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Review: The Dinner Winner Plate is Great For Your Picky Eater!

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Run, don’t walk, to Amazon and order this Dinner Winner Plate!

I know, I know. I can hear you saying it now, “Our kid plate/bowl/cup drawer is already overflowing, we don’t need another plate.” Or, “NOTHING will help my child’s pickiness … nothing.”

I thought the same things, I promise. But the Dinner Winner plate is something different. It’s better than the airplane game, better than gentle coaxing or meltdown time outs. It’s, well, a dinner winner. And the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time.

dinner winner plate for kids

Here’s how it works … well, at least how we make it work in our family.

First, make sure your little is at the age to understand the game. I’d venture to say the 3-4 year old range would be a good time to introduce Dinner Winner. You want your child to understand how games work and feel motivated to eat their way through each little container.

Next, include mostly familiar foods. Dinner Winner is a stepping stone. Your goal is to turn a picky eater into an adventurous one. Or, a hesitant eater into one who anticipates trying new things. For our Dinner Winner meals, I usually fill 1-2 containers with new foods and all the others are regular foods.

Also, no need to focus on a “meal.” We use Dinner Winner as more of a sampler plate. What’s in each container doesn’t have to match or flow … we’ll have cashews, yogurt, chicken bites, strawberries and cucumber slices all make an appearance on one plate. I also don’t overfill each spot. Three cashews, 2 chicken bites, 1 cucumber slice (the new thing) is just fine. You want your child to move through the plate and find success at the finish line — you can work up to bigger things as time goes on.

Make the “Finish!” AMAZING! We cheer and make a big deal about the “Finish!” unveiling. Just like the other spots, it’s nothing huge. The spot isn’t even that big … 5 chocolate chips, a tiny brownie, a slice of a cupcake or a few chocolate covered raisins. Sometimes it’s more about surprise than what’s actually inside that makes Dinner Winner so exciting.

There it is. The Dinner Winner Plate is my favorite solution for picky eaters. Seriously, Dinner Winner is the greatest investment you’ll make in your mealtimes. Order it here!

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