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Ode to My Baby Boy

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Today my baby turned four! It felt like it was just yesterday that I brought home the most beautiful baby boy from the hospital, and yet, I blink my eyes and he’s four.

Don’t blink, mamas! Just. Don’t. Blink.

They go from this to that right before your eyes and it’s amazing, beautiful and a little traumatizing all at the same time.

photo of baby and toddler

The photo below was taken right before we headed home from the hospital. My tiny baby boy that looked just like me. Yes, I had a baby that didn’t make me look like the nanny. (Well, we all know that didn’t last long as his hair magically turned to surfer blonde making me look like the babysitter once again.)

new mom at Hospital with baby

That was the day that he made me a “Mom of 3”. It seems like just yesterday, yet I’m sitting here having full conversations with this blonde haired boy that completely amazes me every single day.

Don’t blink, mamas! Just. Don’t. Blink.

He is funny. He is smart. And his love for his big brother and his sister is like no other.

His “sissy” has been his big helper from the day he was born.

Sister holding baby

His big brother has been his protector and best friend since the beginning. They play…they fight…they wrestle…they love every second of being “best buddies”.

brother holding baby

His sense of humor makes us laugh every single day. He is goofy in the cutest way.

Today, I am conflicted as I am so proud of this little boy who is unbelievably kind, loving and just amazing, yet sad that is it all going by so fast.

Don’t blink, mamas! Just. Don’t. Blink.

The baby that I used to get up at night with for 10 months straight and cuddle in the rocking chair is now a boy. The baby who we never thought would master walking until he took his first steps at 15 months is now running across the yard chasing his brother and riding a two-wheeler all by himself. The baby who babbled all day long is now telling me stories in the car. The baby who snuggled me endlessly will luckily will still sneak in a few snuggles even though he now claims that he is “all growed up” at 4 years old.

Don’t blink, mamas! Just. Don’t. Blink.

My baby is no longer a baby. He is a boy and truthfully that just hurts. I look at his playing in the yard and can’t believe that I blinked and he is so big already. His surfer good looks and goofy sense of humor has replaced the teeny tiny baby that he once was.

Don’t blink, mamas! Just. Don’t. Blink.

Even though I’m sad, I’m also happy that I’m watching him grow, learn and become an amazing kid.

Happy Birthday, Baby! Mama loves you always!

Big Kid on a bike

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Monday 8th of July 2013

How true. It seems so fast. Makes me cry thinking about school coming up. I feel like just yesterday I cuddled a little ball of sweetness to my chest and now I am lucky not to get a black eye when he throws his limbs into me for lovings. And yet I am afraid to blink because that too will stop and a new older version of my son will blossom. :( Happy Birthday to your little one.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.