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  1. In college, my friends sister turned out to be overly furtile. She used the pill (no missed or late taking it), condoms and spermicide and still got pregnant the first time she had sex. And then again the first time she had sex after the first baby. It made her afraid to have sex again and kinda killed her ability to have an intimate relationship.

  2. We thought “Hey 2 years apart is a good split for our first 2 kids.” And so we tried one time before waking up and realizing maybe we weren’t quit financially ready yet. Four weeks later I was staring at a positive pregnancy test. It absolutely is ok to fear your fertility. One man’s blessing can be another man’s curse.

  3. I consider myself overly fertile. I’ve gotten pregnant three times on the first try. However, there is another downside of fertility. My body apparently will fertilize every single egg and then realizes the eggs are no good. Out of three pregnancies, I have had a blighted ovum and a complete molar pregnancy. I finally had my rainbow baby after four years. I consider myself very fortunate that I can became pregnant, but I now have the all consuming fear of …is this a good egg or bad egg?

  4. Thank you for the article. It sounded just like me … going on child 6 but I’m not taking the abstinence route yet and it’s frightening.

  5. I don’t really understand how you can be “overly fertile” – do you have an unpredictable cycle? Do you ovulate in such a manner that you are unable to predict it via temping and charting? Is this a medical thing or are you just not aware of your body’s cycles? Honest question, not trying to be mean.

    1. It means that you pretty much get pregnant wether you’re ovulating or not. The only time you don’t is the week of your period.

    2. Often, over fertility expresses itself in contraceptive methods not working. So if condoms have a 15% chance of not working, you are likely to be in that 15% any time a condom fails in the slightest. So because there is no 100% effective contraceptive method an overly fertile person sits in the higher end of the non-effective percent. In my case, I was using two kids of contraceptives and still managed to get pregnant due to unforeseen failure of both of them. The chances of that are tiny and yet there I sit.

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