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10 Valentine’s Day Toddler Craft Ideas

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I love doing crafts with my toddler because she thinks pretty much anything is fun and cool, and she loves to show her daddy what she made. This year, we will be making some different Valentine’s Day crafts to pass out to her friends in the neighborhood. So in preparation, I’ve scoured the Internet (since I’m not creative enough to think of cute ideas by myself) and found these adorable and easy crafts that you can use with your toddler, too!

I just have to include these for nostalgic reasons since I made these cute heart people when I was a kid, too! East Coast Mommy gives great directions on how to make them.

heart people 1

You know how most heart crafts will leave you with a ton of paper scraps? Why not utilize those to make a window collage? Hands On As We Grow shows you how.


Work with what you’ve got! These little “stamps” would be the perfect addition to cards sent to grandparents and teachers! Rust and Sunshine provides this great idea.

heart stamps 3

If your toddler attends a daycare or preschool, and the other kids will be handing out Valentines, send him to school with a cute box like this to collect them! Giggles Galore shows how to make this cute Valentine Monster.

Valentine's monster box 4 toddler

My toddler loves bubble wrap and paint, so why not combine the two? Mess for Less shows us a super fun and easy way to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

bubble hearts toddler craft

Toddlers love getting their hands dirty, but this is a way they can do so while producing something really cute! Crafty Texas Girls details how to make these unique handprint sun catchers!

toddler craft suncatcher

This Tree of Love Handprint craft is probably one of my favorites because it’s so sweet! The Preschool Toolbox shows us how to do it.

toddler valentine's craft tree

Let’s get sentimental for a second and introduce this footprint/handprint heart craft from Fun Handprint Art. Make sure to include the sweet poem for the full effect.

toddler Valentine's Footprint-Handprint-Heart-Crafts

I love working with tissue paper when it comes to easy crafts for toddlers. It rips super easily, doesn’t have to look perfect, and is super versatile. You can use it to make these cute Valentine Sun Catchers, as depicted by Who Arted?

And if all else fails, go back to tried-and-true crafts, like my tissue paper hearts that I introduced last year! You can find instructions through Baby Gizmo here.

Looking for more Valentine’s Day craft ideas? We have more. Valentine Craft Ideas.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.