4th of July BBQ Recipes

When we think 4th of July, we know there’s a BBQ involved. We’ve rounded up some incredible recipe ideas for your BBQ’ing! Enjoy!

bruschetta-cl-682944-xGreek Shrimp Bruschetta. Fresh, delicious, perfect for a warm summer night. Spice up your regular bruschetta by adding shrimp on top!

Photo Source: Taste Of Home

BLT Dip. Nothing quite like a delicious dip to start off the BBQ party! Boring BLT sandwiches are given a nice upgrade by turning this classic into a dip!

Photo Source: Delish

Bacon Brioche Burger From Delish. You can’t celebrate 4th of July without a big juicy burger, am I right? Add some bacon and serve it up on a brioche roll!

Photo Source: Iowa Girl Eats

Caprese Skewers From Iowa Girl Eats. Start the party off with these mini skewers that are just as delicious as they look. Tomatoes, cheese, peppers, and the perfect drizzle of dressing on top.

bbq beef
Photo Source: Taste Of Home

Shredded BBQ Beef Sandwiches. When that BBQ beef shreds so easily and just falls apart… That is when you know you’re eating something amazing! That’s what you’ll get with this delicious and easy bbq recipe.

hot dogs
Photo Source: Neuro Tickitchen

Hot Dogs. Can’t forget the hot dogs! Grill your favorite dogs and serve them up with a huge array of fun toppings that everyone can choose themselves!

Photo Source: Rachel Ray

Cheesesteak Kabobs. Make your 4th of July BBQ extra fancy with these pretty cheesesteak kabobs fresh off the grill!

fish tacos
Photo Source: Martha Stewart

Grilled Fish Tacos From Martha Stewart. If you’re not into the typical bbq food, try grilled fish tacos instead! A light but equally great alternative.

Photo Source: Taste Of Home

Grilled Peach BBQ Chicken Wings . If my husband had his way, he would eat wings every single day. Even for breakfast. The man loves him some wings. These peach bbq wings would be a great addition to your family meal!

What are you making and bbq’ing this 4th of July? We’d love to hear your menu ideas so leave us a comment below!