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  1. The pb and j sushi looks awesome. Maybe with sunflower butter since so many schools dont allow peanut butter anymore.

  2. All great ideas! I have a 6 yr old who’s wanting to take his lunch. I don’t want to pack him junk so this all is so very helpful! Warm thermos check! Freeze the yogurt check! Roll ups check! I can’t pick one! Thanks so much for this video!

  3. Yay!!!! I love the thermos (I had one as a kid) and what a better way to enjoy it with a target gift card to buy food for lunches!!!

  4. Definitely the hot soup idea was the best! i never even tough about soup in thermos! kids needs liquids too!

  5. Love the Mac and cheese in a thermos. My mom would send me to school with spaghetti o’s in a thermos and those were the best lunch days!

  6. Loved the sushi rolls! My girls would also love Mac & cheese & maybe a chicken salad! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Mmmm… this video made me hungry (but then again, I’m pregnant, so I want to eat everything I see!). I love the roll-up and the sushi ideas. I don’t have school lunches to pack just yet, but I could use some of these ideas for lunches at home, too!

  8. I like the homemade granola bars idea. I have been making them for a few months now, but I am always looking for new ways to switch up the recipe.

  9. Love the homemade granola bars and the sneaking of the flax seed ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sneak flax into quite few things for my kiddos, too, hahaha.

  10. Always love your blog thanks for all the reviews you have made. Hoping to Win something one of these times.

  11. Great lunch ideas I will
    Use with my 3 year old when we go out on our field trips to the park and zoo.

  12. The homemade granola bars was my favorite idea. I need something need that she can help me make and be excited about the next day

  13. Love the homemade granola bars and all of the different containers. I use Funbites to make shapes from their foods.

  14. The PB&J sushi, but I would leave out the jelly since my DD doesn’t like it. I want to make the granola bars too!

  15. Never thought of putting pasta salad for lunch but great idea my kids love it and I can add a ton of veggies and they still love it. Perfect lunch.

  16. Love the homemade granola bars idea. I hate that the ones my husband buys are covered in chocolate. If I put in a few m-n-ms then my kids will love them.

    My mom was a genius. She’d boil up some hot dogs and put the hot water and a dog or two in a thermos. Some bread and a packet of ketchup, and I had a dream lunch ( for an 8 year old).

  17. I absolutely loved all of your ideas! My son is starting pre-school next week, so I’ve been worried about how I’d mix it up. Your yogurt idea is genius! I was trying to figure out how I’d pack that for him, so I’ll be buying one of those thermos containers. Roll-ups are awesome, too. Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  18. I’d love to do hot soup or mac and cheese in my kids lunch, but the thermos that I tried was not able to keep it warm–would a new one help? Would love to try making granola bars!

  19. What about making frozen fruit kabobs, or frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. Can’t wait to try making the granola bars.

  20. These ideas are amazing my daughter starts kindergarten soon and I have been racking my brain on what to pack her, now I have great ideas, thanks.

  21. I totally NEEDED some NEW ideas! Now that I have two in school at the same time! AND snack! Phew…LOVE the roll ups bc now I can ROLL UP almost anything..LOL THANKS!!

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