$100 Amazon Get What You Want Giveaway – Part 2

Get what you want

Congrats to our winners – 
Alexandra T. and Carrie N.

A few months ago we did a “Get What You Want Giveaway” and it was a wild success. We planned to follow it up with another similar giveaway but the holiday giveaways took front and center and we decided to wait until the new year.

So, today we are launching a 3-day “Get What You Want Giveaway – PART 2”!  That’s right, we have $100 Amazon gift cards up for grabs and we will be handing them over to TWO lucky winners. We thought it would be more fun to split up the prize and let more people win. You’re welcome. :)

Trying to get organized this year and need some things for the house? This prize works. You want one of the cool new 2015 strollers and would like a little help with the cost? Yep, works for that too. Even if you just want to get a power drill so that you can try to build your little guy a Firehouse Bed, this is the giveaway you want to enter. A heating blanket because you are freezing your bum off in this crazy January weather? Yep, that’s fair game too. If you win, you can use the gift card for whatever you want or need! And if you need it, Amazon probably has it!

This giveaway only lasts a few days and will end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday January 11, 2015 so get to entering!

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