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  1. I recently got one of these but can’t find a travel bag that fits it since it’s fairly large when closed. Does anyone know of one?

  2. Great review on this cool stroller, the one-foot unfold is definitely something that other stroller makers should pay attention to. Seems that everybody is putting the one hand fold it the seat now, I hope no hand opening is next.

  3. I like the large basket underneath and I like how you can just step on a little petal and it will unfold.

  4. I like how it has the 1 hand fold and I like the step to unfold it. Very easy which is always a bonus!

  5. The one-fold is what makes this stroller unique! I how light it is, that it is a travel system, and it is very reasonably priced.

  6. I love the no hands needed to unfold the Safety 1st Step & Go Travel System. I granny nanny and having a step on method to unfold the stroller is awesome.

  7. I love the innovative fold which requires no hands and can be done with one foot…..sounds like a “no brainer” even for a grand parent!

  8. I like that it is roomy enough for taller kids, has a drink tray, and is super easy to fold. The price isn’t bad either, especially for both pieces!

  9. I LOOOVE this! I am expecting a baby in September. My only other child is 10 years old and I remember wrestling with her stroller years ago and what a pain it was. I am so looking forward to getting this!

  10. This looks like it would be a fabulous stroller for moms on the go, I really like the easy fold feature! Hope I can win it 🙂

  11. I love the large basket. There’s always so much to carry around and being able to stick the whole diaper bag underneath is a huge plus.

  12. I love the unfold option just like everyone else. it’s just so easy and quick! I also really like that it will hold up to 50 lbs because my first child I pushed til she was about six and fifty lbs….so i’m not sure what we will be doing with the 2nd child that is currently a baby lol

  13. I really love the taller handle since my husband is a foot taller than me and struggles with strollers.

  14. Love the one handed fold because most of the times, that’s all i have available for a second, just one hand! lol & love the sun canopy for hot sunny days in south florida 🙂
    love this stroller!

  15. I love the toddler tray in front.Other stroller make that an accessory to purchase above and beyond the stroller package. Nice perk!

  16. Love the side-impact safety protection. Safety is most important factor of all! The other features are very nice, also. Such as the one-foot fold, roomy, adjustable, storage and all-terrain.

  17. I love that the canopy looks to cover more area to shield your little one & that it’s easy to fold &unfold. With kids it’s hard to take extra time fighting to open to pack up a stroller.

  18. So many great feature such as the large canopy prefect for sunny Arizona and the one- foot unfold,
    this would be prefect for my bundle of joy arriving in June 18th x

  19. My favorite feature is the seat height; love that it can be used for an infant with a car seat and also into toddler-hood!

  20. I just love the one foot fold and the large basket … My hands are always full so easy open close as well as lots of storage are great features !!

  21. My favorite feature is the One-Handed Fold. Makes it nice when you have little ones in one arm and a stroller to deal with!

  22. I love how easy the stroller is to fold and how large the basket it for carrying all of your baby essentials!

  23. I love how versatile it is, and so convenient! I’m pregnant with my first baby, and this would be amazing to have!

  24. well I love the COLOR but other then that it looks very easy to FOLD. This is one of my biggest problems with my current strollers. looking like an idiot in a parking lot folding up strollers!

  25. Perfect for a grandmother like me with one foot fold. Older people are always looking to make taking care of our grandchildren easier. I am waiting for the arrival of my great granddaughter in May and this would be perfect.

  26. I love how easy it is to open and close and the fact that it’s washable is a huge bonus for toddlers!

  27. O the fold and unfold is amazzzing! I have no stroller for my baby so this would be heaven! Thank you for another chance to have a stroller!!

  28. Great looking travel system. Love the color and style shape….also what a great feature to use your foot to open it!!

  29. I love so many features about this stroller. I think it’s great that it has the roomier seat to accommodate toddlers better. Also I like the taller handle-more comfortable to push for us taller parents.

  30. I really love the feature that it is so easy to fold up. That was always such a hassle for me when I was a Mommy 🙂 My daughter needs this badly 🙂

  31. the one foot unfold. my niece is due and june and also has 2 boys so this would be convenient for her

  32. My favorite feature of this stroller is the large canopy! Great for keeping baby safe from sun, rain, wind and other weather elements! A must have for any mom!

  33. I love the coverage of the canopy with the extra pop out sun shade. Of course the easy fold and unfold is AMAZING!!!

  34. I love how easy it looks to use and that its a 5 point harness. I’m nesting now so this would be a first great item! 🙂

  35. I’m loving the convenience features of the folding up and the expandable handle. As a first-time grandmother-to-be (June) this would be awesome for me to use with Baby Johnny that will be making his appearance.

  36. I love most things about it but the most unique is the foot step to unfold, that is really cool! I also love that it comes with a onboard.

  37. I would love to win this! I have my 3rd child on the way. And we had gotten rid of our travel system. Due in July!

  38. Hands down, the large canopy is a major plus. I have to keep my baby protected from this AZ heat and sun ☺.

  39. We have always loved our Safety 1st seats, but new baby and time for a new one. The new fold and unfold process looks great! That process always confuses my husband and I think he could figure this one out.

  40. I love everything about this stroller! Particularly the quick fold feature for a min on the go like me!

  41. I will be a first time mom on about June 5th. I still don’t know how to choose a stroller but this one looks great!

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