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  1. One thing that’s wrong with this: don’t tell her it’s easy/that the kids go down well/etc. That sets a teen up for low self esteem based on perceived failure when the kids are suddenly crying, or she doesn’t know what kind of Tupperware you want her to use, or it’s a kind of microwave she’s never used, etc. If any of my real-life bosses told me a job was “easy”, I would feel demoralized! I teach kids from 4-16, and I know that they are much more likely to feel excited and accomplished if they are given the idea that something is a fun challenge (that they’re prepared for with explanations and demonstrations) than if I defensively tell them the task is “easy”. No one wants to feel like you’re talking down to them. It also sets up the illusion that you don’t value their job.

  2. L O V E D THIS!!!! Ugh I can’t tell you how many times this has been a struggle for me. I have rarely even got sitters for us because of some of the things you mentioned. But I seriously loved the extra cash idea and just being honest that it is a job, not a paid favor.
    I have friends and we swap watch our kids, which is so nice but sometimes I really just want to leave noah at the house and get out of there so we can enjoy the night.
    I love your pitch by the way. great for keeping it mutually beneficial. And I don’t know why people freak about the price. The last sitter I paid 20$, after noah went to bed and I fully regret that much money. Mind you it was to a single woman but that doesn’t make any difference. she literally studied all night and made sure the house didn’t burn. 2.50 per kid seems pretty dang good to me.
    Thanks for putting this out there. I think I needed this article to kick me in the butt for finding a good, consistent one. Love you!

    p.s. this didn’t even sound like your writing style. It was so confident and gave amazing direction. And thats not to say you are not that way in other articles, it just seemed so laid out for me do get something right that I struggle with!. Great job!

  3. Omg! If these were the prices in my area. I would have date nights. I might actually make a hair appt. Or run errands in peace.

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