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Review Of ReSqueeze

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Today I’m reviewing one of my new favorite products with you. Meet ReSqueeze. Really, this is one of those products that’s so genius and simple I wonder why I didn’t think of it myself! Visit ReSqueeze Here.

resqueeze sizes
Photo Source: Amazon

Today I’m giving in an depth look at this amazing product that is going to make your life easier and one that your children will love!

resqueeze details
Photo Source: Amazon

This fun break down illustrates just a few of the great things about ReSqueeze!

resqueeze packaging

I’m sure most of you are like me and stock up on food packs for your children often. Those little buggers can get pricey, and sometimes they are filled with not the healthiest of blends. Plus, they’re usually tiny and after my kid gulps the contents down in two seconds, the pack gets tossed in the garbage. Enter ReSqueeze. They are completely reusable food packs that you can fill with whatever your heart desires! Do you make a morning smoothie each day? Fill up  your child’s ReSqueeze with a portion of your healthy greens. Want to save money? Buy a super cheap jar of applesauce and refill these babies with applesauce every day. The possibilities are literally endless.

resqueeze front

ReSqueeze come in a pack of four pouches for $12.99 or eight pouches for $19.99. Each pouch has a top spout that is designed for a natural, comfortable feeding position. The lid easily screws off and on and stays on.

ReSqueeze back

The design on this product is flawless. I love the details on the back. You can write the contents of the pouch and once you fill it you’ll easily be able to see and keep track of how much your child is eating according to the ounce indicators. Just like it says on the back, these are freezer safe, dishwasher friendly, ECO Friendly, and each pouch is BPA Free.

resqueeze bottom

The bottom of these pouches is easy to open and fill up, making mom and dad’s job super easy.

resqueeze bottom

The bottom has a double dual zip closure and is the strongest pouch on the market. There are TWO zip seals on the bottom, ensuring no leaks or spills!

resqueeze james

These pouches are incredibly clever and convenient and have made our lives easier! We especially love taking these on the go. My son loves to take a ReSqueeze to our weekly trips to Disneyland. At a place full of churros and ice cream cones (we love those too) it’s nice to be able to pack a healthy homemade snack inside a portable pouch! The price point on these guys is amazing considering that you can wash them in the dishwasher and continue reusing them! I know we will be using ReSqueeze pouches for years and years to come. Two thumbs up over here! Four if you count my son’s votes too!

BUY The ReSqueeze HERE

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.