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7 Simple LEGO Storage Solutions

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My little guy is just beginning his exploration of Legos, but it is quickly becoming an obsession. I’ve already stepped on my fair share of Dulpos; enough to force this mama to seek some lego storage solutions STAT!

If I can expect to accumulate more and more of these Lego Bricks in the coming years, I better get things under control now. I did a little research and found some simple solutions that anyone can implement.

7 Simple LEGO Storage Solutions

shoe caddy

Hanging Shoe Caddy ($12.04)  – a hanging shoe caddy is a great solution to your lego woes. You can even cut it into three sections of four bags, then tack them along the bottom of the wall in your playroom, for easy access and clean up.

Lego Organization Solutions

Open Storage Bins ($25.31) These stacking open storage bins are amazing. They have room for labels in the front, and they come in a set of 8. A perfect place to store all those tiny Lego Bricks!

Lego Storage

Hardware & Craft Cabinet ($28.00)  If you are looking for a wall mounted solution, this is a great option. A hardware and craft cabinet has tons of tiny drawers for all your tiny bits and pieces. You can mount it in front of a table or a desk for easy access, or you can mount it inside a piece of furniture like a cabinet, to keep your Legos hidden and your decor seamless. They come in a variet of colors and sizes, as well.

Toolbox with stowaways

Toolbox with Stowaway Compartments ($21.17) If you want a more portable option, a toolbox ith stowaway compartments is your best bet. This is practical, durable, and has tons of space for all the various colors and shapes.

Lego Organization

LEGO Storage Container with Building Plate and Removable Lid ($34.95) –  This is a fabulous all-in-one storage solution. Put all your Legos in the box, build on the lid, dump it all in and latch it shut when you are done! No muss, no fuss.

Lego Storage Bag

Lego Storage Bag ($29.99)  Another awesome all-in-one solution for Lego organization. Build and play when the bag is open, and when you’re done, just pull the drawstring and put it all away.

LEGO Storage and Sorter

LEGO Storage and Sorter ($44.99) Okay. This thing is GENIUS. It works like a coin sorter. You dump all the pieces in the top tray and move them around. The smallest bits and pieces filter all the way to the bottom, the small-medium in the red tray, the medium large in the blue tray, and the largest pieces stay on top. GENIUS I TELL YOU!

Do you have any other LEGO Organization Solutions that have worked for you? Let us know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.