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Baby Products You NEED Two of for Twins

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When I found out I was having twins, I began to mentally calculate the cost. It seemed like a lot of dollars and a lot of floor space would be eaten up by purchasing two of everything. I found out pretty quick there were some must have items, and some not so much. If you are having twins, here are my recommendations for baby products you need two of and those you don’t!

what you need for twins

You DO need two…

High Chairs: You’ll definitely need two high chairs for feeding even from the beginning. My favorites are the Graco Tablefit High Chair because the height is adjustable, and it folds up and slides out of the way!

Cribs: One of the smartest decisions I ever made. Some twins like to sleep together, some don’t. Mine slept together until they didn’t. You don’t want to be desperate for a 2nd crib at 2 am.

Boppy Pillows: A great place to sit your babies, do tummy time, and so much more. My girls are toddlers now and STILL love their boppies.

Car Seats: This is rather obvious, but still bears mentioning for budgeting. Make sure to check out narrow options like the Safety 1st Guide 65 or Diono Radian RXT to save you room in your back seat, especially if you (like me) have third child you need to squeeze in.

Pack n’ Plays: This comes in handy during the holidays when you’re over at the in-laws. SUPER handy. Definitely a must-have.

Diaper Genies: So many diapers. So much stink. Diaper Genies to the rescue.

You DON’T need two…

Bouncy Seats, Swings, Play Mats, Exersaucers/Jumperoos: All these items are basically for play and soothing. You don’t need two of each, but you will need more than one option to rotate your twins through. In fact, it’s better to have multiple options to switch the babies around and keep them busy for longer, and keep you hands free.

Having twins? Any other ideas or questions about what items to purchase two of, and what to skip? Share in the comments below! 

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Thursday 14th of September 2017

I think two diaper genies are not essential.


Monday 11th of July 2016

I respectfully disagree with a few of these... having twins that are almost 3 years old I found you can survive with one Boppy, one Diaper Genie, and one Pack n Play. For our girls swings were magic so two of those were a must have.

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