Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 2

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Congrats to our winners –

4Moms Breeze – Megan W. – Entry #2951

4Moms MamaRoo – Alexandra H. – Entry #4824

On the second day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

Pssst…there are TWO winners today!

4Moms Breeze

If you are familiar with the standard playard, you know that they can be rather frustrating to open and close. Until now. 4Moms has figured it out. They have engineered a playard that is so easy to open and close that you can do it with one hand and all in one motion. You never have to worry about unlocking and locking the side walls with the 4Moms Breeze. It’s a…well…breeze to do.

4moms breeze

If anything needed a video to showcase its open and close feature, it is THIS. That’s why you MUST watch our Baby Gizmo video review because the ease-of-use with this product doesn’t really hit home until you actually see it in action.


4Moms MamaRoo

The 4Moms MamaRoo is the first infant seat with 5 different motions and 5 different ways to soothe and entertain your baby. You can choose from one of five unique motions (Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-A-Bye, Ocean Wave) and one of five speeds for rest and play. Plus, the removable toy mobile, five built-in nature sounds and a mp3 hookup are total bonuses.

4Moms Mamaroo

To get an up close and personal look at what you could win, watch our Baby Gizmo video below…

For more information on 4Moms, visit their website at

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What’s up for grabs:

Winner #1 – 4Moms Breeze

Winner #2 – 4Moms MamaRoo



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  1. I am In LOVE with 4Moms products!! I’m having my first child and love that this stuff is available!! It is so innovative and functional!! My husband is also so impressed with the play yard and mamaroo, he just wishes they made them in his size!! Would love to have these!!!!

  2. I love how the mamaroo bounces like a parent, the only soothing technique my little man responds to, would allow us to get off the bouncy ball with him!

  3. We will be traveling to a family reunion with our newborn, so the play yard would be perfect! I can’t find another play yard that is this safe and yet also this easy to assemble and disassemble.

  4. Love that the breeze is so easy to set up, no more getting frustrated trying to get the pack n play to open correctly or lock or whatever! Also love that the mamaroo has realistic motion

  5. The Breeze is a wonderful product with its easy open and close feature. Smart idea. I also think the momaroo looks like it has great options for soothing a baby.

  6. Love the 4Moms MamaRoo for the Car Ride feature. Its is the only thing that puts my son to sleep so if I had that feature without taking him out in this cold NYC weather that would be PErFECT!!

  7. I think out of the 5 motions for the Mamaroo, the car ride is pretty cool. Sometimes that was the only thing that put my daughter to sleep.

  8. I love that the MamaRoo mimics the way you actually comfort a baby rather than just bouncing. I also think the mp3 plug-in is an awesome addition!!

  9. The Breeze would be amazing over a normal pack-and-play with the ease of opening. My parents just threw an old pack-and-play away because of how terrible it was to open.

  10. Have wanted both of these but since I was given a different pack n play and swing with my first, can’t justify purchasing them

  11. I love that the breeze I would be able to get ready while still holding my little one. I hate putting my baby on a bed in a hotel why I try to get the pack n play ready. Always afraid of falls.

  12. I would love to be able to set up a play yard that easily. I always get frustrated with our current play yard because I can never get it up the first time.

  13. i love the ease of both products! the easy open and close of the breeze and the space that the mamaroo saves but the different motions and options that you can choose from

  14. I love the Breeze. It is so simple to put together and then take down! It is so perfect for home and when you are traveling.

  15. I love how the Breeze folds up so easily and compact! The Mamaroo looks awesome too and has so many different ways to rock the baby.

  16. Love the breeze! How simple and nice it would be to not have to struggle multiple times a day opening and closing our current pack n play like we are.

  17. What is there not to LOVE about 4moms products! I love how they help make mom’s life easier and how easy it is to open and close the Breeze!

  18. OMG!!! The Breeze is AWESOME!!! I have sacrificed many hours of my life fighting with my old school pack n play!!! WTG 4Moms!!!

