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  1. When our son arrived, we began using the washer and dryer three times as often. Kids have a way of making clothes dirty in an instant.

    Is this Kenmore washer considered a High Efficency model (that uses HE detergent)? That seems to be common for front loading washers, but I wasn’t sure if it applied to this one since it loads from the top.

  2. I’d love to know if you think this washer would do well with cloth diapers or not! We’re looking for a new washer, but I’m nervous whatever we get won’t meet the challenge of getting cloth diapers totally clean.

  3. I have this washer and while I love it there are a couple of flaws. Loads take forever to complete compared to other washers unless you do everything in express mode which could go up to 45 minutes if you change the soil level. Also if you are short, it’s REALLY hard to get all the stuff (like socks) out of the bottom of the washer. Otherwise the washer is awesome.

  4. We are still using our old hand-me-down sad sack washer and dryer that we got off Craigs List YEARS ago when we first got married. The washer is a total workhorse and I’m determined to use it until my kids are out of (cloth) diapers. We have to run the dryer multiple times usually to get one load dry and I would always forget to go restart the sucker, thus leading to CRAZY long laundry time. My hubby stuck a Samsung TecTile in the laundry room and programmed it to alert my phone after an hour. So now I just tap my phone on the tile when I’m leaving the laundry room and an hour later I get a reminder to go check the laundry. It’s obviously not an ideal sitch but it’s better than nothing! 🙂

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