$100 Amazon Get What You Want Giveaway – Part 2

Get what you want

Congrats to our winners – 
Alexandra T. and Carrie N.

A few months ago we did a “Get What You Want Giveaway” and it was a wild success. We planned to follow it up with another similar giveaway but the holiday giveaways took front and center and we decided to wait until the new year.

So, today we are launching a 3-day “Get What You Want Giveaway – PART 2”!  That’s right, we have $100 Amazon gift cards up for grabs and we will be handing them over to TWO lucky winners. We thought it would be more fun to split up the prize and let more people win. You’re welcome. :)

Trying to get organized this year and need some things for the house? This prize works. You want one of the cool new 2015 strollers and would like a little help with the cost? Yep, works for that too. Even if you just want to get a power drill so that you can try to build your little guy a Firehouse Bed, this is the giveaway you want to enter. A heating blanket because you are freezing your bum off in this crazy January weather? Yep, that’s fair game too. If you win, you can use the gift card for whatever you want or need! And if you need it, Amazon probably has it!

This giveaway only lasts a few days and will end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday January 11, 2015 so get to entering!

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  1. Tough call! Either the practical use and get a new car seat for our rapidly growing little man or I’d finally break down and get the baby bjorn bouncer I’ve been eyeing but couldn’t justify the cost since we have an old hand me down bouncer from a friend.

  2. I would probably put it towards a new car seat. We have two infants and only one convertible seat and they are going to outgrow the infant seats faster than I care to think about.

  3. We have 7 going on 9 grandkids under 7yrs old. I would use the money to help buy birthday and Christmas gifts. Thank you so much for the chance to win it !!

  4. I need to get a baby swing for my first baby girl. I am so excited to meet her in about 4 weeks and would really love this amazon card. Excited daddy!!!!

  5. Clothes for the tiny human 🙂 He’s 1 month old and since my last baby was 7yrs ago I had forgotten how fast they go through those sizes..wow!

  6. I’m not sure what I would get but your video has inspired me to try to organize our closet. It could use some storage spaces on the top shelves where everything it just thrown. Or even something on the floor for shoe organizing.

  7. I would buy the last couple of things I have left on my baby registry, I’m scheduled to deliver my 2nd baby (first girl) on February 6th!

  8. We have baby #1 on the way. We’ve got an Amazon registry and I’d use it for registry completion. We still need a mattress, crib and we can always use diapers!

  9. I would buy some craft supplies. I’ve been wanting to try Modge Podge and have a couple projects in mind. I just need the supplies.

  10. I’d love to buy my 2yr old a toy kitchen! He already has a super market cart and lots of fruits and veggies, so the kitchen is next!

  11. I would buy more cloth diaper covers for my newborn since our trial month went so well. Also, I’d love to build my baby’s board book library (especially with some BabyLit books!)

  12. I am way to in to baby carriers and diaper bags these days. I am sure it would go towards something like that.

  13. I would use the gift card for a strange bench with baskets to try and organize all my boys toys that are over taking our living room!!

  14. I’d save this for birthday and Christmas presents for my kids. Or for baby stuff for my nephew or niece that is due in July.

  15. I would buy both my boys some clothes as neither have any decent clothes that fit & if any money is left over I’d spend the rest on storage materials (boxes, shelves, etc)

  16. would love a little help towards purchasing my daughters new convertible car seat!!!! We want the new Britax Boulevard Clicktight!!

  17. I may use an Amazon gift card to purchase some vitamins that are not sold locally, maybe a couple of books or possibly put it towards a baby gear related purchase

  18. Money is so tight its a fight to keep milk and bread in the house but what am I crying on your shoulder for .. Someday I am going to start winning at this and its going to be soon. Think positive right, its late at night I have put in a long day and I am still not done. I want to win …

  19. I usually buy things my families needs with amazon. I’d be so tempted to get something for myself and am struggling to think what that might be. Maybe a blender so I can start making healthy smoothies in the morning!

  20. I would put it toward the purchase of a mamaRoo for my daughter, since she is due with her 3rd baby girl in April 2015! She’s going to have her hands full!

  21. it would be a nice treat to be able to shop @ Amazon and not have to worry about paying for it. They have just about everything you can imagine

  22. My baby girl and I are getting our own place and have almost nothing! We would buy bath towels and a shower curtain and sheets to start!

  23. There are some car parts that we need, just ordered an alternator for my truck and my husband has a few parts that need to be replaced on his. (Have to keep our rides safe for our baby girl!)

  24. This would be great for me to buy some new clothes after just having my baby. I do not fit into any of my old clothes anymore 🙁

  25. My baby needs potty training materials. I have a feeling this task will be challenging for my son and me. So I’ll buy us a bag of healthy treats for success and cleaning products for the messes haha!!!

  26. I would buy my sister a gift for her first babies baby shower 🙂 you can never get enough diapers from amazon!!!

  27. There is always something to order from Amazon… something for the baby, a book, something for the house, vitamins, … What did we ever do before Amazon?!? 🙂

  28. I would join Amazon Mom and Amazon Prime membership to purchase diapers each month, using the monthly shipments tool! My cousin is a member, and she loved how convenient and prompt Amazon’s service is.