  19. After fracturing my neck a couple years ago the breeze would be the perfect play yard I could set up all by myself and keep my little one safe from our big dogs while she plays! Berkeley needs a breeze! She has a mamaroo and takes the world’s best naps in car ride and tree swing mode!

  20. I love how easy (one-hand!) the Breeze would be to set up and take down! My toddlers broke the boards in my pack and play mattress and I’d love a new one 🙂

  21. I like the 3 point harness on the Mamaroo and the 5 different settings for movement that mimic everyday parent movements with them. Also a plus it’s washable!

  22. I’m posting AGAIN because it said my entry wasn’t accepted.
    So here it is!

    I’ve hear nothing but great things about the MamaRoo!
    I would LOVE to win one for my daughter who is a month and a half old!
    She hates swings and bouncers, just fusses in them until I pick her up.
    Mama is EXHAUSTED, daddy works everyday and let’s face it,
    even the best of mama’s need a break sometimes! Lol
    I think the MamaRoo will be a lifesaver!

  23. I’ve hear nothing but great things about the MamaRoo!
    I would LOVE to win one for my daughter who is a month and a half old!
    She hates swings and bouncers, just fusses in them until I pick her up.
    Mama is EXHAUSTED, daddy works everyday and let’s face it,
    even the best of mama’s need a break sometimes! Lol
    I think the MamaRoo will be a lifesaver!

  24. I would love a Mamaroo we just can’t afford one right now. The features on it are just the way I “bounce” my daughter.

  25. I love the different motion settings on the mamaRoo and how snug it is for baby! It would def give a helping hald to any mama whose baby loves to be held condtantly.

  26. I love how easy the breeze is to set up and take down. I also love that the breeze and the mamaroo are free of harmful chemicals… nice work 4moms!

  27. I love the easy up and down of the Breeze.. makes life so much simpler when mom’s do almost everything with one hand anyways!

  28. I have 3 week old baby and although I diligently prepared and thought I had everything I needed, I now feel lost and know that either of these items would be a huge help.

  29. The MamaRoo is amazing!! The different motions to choose from and the mp3 compatibility are my two favorite features…when my little Aniston Grace makes her appearance in March, I know she’ll love the mamaroo!

  30. I love the Mamaroo. They really thought about everyday motions that are most soothing to a baby and put them all into one great baby seat. It is very stylish looking and the colors are great! The breeze is new to me but after watching the reviews it looks amazingly simple and very nice as well!! GREAT PRODUCTS

  31. I love the breeze because you don’t have to fiddle around with a pack & play to open & close it. They make it super simple, which is what I need!

  32. My husband and I really would love the breeze since we travel and do so many outdoor activities, it seems honestly, like it would just be a BREEZE!

  33. Can’t wait for my son to use the mamaroo we got for him. Would love to win the breeze. Easy to open and close, looks easy to travel with as well.

  34. I love the mommy mimic action on the mamaroo, and it also looks cool 🙂 plus it is smaller profile than my bulky swing.

  35. I love how many options are available on the MamaRoo. With young babies it’s hard to know exactly what motion is going to work with your baby, now there are more options than a standard swing.

  36. The breeze’s ease of opening is such an awesome feature and the mamaroo’s car ride motion to calm baby is the coolest!

  37. I love all of the options on the mamaroo. They’re so much more like real people/cars than other swings! & I love that the breeze is really a breeze to put up and down!

  38. The one handed setup of the Breeze is amazing. And I love the variety of settings on the MommaRoo. There is something for every baby to enjoy!

  39. My favorite thing about the Mama Roo is that it sways and bounces up and down like a mother would do. Babies love this thing!

  40. The Breeze would be so perfect for corralling my youngest but being able to set up and take down quickly and easily so it doesn’t have to sit out in the way all of the time like a pack n play!

  41. I absolutely love 4moms Mamaroo, it would help me tremendously with my babies. Love the kangaroo and car ride features, also the ability to hook up my ipod.

  42. 4moms is an amazing company! These two products would make great additions to any household with babies. Good luck, everyone!

