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  1. Because I wouldn’t wake up his brother from a nap.

    Because he has to get undressed to get a tubby.

    Because he couldn’t wear his monster pjs to bed (they were very dirty lol)

    Because he was not allowed to play with daddy’s power tools.

    Because he had to help clean up all the toys he scattered across the entire living room (seriously could not walk with out stepping on something)

    Because I wouldn’t let him have snacks 5 minutes before dinner was done.

    And that’s only about half of the tantrums from today lol we have a lot of tantrums EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! (My 2 older kids didn’t have anywhere near as many tantrums)

  2. Because she wants mommy to hold her…oh wait, because she doesnt want mommy to hold her. Nope, she wants mommy to hold her. On repeat. All day.

  3. Most recent tantrum…because brother is looking at her and laughing. She’s 3 years old, baby brother 6 months. Smh.

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