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80 Reasons for a Toddler Meltdown

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Today we played a little game on the Baby Gizmo Facebook page called “The reason for a toddler meltdown is because……”

Our Baby Gizmo editor started off the fun with “Right now, mine is: Because the banana won’t go back in the peel. Pretty sure my entire neighborhood can hear “Mama, put the banana back ON!””

toddler meltdown

Our Baby Gizmo audience didn’t waste any time chiming in with their reasons for a toddler meltdown. We laughed so hard at the responses that we had to make them into a post! After a day or two, things tend to just disappear on Facebook down the never-ending, non-searchable wall  never to be looked at again. (That’s the downfall of social media!)

So, we wanted to give you a place to return if you are having a bad day with your toddler so that you know YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE.

Just remember – mom, you are amazing!

Toddlers… you plain crazy!

Toddler Meltdown Because…

  1. Because he wants the blue plate… But really, he wants the red plate to turn blue so he can have that blue plate… – Shannon
  2. This morning with my preschooler it was because he had to poop, but he didn’t want to poop at school. He also didn’t want to leave school either. He wanted to go back in time and poop before we left for school, I guess. – Shannon
  3. He can’t have all of the wipes. Like out of the container. – Maria
  4. Today is not her birthday! This is a weekly melt down. I guess she is I rush to age. Lol – Candice
  5. Mine frequently has meltdowns because she does not have food in each hand. – Joyce
  6. Because she said she had to potty and then I did the unthinkable and put her on the potty. – Rachel
  7. Because I pulled my top up instead of down to nurse. –Michelle
  8. He asked me to play with him, then melts down when I touch his toy. – Kathryn
  9. Because her older brother asked her how she’s doing… – Alison
  10. She doesn’t want to be a doctor when she grows up. She wants to be a mommy and/or a midwife. – Jutta
  11. Because the cereal bar broke as she opened the wrapper…apparently a broken cereal back is sacrilege. – Ashley
  12. I just sold a bag of DVDs on a local swap page and my 3yo sobbed hysterically despite the fact that none of them were kids movies. –Joanna
  13. Because I wont let him chew on my lip balm. – Melanie
  14. Because big brother helped him. – Rachel
  15. Adult vitamins are not toys… – Samantha
  16. Because my toddler is wearing her Wednesday underwear on Tuesday. – Lacey
  17. Because Mommy won’t carry him into preschool. -Jennifer
  18. I say something – Chely
  19. Because i didn’t let her ride her baby brother like a horse. He’s 7 months old baby brother. She’s 3. – Cristina
  20. I said “I love you”. – Stephanie
  21. My toddler had banana meltdowns often . Especially if I start to peel it for her! – Danielle
  22. Because I flushed the toilet. – Karen
  23. Closing the garage door before he was able to look out. But on the other hand opening the door will fix any boo boo. I swear it is magical out something. -Blair
  24. Because he couldn’t have Cheetos and a cookie for breakfast… – Ashley
  25. My son has the same meltdown! Why is the banana so much more appealing in the peel? – Marsha
  26. Because “frozen” went off. Before today she had no interest in the movie. – Megan
  27. Because I offered her a bite of my chocolate. -Kimberly
  28. Because an infinitesimal shred of wrapper got stuck to the lollipop treat I bribed him with while stuck in traffic last night. – Kimberly
  29. Because mama won’t put the pacifier in mama’s mouth at the grocery store. – Krysta
  30. Pants. – Hannah
  31. Because his show went to commercial. -Shanna
  32. Because his mommy won’t let him eat a stick of butter for breakfast. – Judy
  33. Because I’m eating my own breakfast. – Sarah
  34. I thought my kid was the only OCD banana one. He throws a fit if the banana comes off, I have to hold the peel up around the banana to pretend it’s still attached. He screams, back on back on! – Jenny
  35. Because I finished making the bed….. – Shannon
  36. Because the water that is in the tub right now is transparent and not pink. – Madelon
  37. And this morning because there is no snow but the season is called winter so he isn’t allowed to go to daycare in his shorts and t-shirt. – Madelon
  38. Because daddy is at work. – Shannon
  39. Because the melted cheese came out of his grilled cheese sandwich! And because he can’t see because of the tears in his eyes! – Chrissie
  40. My son cried at lunch because his “circle” (deli) cheese was torn and then because my glass of iced tea was too close to him and he could smell the caffeine #threenager #thestruggleisrealLisa
  41. I stirred the yogurt. – Ellen
  42. Because he fed the dog his snack…and then wanted it back.. –Laura
  43. Because she has to share the LeapPad with her brother since its his or she wants to hold the door open all day so everyone in the hallway can look in our apartment. ­ -Robin
