Halloween Cupcakes

halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is around the corner and today I’ve rounded up some fun, tasty, and spooky Halloween cupcakes for you! These would be perfect to make with your kids, to bring to school parties, or to pass out to family and neighbors to get them in the spirit of this fun holiday!

cupcake 1

Frankenstein Cupcakes. In line with the Halloween theme but made cute and not so scary, kids will especially love that they are topped with a peanut butter cup!


Jack Skellington. If your children are big fans of Nightmare Before Christmas like my son is, they’ll appreciate these Jack Skellington cupcakes!

cupcake 3

Spider Cupcakes. These creepy crawlers will be a huge hit this Halloween! Cover them in sprinkles, give them some googly eyes, and add black licorice to let them crawl! Eat them before they scurry away!

cupcake 4

Candy Corn Cupcakes. These are the perfect cupcakes for those who want a festive Halloween cupcake without all the spook and scare.

cupcake 5

Eyeball Cupcakes. Bake up a batch of these delicious cupcakes and then let your kids decorate them with gummy rings and red frosting for blood shot eyes!

cupcake 6

Tombstone Cupcakes. Chocolate Buttermilk with tombstone decorations made with Oreos on top?! Yes please!

cupcake 7

Mummy Cupcakes. These chocolate and vanilla mummy cupcakes take a while to make but the outcome is worth every minute!