  43. I love how easy the Breeze looks! I would love to have one for my son when I’m trying to cook in the kitchen. He loves to get into the cat’s food and water bowls when I’m cooking… yuck!

  44. I love the mamaroo’s settings for different motions, my son loves hanging out in his friend’s mamaroo, and we’d love to have one ourselves!

  45. Having gone through a number of play yards that have refused to fold back up, the Breeze looks like the most amazing pack and play a mom could ever want!

  46. I love 4moms!!! They have amazing products and both that you are offering have amazing features. I love how easy the Breeze is to open and I wish they made the swing for adults cuz I would sleep like a baby in that thing!

  47. What isn’t there to love about the MamaRoo?! I love that there are different motions, rather than your standard high and low vibrations, and it is super customizable depending on what your baby likes best!

  48. All of my mommy friends have been raving about their Mamaroo and I think it would be a lifesaver with our twins on the way.

  49. I love that I can play disney or classic music from my iPhone on the momaroo. Music stimulates brain development and help our baby sleep.

  50. I love that the breeze is so easy to put up. No waking baby up, and you can do it with one hand!
    the car ride setting is great on the momaroo! I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken the long way home just to let my little one sleep!

  51. My favorite feature on the breeze is its easy fold and unfold! We use a play pen daily and this would make our lives so much easier! My favorite feature on the mamaroo is that it has so many features in one!

  52. I love that with the Breeze you can just press the button and it’s ready to use! That is easy for someone like me who does not get baby products!!

  53. I absolutely love the ease of the 4Moms Breeze. I hate trying to set up my current, very bulky pack and play especially being 7 months pregnant with baby #2!

  54. I love that 4moms really does think of moms- we only ever have one hand to do tasks- including opening a play yard. Thank you for the opportunity!

  55. I love the Breeze!!! It would be so easy to take it to and from family’s house for traveling since it opens and closes so easily!

  56. I love the give always that y’all do they truly help moms. I love the mamaroo. I have a swing that I have to move up and down the stairs. With this amazing product I can move my daughter around easier. Then my heavy swing. Good luck everyone!

  57. I love the simple set-up of the 4moms playard and I’ve heard such great things about the mamaroo! Would love to win one for our 2nd baby! 🙂

  58. I love that the MommaRoo gives a good alternative to a swing. Lot of babies don’t like swings and I’d love to have it as an option!

  59. I’ve wanted a mamaroo since my last little girl, it’s my ultimate registry item, i almost said let’s just buy this and thrift a crib, i love it and really want one for this little baby due this summer.

  60. I would absolutely love the 4moms breeze it looks super easy to set up and take down…that’s real important ….simplicity.

  61. I dont even know where to begin! I love how much of a “breeze” it is to open and close the playpen! I could take it anywhere and do it one handed! We all know we could have at least one of our hands free! The mamaroo is awesome because it mimics the movements of walking, and all sorts of things! It reminds me of some space age kinda thing. My friend owns one of these and I got to see it in action, it was pretty neat! Ive never seen anything move like that!

  62. I’m due in February and the MamaRoo is my one must-have! I love that it moves the way a mama does, which, as a second-time mom, I know is what a baby is looking for.

  63. I dont even know where to begin! I love how much of a “breeze” it is to open and close the playpen! I could take it anywhere and do it one handed! We all know we could have at least one of our hands free! The mamaroo is awesome because it mimics the movements of walking, and all sorts of things! It reminds me of some space age kinda thing. My friend owns one of these and I got to see it in action, it was pretty neat! Ive never seen anything move like that!

  64. The 4 moms breeze is just so easy to set up!! I still cant figure our how to work my play yard… it just wants to be put together some days and others it doesnt there is no rhyme or reason — FRUSTRATING!

  65. I LOVE that the breeze is a one and done motion. Saves time and energy which are both so important to parents! I also love the mommaroos very distinct range of motion. Would LOVE to win either of these as we’re going to be having our third soon!

