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An Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

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I’m always torn about my kid’s birthday parties. Do I do something simple with just family or do I go crazy Pinterest with a theme? This year, for my son’s first, I decided to allow myself fall somewhere in the middle. Because you know what? Sometimes us mamas need a break and first birthday parties are one of the places that can give a little.

So, for Max’s 1st birthday we hosted a little ice cream social. Just a small gathering of family and close friends with relaxed conversation, yummy sweets and no gifts. It was perfect.

max's 1st bday invite for blog

I used PicMonkey to create a simple invite graphic. Then, uploaded it to Pingg as a custom evite so I could easily track RSVPs and communicate with guests.

ics 4 600w

Remember this DIY? Here it is in action!

ics 2 600w

Instead of buying disposable products I thrifted old fashion ice cream glasses – they were less than 50 cents each!

ics 3 600w

Max’s grandma made a sweet banner to decorate the topping table and later his room

ics 5 600w

Time to dig in! So many topping choices!

reading space 600w

Technically, we did give Max one gift … in honor of his birthday we transformed our under stair room from a messy storage space into a cozy reading nook for the kids!

As you can see … no elaborate decor, smorgasbord of food or expensive details. But nonetheless, it was a jolly event enjoyed by all. Sometimes low-key is exactly what we need to focus on the real reason for the event. And that’s exactly what happened. At the close of the day, Max was honored and, of course, he loved his first taste of ice cream 🙂

How do you celebrate your little ones’ birthdays? Tell us in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.