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  1. I think this is an amazing article and im so glad you put a voice to something many women most likely feel they can’t. I feel very blessed that I don’t feel this way. But it made me wonder why it is I don’t, because I had a very fulfilling, travel-filled, adventurous life pre-child. And I think a very real component of my being able to find joy in motherhood is because I still work part-time. I only work about 17 hours a week, but getting in a car (alone), getting to interact with adults and drinking coffee at my leisure definitely recharges me so that I am able to more fully appreciate my time with my child. I have many times talked with friends about how I would think I would feel very resentful if I had to stay home with my child. Is going back to work in any way an option for your family? Or taking a larger chunk of time during the week to pursue your own interests?

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