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Make Starbucks Holiday Lattes At Home

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As soon as fall rolls around, coffee shops are flooded with eager customers anticipating a delicious sip of the Starbucks Holiday Drinks. But why spend countless dollars (those $5 drinks add up!) for your favorite holiday lattes when you can easily make them at home and at a fraction of the price with a DIY latte? From pumpkin to gingerbread, we’ve listed seven easy holiday lattes recipes below. 

DIY Holiday Lattes
  1. Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Using just five ingredients that you probably have at home, this Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe by Bigger Bolder Baking is a delicious option for a DIY latte for the holidays. This one just might be better than the Starbucks Christmas drinks.

Pumpkin Spiced Holiday Latte
Photo courtesy of Bigger Bolder Baking
  1. Peppermint Mocha Latte

Nothing is better for a Christmas latte than a Peppermint one, amIright? A peppermint mocha latte is one of the most popular Starbucks drinks but you can make your own! Buy a good peppermint syrup like this one, to make this Peppermint Mocha Latte by Life Made Sweeter. 

Peppermint Mocha Holiday Latte
Photo courtesy of Life Made Sweeter
  1. Creme Brulee Latte

Another one of the popular Starbucks drinks! Made By A Princess has blessed caramel fans everywhere with this delicious Creme Brulee latte recipe.

Photo courtesy of Made By A Princess Parties
  1. Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha Latte

Why wait for the Starbucks seasonal drinks when you can make this one all year round? If you prefer the taste of white chocolate, this recipe by Diethood is sure to please when you are looking for DIY latte for the holidays. 

Photo courtesy of Diethood
  1. Gingerbread Latte 

This recipe by The Dallas Socials starts off making a simple gingerbread syrup, and ends with a warm cup of holiday cheer with this holiday latte.

Starbucks Gingerbread Holiday Latte Recipe
Photo courtesy of The Dallas Socials
  1. Eggnog Latte

Didn’t know you could make your own eggnog latte, did you? You can use store-bought eggnog, or make your own using Sweet Pea Chef’s easy Eggnog holiday latte recipe

Eggnog Latte
Photo courtesy of Sweet Pea Chef
  1. Toasted Coconut Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte

Take your Pumpkin Spice Latte up a notch (or five) by making Half Baked Harvest’s amazing recipe with the addition of toasted coconut.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Photo courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

What are your favorite holiday lattes? Need more ideas? Here are more great warm festive drinks you can make at home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.