Mom Hack! 4 FREE, Simple DIY Car Trash Cans

I can’t adequately explain to you the disaster that is my car. Well, maybe I don’t have to. I mean, after all, you’re a mom. You get it.

Food wrappers, toys, shoes, crumbs, craft projects, hair bands, and everything in between. With three little ones riding in back, I just end up with so much trash.

I used to just have one large trash can in the back, but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick in taming the trash in my car. I couldn’t handle it one more day, so I scoured my house and made these DIY car trash cans for FREE. I  needed to approach the trash from all angles, and multiple trash cans allow me to throw away trash in multiple places: door side, center console, chair back, and passenger seat. And the whole thing took be about 15 minutes!

Here are my 4 FREE, simple (and FAST!) DIY car trash cans.

1. Clorox Wipe Container = Trash Can

So incredibly simple. Just take an empty Clorox Wipe Container, cut out the center pieces, put a grocery store trash bag inside, and you have a trash can. The handles on the grocery store bag allow you to hang this from your gear shift. You can decorate this with duct tape or spray paint if you’re feeling crafty.

2. Diaper or Wipes Box = Trash Can

This is my catch all trash can. I cut the lid off a wipes refill box or diaper box and insert a large trash bag. If I’m feeling ambitious, I may decorate it with craft paper, contact paper, or duct tape. Or I might call it a day, and just be glad I have somewhere to put all our trash!

DIY Car Trash Cans


3. Pillow Case + Embroidery Hoop = Trash Can

I found an old pillow case, inserted a tall kitchen trash bag, then inserted both in a cute embroidery hoop I have. The draw strings on the trash bag allow me to hang this from my head rest. I’m considering decorating the embroidery hoop with my son to make a trash bag monster. Might make it more fun to throw the trash away!

DIY Car Trash Cans

4. Cereal Box = Trash Can

I literally just cut the top off and inserted a grocery store bag. Again, you can decorate with scrapbook paper, duct tape, or contact paper if you are feeling crafty.

Car Trash

What are some ways you tame the trash in your car?