17 Educational Kids Shows on Netflix

The only time I know I will get to have a cup of tea and a cookie (or eight) in peace and quiet is when the magical black screen turns on. And while my kids would love to watch Ninjago all. day. long, I sometimes insist they watch something educational. Netflix keeps changing their line up of shows (please bring back Wild Kratts!), but as of now, February 2017, here are seventeen great kids shows for your smallest to your oldest. And keep in mind: they are learning new vocabulary with these shows too!

1. Baby Genius

 2. Word Party

3. LeapFrog: Phonics Farm/Number Land/The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park

4. Hi-5 House

 5. Super Why

6. Storybots

7. Octonauts

8. Sid the Science Kid

9. Justin Time

10. Puffin Rock

11. Magic School Bus

12. Special Agent Oso

13. Brain Games

14. Bill Nye

15. Spy in the Pod/Jungle/Woods/Huddle/Herd

16. Baby Animals in the Wild

17. Frozen Planet/Blue Planet

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