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Simple Crafts to Keep Toddler Hands Busy

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Sometimes my toddler gets so bored that he literally drives me up a wall! Then I remember that watching me cook or clean isn’t really all that exciting, especially when I am doing something that little hands can’t help with. When times like these happen, it’s good to have a list of super easy and quick toddler activities to keep those hands and minds busy while I finish doing what I need to do.

I recently took my son to the newly opened aquarium here in Michigan. It was a lot of fun and he really enjoyed himself. I think he liked the turtles a lot since he picked a stuffed turtle to take home with us. I wish I would have remembered about this Pinterest post from Spit up is the New Black.

Toddler DIY Pet Turtle

I think he would really enjoy having his own little friend on a string to take for walks around the house!

I have seen this moon sand all over the place, and I have played with it. It’s so light, and such a neat texture. I couldn’t imagine spending $8 on a little tub of this stuff that would get all over my house though. Not to mention that Eli still likes to taste everything so I was worried about that too. So I found 2 different versions, the one pictured below is from Delia Creates, while I found another version for a TASTE SAFE (It doesn’t taste good so it doesn’t encourage eating it) version!

Moon Sand craft
Photo Source: Delia Creates

While we were in the bath the other day I noticed how much my son actually likes playing with the bubbles now (we don’t do bubble baths, so it’s just the little bubbles from the soap) and he’s been putting in the extra effort to make bubbles in the tub. I stumbled across this recipe for “kool aid foam,” but this is NOT for tasting as one of the main ingredients is dish soap!

Kool Aid Foam
Photo Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose

I like to find crafts that have contact paper involved with them, not because I’m a big fan of it (though it is cheap!) but because I’ve had the same roll of it FOREVER! This craft is super easy because you literally just draw the lamb on it (and since it’s clear you can trace it!) then tape it to the window so that the sticky side is facing you. Give your toddler a few different size cotton balls or white pompoms and you’re all set! You can also use the contact paper with tissue paper to create a “stained glass” look!

Sticky Sheep craft


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Do you have any crafts that you always go to, to keep those little hands busy? Let us know below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.