  66. I love that the Mamaroo has so many different options for movement. It was a life saver with our first daughter and we are hoping to get another one for when our twins arrive in May.

  67. I love you 4Moms!!!

    Your products are amazing. You can tell you
    Created these with moms in mind.

    Can’t wait to see where you will be when my daughter has babies. Floating baby crib? Lol

  68. I love how simple the breeze is to use! As a stay at home mom I usually have only 1 hand (if that) to use and this would be so PERFECT for that.

  69. I love how smooth the mamaroo rocks the baby and also it doesn’t make a loud clinking noise like other baby swings/rockers.

  70. OMG! I won a Mamaroo this past April at an auction fundraiser for my son’s school! It is the best thing ever! I really hope to get a second one for my mom since my daughter is there so much! I would love to win any of he 4moms goodies they are giving away. They are well worth the money and more!!

  71. it’s hard to say! Both brands are amazing! If I had to choose,I would say 4moms products. I’ve been eager to try the breeze!

  72. I would love one of the 4momsbreeze for my special needs daughter. We currently are in need of a better place for her to sleep other than a big queen size bed.

  73. I’d love either one of these. Baby #2 is due in May, and we have hardly anything anymore since we have most of our baby stuff from our almost four-year-old away to friends!

  74. My favorite feature of the 4moms Breeze would have to be the simplicity. You’ve probably got a baby, hopefully a sleeping baby, in your arms and putting the playard up with one hand would normally be a task, and I am so happy to see that 4moms solves this obsticle for us. I would love to experience this for myself!

  75. I love the car ride feature on the Momaroo. As well as the other options it has. It just has so many more options and realistic motions that most do not have. I have dreamed of owning something like this

  76. I absolutely love the company 4moms, they are the greatest products for babies!! The MamaRoo is one of the best products on the market!! In my opinion, the MamaRoo, is better than any swing or child seat !!

  77. Ohhh, I’d love these, you have no idea! We’re trying to figure out where #4 is going to go after her pack n play lite, because #3 is NOT ready to give up her crib 🙁

  78. The mamaroo is by far the best product on the market right now! I just love that its like nothing else out there! Function and design wise! I would love to see the breeze in action I can imagine it just as amazing!

  79. I like how comfy/roomy the breeze looks, and how easy it collapses. Our old one was such a pain to work with. I like how many motions/features the mamaroo has.

  80. I LOVE how easy the Breeze is to open/close (said the mom who has struggled with a super difficult pack n play for the past year….).

  81. I would love to have these products. The Breeze is just an easy play yard to open and close for a busy mom. The MamaRoo is just a cool the way it’s got different modes so the baby doesn’t get used to the one 🙂

  82. I love their products and how they are made to be so easy to open and close – necessary for moms who are busy with their babies!

  83. I love that the breeze can be set up and taken down with one hand. My big reason for not using a pack and play is because they are a pain to “pack”. The breeze has revolutionized this product!

  84. Love how easy the breeze is to open up and close! And I love the functions of the bouncer. Can wait to get one for my little bun in the oven

  85. The car ride mode is AMAZING! That was the only thing that would get my daughter to sleep some nights and it was no fun driving my tired self around in the middle of the night.What a great option!

  86. I love the 5 different motions and 5 different ways to soothe and entertain your baby! The mote ways to soothe and entertain, the better!

  87. I love the look of all of the 4moms products, can’t comment on how either work since i don’t have either yet, but would love love love to try them out!

  88. I love the “car ride” option on the MamaRoo. My first child ALWAYS wanted to ride around the block in order to go to sleep, so I think that with this baby we’re expecting now – this could save us A LOT of gas! Haha!

  89. I saw the Mamaroo in Babies R Us right after my son had outgrew his swing. I wish it had come out just a few months sooner because I would have registered for it in a heartbeat! The Breeze looks pretty awesome too! 😉

  90. I love the 4moms mamaroo because it has so many different motions than the standard baby swing, and that you can hook up your phone to play music from it.

