Cool and Refreshing Patriotic Drinks

Yesterday we took a look at red, white and blue desserts, and today we’re focusing on drinks! From kids to grown-ups, we’ve rounded up some fun and patriotic drinks for you here!

Kid Friendly Layered Mocktail- In Katrina’s Kitchen.┬áHere’s a fun mocktail for your kids to enjoy, complete with a firecracker on top! Kids will love this mix of Gatorade, pina colada flavored soda, and cran-apple juice. Follow the easy instructions to learn how to layer this drink to perfection.

berry water
Fruit Water

Red White And Blue Berry Water- Pinterest. This clever berry water is festive, refreshing, and so cute! I especially love how cute the apples look cut up like stars!

sparkling water
Photo Source: Mom Me

Sparkling Water- Mom Me. You can make this drink with sparkling water or champagne, either way it’s sure to please the taste buds! Fill it with colorful fruits and you’re good to go!

blue citrus
Photo Source: Foodie Misadventure

4th Of July Citrus Splash- Foodie Misadventure. This one is full of rum and perfect for mom and dad. It’s even got red pop rocks around the rim! How fun and festive is that? A firework in your mouth.

pop rock shooters
Photo Source: Celebrations

Pop Rock Shooters- Celebrations. Get the party started with these pop rock shooters. Seriously clever and they sound seriously delicious! You’ll be the best host on the block if you make these little gems!

4th Of July Shake
Photo Source: Lexis Clean Kitchen

Red, White, And Vanilla Berry Milkshake- Lexis Clean Kitchen.  These healthy and delicious milkshakes have festive sugar rims and would be perfect for breakfast or your backyard BBQ.