  44. Who knows, she’s just seriously mad  – Kara
  45. Right now, because the cocoa that was asked for is hot instead of cold. “Make it cold, Mama!” At least I can make it happen. – Melinda
  46. I wouldn’t let him put ketchup on his cereal…. – Rebecca
  47. Because I can’t reattach his hang nail. – Francine
  48. Because I looked at him. – Jessica
  49. The dog went outside and then because the dog came inside and was running around smh I can’t win lol – Samantha
  50. What is it with bananas?! – Helen
  51. Because I made him put clothes on. –Azmom
  52. Because she can’t drink a while cup of coffee yet… and then because I let her have a tiny sip and she didn’t like it. – Kaitlin
  53. Because mommy made her come in and leave her snowman outside. –Megan
  54. Because his sisters refuse to watch Frozen for the 29th time since Sunday (we are currently on snow day #2) – Mandy
  55. I took him out of the crib after he looked at me and said, “out please” – Julie
  56. Interestingly, also because of a banana… it broke in half when he tried to pull it out of the peel and wouldn’t go back together. – Sarah
  57. This mornings tantrum was because I wouldn’t let him play in the dirty dish water!! – Ashley
  58. I wouldn’t let him throw himself down the stairway at the gym. – Clarissa
  59. The Lego tower keeps falling over and mommy won’t help build it back up lol – Alexandria
  60. His fave is “because I can’t watch Thomas” but runner up is “because it’s bedtime and my parents brought me upstairs… DOWNSTAIRS! DOWNSTAIRS!” We all go to bed at the same time, so there really is nothing downstairs for him to want. –Ester
  61. I told her to wear pants. – Nicole
  62. Because I make him have his diaper changed and the cookie has chocolate chips – Pamela
  63. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have one those once in a while – Janice
  64. My 3 yo was having a tantrum because I couldn’t make his frisbee stay in the air. – Sori
  65. Because we aren’t going to grammy’s house till later. – Mindy
  66. I wouldn’t let him hit his brother for walking in to the kitchen…also shut the door to the fridge…..big mistake…lol – Rebecca
  67. Because he doesn’t want to wear pants…ever! – Marlene
  68. No tantrums yet(YES!) But his recent one was leaving grandparents house on Sunday because it was bedtime. – Kayla
  69. I said no! LOL! If my 20 month old grand daughter has something in her hands that I do not want her to have and I tell her “oh no, you cant have that”, she will throw it down and run away as if I’m gonna get her lol. Then she will turn around and act as if I had not said anything lol. – Abedabun
  70. His donut broke in half while he was eating it. Or my personal favorite – he pooped in the shower. – Jessica
  71. Another great one is when he has a melt down because I tell him he can’t leave our apartment naked. – Kimberly
  72. Can’t stick a book to his face. – Tara
  73. Because he can’t play in the toilet. – Hollie
  74. Oh my favorite is the daily melt down because the state and town continue to refuse to keep the street lights and parking lot lights on during the day for him! “Why no lights? Why?” – Pamela
  75. Because we have to put boots on to go outside, it’s 17° outside –Danyell
  76. They have to do preschool home work – Sheena
  77. Because he just wanted to wear his super. cool. shoes! – Dawn
  78. My theory is- they have meltdowns simply because they are jerks! – Pramodha
  79. Because I said we were making crafts in the kitchen not the living room – Kari
  80. After the fifth monkey falls off the bed there’s no more jumping. – Gladys

Did we miss your toddler’s reason for a toddler meltdown? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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Vanessa W.

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

Because his big toy monster truck won't stay on top of his head. But I also can't hold it there. ?


Wednesday 25th of February 2015

Because I wouldn't wake up his brother from a nap.

Because he has to get undressed to get a tubby.

Because he couldn't wear his monster pjs to bed (they were very dirty lol)

Because he was not allowed to play with daddy's power tools.

Because he had to help clean up all the toys he scattered across the entire living room (seriously could not walk with out stepping on something)

Because I wouldn't let him have snacks 5 minutes before dinner was done.

And that's only about half of the tantrums from today lol we have a lot of tantrums EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! (My 2 older kids didn't have anywhere near as many tantrums)


Tuesday 24th of February 2015

Because she wants mommy to hold her...oh wait, because she doesnt want mommy to hold her. Nope, she wants mommy to hold her. On repeat. All day.


Tuesday 24th of February 2015

Because the turtle bit her (we don't own a turtle)

Brandi Akerberg

Tuesday 24th of February 2015

Most recent tantrum...because brother is looking at her and laughing. She's 3 years old, baby brother 6 months. Smh.

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