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  1. “Packing a cover is much easier than running to find a bathroom nearby for privacy.” That is so sad… No woman should feel that she needs to hide to nurse her baby. Stop discrimination for women berstfeeding

  2. I’d pack a bottle and formula ( you can get little sachets perfect for one feed) also. Even if bub is fully breastfed you never know when an emergency might happen and there’s nothing worse than having a hungry baby and no way to feed him!

  3. I also carry a pair of small safety scissors (to cut the straw when it is too long), I carry around small baggies (for goodies, or anything that needs contained), And a play wallet filled with old cards (to entertain while waiting for food to come to the table), and the play and grab kits- they are at Walmart & Target- they only cost $1 and they come with a small coloring book, crayons, and stickers, it is all in a small Ziploc… I carry around several of these, and they are always a hit with my child, plus anyone else’s children who are with me. I can’t tell you how handy these few things have been. It is amazing what you learn when you become a mom! 🙂

  4. I always make sure to have gallon size Ziploc bags for those clothes that have been casualties of a blow out. Then the mess and the smell is contained until you can get to the washing machine. I also keep a small spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide with to spray on the clothes. It takes pretty much every stain out, from poo to spit up.

  5. “Packing a cover is much easier than running to find a bathroom nearby for privacy.” Really? You would nurse your child in a bathroom? Yes there are a few bathrooms that are nice and have a chair or couch for you, but they are few and far between. You shouldn’t feel like you need to go somewhere to hide when you are breastfeeding. If my son, 18 months, wants to nurse we sit down next to a wall or in a chair anywhere and he eats, no cover, no hiding. People can think what they want, I’m not being indecent, I’m simply feeding my child.

  6. I have for my 2 year old: few small toys, a pen and tiny notebook for drawing, couple books, diapers, wipes, extra outfit, snacks, plastic grocery bag (for messed, wet or dirty clothes) small time out mat, blanket for diaper changes on bathroom floors, immunization card/medical docs, sunscreen and my wallet.

  7. Great list! # 10 is something I wish I had thought of when my toddler was a baby. I always had to tell them I forgot it.

  8. I carry a bib and extra powder formula along with baby food and extra plastic spoons so i can throw the spoons and food jar or plastic cont away..

  9. I pack all of the items you mentioned, plus a bib for each child, burp cloths for my infant, nail clippers (never know when they or you will get a hang nail and scratch themselves, a travel pack of tissues,and a few plastic bags from the grocery store to use to dispose of diapers or store wet/poopy clothes until we get home.

  10. All great ideas. Since we have potty trained, I’ve traded diapers out for extra panties and a wet bag. A wet bag is an awesome item even if you aren’t to the potty training phase, they don’t take up any space and are fabulous for messy outfits too. And depending on where we are going I pack a fold up potty seat or a potty flip, for those of you who are not familiar, it’s a folded up cardboard potty with a bag inside for your little one to use on the go….amazing!

  11. All of the above but then add a deflated Gertie ball, and one of those tiny containers of bubbles. Can’t tell you how many times those two things have saved us from meltdowns. Even had 10 kids entertained at Disneyland when the ride broke down and we were stuck in line!

  12. When my babies are little i also carry around nasal spray and nasal aspirator, butt cream, gas drops, bottle & formula(in case baby wont/cant nurse), baggies for dirty diapers, nursing pads….then as baby gets older the bag gets lighter . Pretty soon its a few diapers and wipes in my purse!

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