as day I couldn’t believe it. My suspicions are that even though its not in my Uterus its still giving me hormones that are preventing me from getting pregnant. My Fert. Dr. has found studies of woman in my same situation that once the floating IUD was removed that we will be able to get pregnant. My Fert. Dr. suggested to have it removed to I have a consult with my regular OB next week for a consult. Wish me luck.

  22. Got a Mirena April 2011. insertion was easy and it was great for the first couple of years but I have had chronic BV and yeast infections. Some doctors actually say it could be from the IUD but most are very quick to dismiss it. I have never hadnever had BV or yeast infection prior to April 2011. Coincidence I guess… I’m getting this thing removed because the infections are sign that there’s a foreign object in my body and it is rejecting it. Not to mention the fact that my crotch has never smelt so sour. It’s gross-I constantly shower and I get self conscious after sex.
    Terrible feeling. I’ve read enough online about the Miriea to realize that I am NOT the only one with this issue.
    For those of you woman considering this form of birth control, there are far more negatives than positives when having a foreign object placed into your body. We’re just guinea pigs. They are not enough studies from years ago- we are the current study. Good luck

  23. I am having this surgery on 1/8. I am so scared and just want to get it o ER with…not wait two weeks knowing that this thing is floating around in my body! Can you share the “aftermath” in your experience? How was the recovery? Are there any complications as a result? When I google this all I find are information about lawsuits and I just need reassurance from a real person and not a lawyer…
    Mine is also floating around somewhere in my abdomen on the left side

    1. Hi Megan, I’m so sorry, I just saw your comment. How are you feeling? It took a few weeks for me to stop feeling the pain from the laparoscopy cuts, but I was fine soon after. Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  24. The mirena statistics are not accurate, your story fits my life perfectly. I too hurried to find a form of birth control before my insurance coverage ended after the birth of our second child. My doctor felt i was a perfect candidate, although upon further research i found that being post partum and exclusivly breast feeding put me at higher risk for preforation. The pain was excruciating, i was told after insertion there was no need for a placement check up. My third week post insertion i couldn’t bare it anymore. Went in and no surprise strings couldn’t be found, ordered u/s and nothing. Going for a cat scan tomorrow, i know it’s in my right hip i can feel it. With proper information and better care this could have been avoided. I now face surgery and the financial struggles are horrifying for i too have a 2mo old and a toddler to care for. I just wish i would have listened to my body sooner, or at least the strong urge i had to leave while they were prepping me for insertion. I feel these devices are to risky with the lack of statistics and dr training out there. Ladies inform yourselves before making this decision, it could potentially ruin your life.

  25. I have too get surgery nov 6th so scared 🙁 but getting it out early too have a baby with my fiancé and hope after my surgery still vpcan have kids

    1. Comment: your comment has touched me also because now i am scheduled for my surgery on 06/06/2017 …
      I went for the IUD tobe inserted now in moved it’s still in my womb and now that me and my boyfriend want a bby i an scared i won’t be able to conceive i am scared …May you pls tell me ,After you had it removed how long did it tak for you to conceive?

  26. I’m sure it must be more than 1 or 2 from 1000 that have this experience. My Mirena IUD was put in about 7 weeks ago (so horribly painful) and at the four week check up the strings weren’t able to be found. Long story short I had a normal ultrasound, then internal ultrasound followed by an xray and the IUD is in my pelvis so I will also be having a laparoscopy in the next few weeks to remove the little bugger. This also happened to my best friend a few years ago so I’m sure these stated statistics are well below what the true number is! Good luck to all who are currently going through this as it’s very stressful

  27. I just came across your blog. I just found out last week that my Mirena is up near L3!! I have to have laparoscopic surgery as well. I too can’t believe that I’m 1 or 2 out of 1,000.

  28. I just came across your blog. I just found out last week that my Mirena is up near L3!! I have to have laparoscopic surgery as well. I too can’t believe that I’m 1 or 2 out of 1,000.

  29. Mine was placed May 1st, 2012. It was really painful and I have had pain continuously. I finally went in last week to have the exact same story as yours. They have found it via X-ray and they are removing it on 9/25/13. I am a complete wreck over this. I was never able to feel the strings so it has been floating around for over a year….. I am terrified.

  30. Hi, it just append to me too. I just can’t believe we are only 2/1000 !
    Mine is above my right hip (!!!), we discovered that on tuesday and I have to wait until wednesday to see the surgon. I have this DIU since may 2011 and have no idea when it left the uterus. I’m scared, desappointed and I’m not sure I will be able to do something from law point of view, because in France it’s not as easy as in the USA.

  31. My friend just had this happen to her. She had the IUD for a while and then it ruptured through her uterus and was also by her hip. That’s so scary! I wasn’t keen on the IUD before but now I really don’t want one.

  32. My husband is a lawyer who handles these Mirena cases and you would not believe how many problems are associated with it. The number of women he talks to with migration issues is staggering and he is only one guy. Many of these women are now infertile, some requiring hysterectomies. I had thought about getting one after my last child but now no way!!!

  33. I think she was saying she felt rushed because she wanted to hurry up and get it done while her mom was still in town and able to help her and look after the kids. So she did it 3 days after she was 6 weeks pp which she said is the min. wait time.

  34. I had one put in after my first child , no problems had it for three years . Had it removed because we decided on one more baby. After baby #2 had inserted again and have had it for a year and a half and still no problems , I love it ! I’m just hoping nothing like this happens after reading your story.

  35. Thank you for sharing your story, how scary! I had the Mirena in place for 5 years with no issues at all, I had it taken out and we then conceived our daughter the next month. It is so crazy how different people have such different experiences with things!

  36. Mine didn’t migrate to another part of my body but it did come out by itself. As a result, I now have child #3 who jut turned one.

  37. I appreciate this information as I am getting the Mirena implanted next week. I have a question though, you said you felt rushed? Why did you feel rushed to get the iud implanted? And did your doctor inform you that the iud’s have better placement 12 weeks pp. My doctor told me she will not implant Mirena until 12 weeks pp when you can be sure everything is back in place.

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