Halloween Cookies

Yesterday we brought you Halloween treats, and today we’re rounding up some festive Halloween cookies! These are adorable, a little spooky, and sure to please the kids this year!

cookie 1

 Witch Hat Cookies. These clever witch hat cookies are perfect for all your Halloween parties. They are no bake, easy to assemble, and so cute!

cookie 2

Spiderweb Florentines. These beautiful and delicate cookies are given a spooky twist with chocolate webbing, perfect for Halloween.

Photo Source: Averie Cooks.

Candy Corn Cookies. Nothing says Halloween quite like candy corn!

cookie 4

Eyeball Cookies. Up the gross factor a little with these eyeball cookies that just might make you squirm!

cookie 5

Pumpkin Cookies. I love the idea of a more adult Halloween cookies for any parties you might be hosting. These pumpkin almond cookies not only taste great, they’re appropriately themed and adorable!

cookie 6

Ghost Cookies. The easiest cookie you’ll ever make! No baking required. Just grab a bag of delicious Mint Milano cookies, dip them in white chocolate, and dot two eyes on them!

cookie 7

Surprise Inside Halloween Cookies. These adorable cookies come with a candy surprise inside! Even better than a birthday piñata, kids will go nuts for these!


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