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  1. I just love reading about your life. I don’t know how Mom’s do it all. I have a hard time managing my single lady life. Oy Vey.

  2. Once you become a mother you will never do anything uninterrupted again—it also applies to marriage but not to the same degree. You become a champ at blazing through tasks at warp speed. A stickler for detail? Yeah, kiss that goodbye. Lower your standards and save your sanity.
    My mother (mother of 10) gave me one piece of advice: do not criticize how the new dad does things with the baby (unless spectacularly unsafe)—if he doesn’t get the diaper on just right it will fall off and he will figure it out. If you nit pick over things you will end up doing it all yourself and that is not how you want things to work. I luckily picked a man who was a fast learner!!!
    I’ve been a mom for almost 32 years and it is the greatest job I have ever had—and the most exhausting. Good common sense and a sense of humor goes a long, long way to getting through the tough days. Jenna, you will be a great mom. I think you already are.

  3. I am an almost 70 year old and I do regular childcare for my first grandchild who is 10 months old. I also am the eldercare provider for my 91 year old mother, who lives with us full time. When I do errands they are planned and timed to the minute. My minivan contains a stroller, baby carseat, four wheeled walker and a handicap sticker. My errands consist of thinking about who gets put into, or out of, the car, after the wheeled walker and stroller are removed and locked in place, It’s not much fun for me, but provides unlimited entertainment for my mom and grandson. 🙂

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