  29. thanks for the contest opportunity and great tips, reviews, daily dose of humour, etc. i got the inglesina gusto highchair for my little one based on your review (amonst other items) and it does not disappoint! it is awesome and is compact for storage!

  30. Would love to win this, so I can buy my ever growing baby some clothes. We are going to visit family in NY for the first time and he needs some warm clothes! Fingers crossed.

  31. I’d use at least part of it for nursing bras and a cute nursing top or two for when my baby is born in July, plus a few things I may need for the baby. It’s our third and we already have a boy & a girl, so our shopping needs for baby are not as high this time.

  32. I would buy an umbrella stroller, specifically the baby jogger mini zip! or if that wasn’t possible, I would buy a hand mixer!

  33. Definitely a phone case! Lol and stuff for the hubs. We went all out for our girls on Christmas and didn’t do much for ourselves.

  34. I would get much needed items before my little man gets here. I keep having to go in to stop contractions as he is due in march but keeps trying to make an appearance. This would be a life saver

  35. I am going to be a first time grandma & my daughter needs everything, so I would go for the most important items she needs. Mainly, she will need diapers! But, I want to get her a rocking chair. That’s what I would buy!!

  36. If I won, I would use it to buy Diapers and Wipes for our Little Jo! And maybe a book or two too 🙂 And a really big hair bow for her to wear on her birthday! lol Thank you so much for the opportunity…


  37. Great giveaway! I would love to win this awesome gift card, and then buy a new car seat for my baby!
    Thank You for the chance!!

  38. I would LOVE to win. My baby is about to enter the next size up in diapers, so I would buy diapers and more diapers! Oh maybe some new bottles too!

  39. Good winter gear so my toddler can play outside no matter what the weather (and it doesn’t appear to be warming up any time soon!)

  40. I’d either use it for a birthday present for my son, toward a new mattress for one of us, or something for the new addition of twins to our family soon!!

  41. This would be perfect for our trip to Mumbai, we need some warm weather clothes – currently living in NYC where it is below freezing11

  42. New dishes! We still have the pieces my husband inherited when someone in the family bought new sets, they’re probably 10+ years old, nothing matches and half of it isn’t microwave safe even…O.o

  43. Weirdly enough I just ordered stuff from Amazon right before I found this giveaway!! 😀 But it’d probably go toward a 1rst birthday gift for my daughter. Something unique that’s all her own that isn’t a hand me down from her brother (who can’t let go of his stuff, or her stuff, or anything that looks cool really).

  44. In need of a small convertible car seat for the middle of my bench seat…. I am thinking I would put it towards a Corroco! 🙂

  45. My 4 month old is already 20lbs… I’d use the $100 Amazon gift card to help us buy a bigger carseat! We weren’t expecting to have to so soon!!
    Either that or more cloth diapers, if I can’t control myself 😛

  46. If I won I wouldn’t know what to buy for myself so I’d probably get something for my daughter. Thinking ahead to WARMER weather, I would get her a balance bike I think.

  47. I would buy gifts !! We have so many Birthdays coming up and I know I can find some goodies on Amazon !! Fun Fun !!

  48. I don’t even know; my wishlist is so long but we do so much regular shopping on Amazon anyway so probably it would just cover that and let our overall budget breathe a little easier. So, toothpaste and cereal perhaps??

  49. I have no clothes for my baby girl.. She is growing soo fast! I’d get her some clothes, diapers, formula and maybe a lipstick for mommy with any left over money but always the kids first and right now my youngest needs <3

  50. 1 thing i would buy is a bunk bed set for my boys i have a few amazon gift codes saved up and this would really help get us even closer to getting them a bed

  51. We’ve got baby number two on the way so we’ll be knee deep in diapers very soon between the newborn and our 20 month old! I’ll definitely use this towards a diaper stash!

  52. Oh gosh, I would get a few smaller things – like oven mitts, scrapbook supplies, SD card. Or books. Can never have too many books.

  53. I would totally get myself maybe a couple shirts since I just had my birthday yesterday and my girls some cute outfits too!

  54. Honestly right now I would have to use it to buy Birthday gifts for my 3 Grandkids They all have Birthdays soon 🙂

  55. I would buy a better camera to take lots of pictures of the growing baby to send my husband while he is deployed. I want to keep him updated on his growth and new facial expressions every step of the way!

  56. I would buy whatever we forgot to get for our new addition (due any day now). With a brand new baby, whatever it is, I’ll probably want it delivered!

  57. I always end up buying something for the kids but if I do win, I’ll use it towards a BOB jogger! I’ve been wanting one for a while now…..

  58. I’d buy some baby items for our first baby expected in March, or sooner possibly because we’ve been in and out of the hospital due to pre-eclampsia.

  59. Would love to win this, would help so much as i need a new car seat for my baby and money is tight right now. Thanks for the opportunity

  60. I know some kids fighting cancer who would LOVE to receive a gift from Amazon, so I would purchase something for them with it. 🙂

  61. I would use it to help purchase a new car seat for my growing boy! I am in serious denial that he is about to outgrow his infant seat already!


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