  91. How easy the play yard is to open! It would be helpful when you have a 2 year old pulling at you, while holding the baby and trying to get the play yard open!

  92. I love that the Breeze can be opened and closed with one hand and in one motion! But I especially love that the mamaRoo has bounce action. Neither of my boys really cared all that much for the swing. They did, however, love to be bounced up and down. I think they would have loved the mamaRoo!

  93. I love that the 4Moms MamaRoo is the first infant seat with 5 different motions and 5 different ways to soothe and entertain your baby.

  94. I absolutely love 4mom products. The easy fold of the breeze and the natural movements of the rocker are exactly what a mom wants in her baby’s gadgets.

  95. I am so in love with how easy it is to open and close the Breeze… this would literally change my hatred of pack n’ plays all together!!!

  96. I would really love the play yard that would make it easy on his grandma 🙂 The swing be of no use unless we have another baby soon, but it looks wonderful.

  97. Love the different motion options on the Mamaroo! Not all babies are alike and love that they have different options to soothe your baby Thank you for the chance to win!

  98. I love everything about the mamaroo I love the different motions. And style n color s of the plush.. my baby girl is due this Friday.. this would be awesome to win since I can’t afford at three moment.. thank u for the chance.. great giveaway

  99. I like that the Mamaroo has 5 different movement options- It looks like something that would come in so handy! We have been tripping over the legs of our baby bouncer- my husband has even broken 3 toes on the thing!

  100. The MamaRoo has been on my list of “must haves” for the next baby. I’ve researched it and I love the different ways that it moves and that I can MAYBE have a free hand to take care of the older one when the little one is in it. 🙂

  101. These are two items I have been wanting so badly! I absolutely adore the MamaRoo with all the different settings and the awesome MP3 hookup. So excited about this giveaway – Thanks for the opportunity!

  102. I love how easy the breeze is to set up and how compact it is! It would come in handy for traveling without taking up too much trunk space!

  103. I love the features of the MamaRoo. It looks like I could get rid of about 3 other baby items in my house, because the MamaRoo does it all!

  104. We absolutely loved our mamaroo! My husband wished they made it in adult size.
    We also love our bathtub from 4moms. They make awesome products!

  105. The play yard looks like an easy setup which is a plus esp when some don’t know how to assemble baby items very well. LOVE that the MamaRoo has a several different motions to pick from. Its stylish and a MUST NEED – Fingers crossed

  106. My favorite feature on the MamaRoo would be the removable seat for washing and that it mimics parents movements. The MamaRoo is awesome.

  107. Love the ease of opening and closeing the breeze. Who dosnt hate the hassle of other pack and place and the great amount of space it offers. I also love the unique movements of the mamaroo. Sweet deal

  108. I love the ease of being able to put up and take down the breeze. And I have ALWAYS wanted a mamaRoo, so would be a dream come true there! It just is so cool!

  109. I am a new mom with twins on the way! I registered for both these products and I plan on buying both! Any help I can get is great!

  110. The typical pack-n-play just is too much for a mom with one baby already on her hip! That 4Mom Breeze would solve SO many challenges!

  111. I love the fact that the mamaroo does the job of a bounce and a swing while taking up a small amount of space. Wish I had the money to buy one myself.

  112. I like the 5 motions and 5 ways on the Mama roo! Every baby is different and when there is only one option, it might not be the ticket! I also like that the breeze has one touch open.

  113. I love the Breeze’s one touch open…no more fiddling and trying to lock in sides before lowering the floor, so brilliant!

  114. LOVE the many movement options of the MamaRoo – there’s no way my baby won’t fall asleep! Too bad this wasn’t around for my first!

  115. I love that the MamaRoo has 5 different motions. Car ride? Ingenious! Gone are the days of putting the baby in his/her car seat and putting the car seat on top of the washing machine or dryer. Apparently that’s what my parents had to do with me!

