Valentine’s Day Cookies

Valentine's Day Cookies

Yesterday we brought you delicious Valentine’s Day cupcakes, and today, we’re talking cookies! Let’s face it, the day of love is just an excuse to eat sweet treats. These scrumptious and festive cookie recipes are sure to be big crowd pleasers, and most of them are easy enough to have your kids help you in the kitchen.

wedding cookies
Photo Source: Hanielas

Wedding Cookies. This type of cookie from Haniela’s is actually called a wedding cookie, but this has a Valentine’s Day spin. You can easily make them by coloring the insides red.

heart blossoms
Photo Source: Recipe Boy

Chocolate Heart Peanut Butter Cookies. This is a super simple recipe that your kids could help with. Recipe Boy shows us how to whip up peanut butter cookies and then press a chocolate heart in the center once they’ve cooled.olllllli

sugar cookies
Photo Source: Annie’s Eats

Frosted Sugar Cookies. I love this idea from Annie’s Eats because it allows for creativity! Bake sugar cookies, frost them with buttercream icing, and decorate them however you please!

Photo Source: Stop Looking Get Cookin

Sprinkle Cookies. These fabulous cookies from Stop Looking Get Cookin are easier than they look- all you need to do is bake a basic sugar cookie and roll the dough in your favorite pink and red sprinkles!

cake mix
Photo Source: Mom On Time Out

Cake Mix Cookies. These strawberry and white chocolate cake mix cookies from Mom On Time Out only call for a few ingredients and are loaded with white chocolate chips and Valentine’s Day M&M’s!

fortune cookies
Photo Source: Food Family Finds

Fortune Cookies. How clever are these fortune cookies from Food Family Finds?! Dip fortune cookies in dyed white chocolate and sprinkles for a Valentine’s Day spin. You can even write your own fortunes for extra fun personalization.

Photo Source: What’s Gaby Cooking

Giant M&M Cookies. These cookies from What’s Gaby Cooking are so easy, your kids can make them. With supervision of course. They are extra giant for those with an extra big sweet tooth and loaded with pink and red M&M’s.

Photo Source: Sweet Bella Roos

Sweetheart Sandwich Cookies. Take two vanilla cookies that are colored red, sandwich them around buttercream and roll them in sprinkles. Now you’ve got yourself the cutest, most festive sandwich cookie in the world. Thanks for the idea, Sweet Bellaroos.

kiss  blossoms
Photo Source: Pass The Green Peas Please

Kiss Cookies. This recipe from Pass The Green Peas Please is a variation of a peanut butter kiss blossom cookie. Roll your peanut butter cookie dough balls into red sugar crystals and when they cool down, press a Hershey kiss in the center.

Photo Source: Food Family Finds

M&M Cookie Cups. I can’t wait to try this recipe from Food Family Finds this year! All you need to make these is your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and some M&M’s. Form a ball of cookie dough to resemble a basket, when they are baked, out of the oven, and completely cool, fill them with the candy!


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