  116. Im really into the 4Moms MamaRoo! My 2 previous littles were really fussy! I always had to be rocking them. The Car ride feature is brilliant! 🙂

  117. Ok A) 4moms stuff is to die for! B) my little babe is one of those “only falls asleep in the car” kids these days. Soooo my fave feature is obviously the car ride mode of the mamaroo 😉

  118. I love that the 4Moms MamaRoo has 5 different motions. Babies never like the same thing all the time and this mixes things up so you can fit it with their mood. Awesome!

  119. I like all the different motions the mamaroo can do and the Breeze being so easy to open and close. My playard is so old and so hard to take up and down!

  120. I love how convenient the playyard is! Its perfect for busy moms that just want to open and close a playyard way easier. Awesome for indoors now that the weather turned cold.

  121. Either of these is awesome! I love the one handed opening of the playard. I get so frustrated trying to get the rails on mine to lock and unlock. And the swing! Oh boy. I wanted one of these with the first baby but we went with something a little cheaper. Now I have another coming in Feb and would LOVE to win one!

  122. I love that the MamaRoo has 5 different motion settings! I also love that the seat can be positioned for newborns and small babies and then adjusted for older babies. What’s not to love about a baby seat that mimicks mom and dad’s natural movements?

  123. I think 4Moms really has something with the MamaRoo. It seems like the ultimate “please sleep” baby product. 🙂 Would love to try it out with Baby Davis #2.

  124. I would love the Breeze! The last playard we had we broke almost right away because it was so difficult to unfold. Now it needs to be replaced. Would love to replace it with the breeze!

  125. Breeze: I love how easy it is to set up/take down
    Mamaroo: I love how it doesn’t have to be that same movement as a regular swing does!

  126. The breeze looks amazing with its easy open/close feature. Fantastic. And I want a mamaroo for myself to be put to sleep in.

  127. I LOVE the car ride mode and the MP3 hookup on the Mamaroo and the way the breeze is so easy to open and close, other pack and plays can be such a hassle to get out and put away! Both of these gifts are absolutely amazing!

  128. I use to have a MamaRoo (the first model) but when my husband got out of the military in May the movers broke it and would not replace it. It was the best swing we ever had! It truly is unlike any other swing on the market. I am now due in Feb. with our second child and would LOVE to have a MamaRoo again.

  129. I have a favorite feature on both. They are two amazing products but I especially love the car ride motion that the Mamaroo has and with the breeze its well a breeze to close! As a new mom I don’t have the time or energy to fight with a pack and play to get open and closed and I sure wish I didn’t have to put my daughter in her car seat and swing her back and forth to get that rocking motion she so loves, so that is why 4Moms rocks when it comes to knowing what we need! Thanks

  130. I just saw the MamaRoo at Babies R Us and it’s AWESOME!!!! And the Breeze is an incredible product. I’d be proud to own either of them. Thank you!

  131. I love the ease of set up and break down with the Breeze. Also love the compactness of the Mamaroo. Either would be awesome to have for little one!

  132. We just took our 10 month old daughter in vacation and I can’t even tell you how many times I wished we had the Breeze instead of the overweight bulky pack&play we brought!

  133. I am blessed to have the MamaRoo– it was given to me and I love it. My baby #2 jumped through my play yard when he was only 26 lbs. His poor feet broke through the bottom and he screamed. Needless to say, I had to get rid of that play yard. I would love the Breeze! Having a play yard with a one handed open like that would be so wonderful. I can imagine holding the baby with my other 2 little ones running around and finding a safe place for my new baby to do tummy time. One handed and — DONE! I could breathe again! like a Breeze of fresh air. Safe and secure. I’d love this gift!

  134. I LOVE the 4moms Breeze! I cannot believe how easy it is to open and close. That would make it so much easier for me. I always have to wait until my husband is around to open our pack and play.

  135. I am so surprised how things have changed since my youngest was born 33 yrs. ago. My niece is expecting in February and I think this is an awesome play area and it is a breeze.

  136. For the mamaroo I love the car setting and for the breeze….LOVE IT ALL! So easy to set up would love one for our daughter!!!