Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2014 Giveaway – Day 12

orbit baby g3

12 days of christmas day 12

Congrats to our winner – Laura Benecke

On the 12 Day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…


Yep, today’s winner will receive the new Orbit Baby G3 Travel System!! Woot! This travel system includes:

– G3 Stroller Base

– G3 Cargo Basket

– G3 Infant Car Seat + G3 Car Seat Base

The Orbit Baby G3 Infant Essentials includes everything you need the day your baby leaves the hospital: the Infant Car Seat, Stroller frame, and Base. The  G3 gives your baby a smooth ride and gives you extra maneuverability and storage options. The patented QuadShock™ front stroller suspension and rubber no-pump rear tires also give your child a plush ride.

orbitbaby g3

The G3 Infant Car Seat has Orbit Baby’s patented StrongArm™ mechanism is the only one that pulls the seat belts tight for you, so you can install this car seat simply by turning a knob. Plus, one of our favorite features is that there is no more twisting and straining your back getting your child in and out of a car seat. Place the child in the car seat and adjust the harness while they face you, then rotate the car seat into rear facing position. Add the car seat to the stroller base and you can effortlessly move from car to the street. Simply remove the seat from the car, dock it on the stroller base and go.

orbit baby g3 car seat

Now it is time for a Baby Gizmo classic video commercial break. Yesterday, we featured the “How NOT to Use an Infant Car Seat” video but we always get the question “but how do we shop with baby?” Good news! We have the answer in our “How to Shop with Baby ” video! 🙂

Now back to the Day 12 prizes!!

orbit baby g3


How to Enter



One (1) Orbit Baby G3 Infant Essentials Travel System


Since this is the 12th and final day, we are giving you through the weekend to enter! Yep, 3 days to enter! This Day #12 Giveaway STARTS at 12:01 EST on Friday, December 12 and ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 14, 2014. US ONLY (EXCLUDING HAWAII FOR THIS DAY! Sorry, Hawaiians!)

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not.  But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Would like to win something for my newborn grandson all his strollers,bag high chair are hand me downs from his sisters so their getting oldis but somehow I entered 100ds of contests this year and never won anything I guess you have to be lucky

  2. I first learned of Baby Gizmo from their YouTube videos when I was researching products for our first baby earlier this year 🙂

  3. a friend introduced me to baby gizmo. I’m loving all these holiday giveaways. This stroller and car seat system would be perfect for baby #2.

  4. I heard about you a few years ago while researching strikers for my first baby. 🙂 Now we’ve got a second on the way and need a new stroller, we’ve worn our current one out!

  5. i was looking up stroller reviews on YouTube and became hooked to Hollie and her amazing reviews. Seriously the most informed and complete reviews.

  6. I found BabyGizmo researching strollers. Thank you Holly for your advice. You are a huge help for this pregnant first time mom! Merry Christmas!

  7. I can’t remember exactly how I found out about it but it was probably through one of the many Mommy Blogs I started following!

  8. I found out about babygizmo through Instagram! My husband and I are expecting our first baby and so I have been trying to find/follow baby essential instagrams and came across baby gizmo-I LOVE everything about it!

  9. I first found out about Baby Gizmo on Instagram when I was pregnant and looking for accounts that were mommy-friendly. So glad I found Baby Gizmo- it eventually led me to the YouTube video product reviews! AMAZINGLY HELPFUL!

  10. Saw some one on fb post a giveaway you were doing over a year ago! Love love your reviews so I keep coming back for more fun giveaways!

  11. I was doing extensive stroller research and baby gizmo popped up on you tube … I’ve spent 6 years and two kids later trying to win something since:)
    And following reviews

  12. I found baby gizmo while researching baby products for my first granddaughter. 🙂 We’re now going on number three! All girls! <3

  13. I actually found you on You tube first when we started researching every single stroller out there when I was Pregnant in 2012. Baby is now on 2 years old, on my 3rd stroller, and still not happy. Some day I’ll find a stroller my little one will be happy with. Wish I had a Jane, I would push that stroller without her in it.

  14. I learned about baby gizmo from my wife. She is a planner, and I am pregnant with our third child, so this has been a great help!

  15. First found you through Jamie thebabyguynyc, his reviews have helped save us plenty of time and money by avoiding the bad products out there just like ya’ll, thanks.

  16. didnt see my comment I posted so here’s my answer again! I found out about your page through a Facebook post that was shared. I’m glad I did because I love watching your reviews on baby products. I’m a new mom and just had another baby. It is exhausting but rewarding. Love to hear from other mothers because it makes me feel normal and I’m not the only one who goes crazy on a daily basis lol well good luck on your new home and keep on blogging 🙂

  17. Would love to win this!!!!! I absolutely love hour youtube channel i watched all of your reviews when deciding what baby gear to buy!

  18. When researching baby products for my son, i watched lots of helpful reviews from baby gizmo on youtube. I then found baby gizmo on facebook and have been following since!

  19. I heard about Baby Gizmo from my wife. She’s always telling me that I need to help her win so we can have a shot at winning awesome baby stuff. Happy wife, happy life indeed.

  20. I found out about Baby Gizmo while researching baby products. I thought your reviews were honest and I like the humor that you show in the reviews. Makes the process of choosing products less overwhelming…

  21. I first found out about baby gizmo via YouTube. I was pregnant with my first childand was completely overwhelmed by all the baby products out there. Your youtube channel really helped me narrow down which items I wanted and which ones I didn’t have to waste my time on. Thank you!

  22. I think I first heard about Baby Gizmo from another blog, I don’t remember which. Maybe from a giveaway post on a coupon blog. Now I’ve watched most of the videos! Love it!

  23. I first found out about Baby Gizmo blog by buying the buying guide book, during my 1st pregnancy. I loved that book it saved me a lot of money by not buying things I was not going to really use much.

  24. I am actually one of the first Baby Gizmo followers. Back when Holly was wearing the same outfit of argyle sweater and the sunglasses that kept falling. Back when one of the first videos was an inglesina zippy. Long long time. I think I found googling a stroller and came across BG.

  25. I found you on YouTube three years ago while still pregnate with my two and a half year old. I was trying to decide between buying an Uppababy vista and the orbit baby g2. Thanks for all the great baby gear advice as I am still using many of the products for my 5 month old twins..:)

  26. I love your videos, heard of you through YouTube browsing! Thank you so much for the give-a-ways! I hope to have a blog following like you do!

    Keep up the amazing work,
    The Crazy Sweet Mama
    Brittany B

    P.S. I have completed all entries <3

  27. I found your site by chance was googling reviews on baby products and your YouTube video was coming up on the search

  28. The orbit looks great but is it worth all the loud talk. I found baby gizmo from another site. How do you know who the winners are?

  29. I would love to have this stroller. My baby would look even more cute riding in it. It is also my favorite color! I found Baby Gizmo on Youtube.

  30. I was 10 when my sister had her first baby and watched her baby wear in a carrier that my mom used for us. At 17 my bestfriend had her first baby girl and I helped her as much as I could being that age and would use the carrier that my sister used for my nephew (the same one my mom used for me and my brother and sister)

  31. I found baby gizmo a few years ago on YouTube when looking for stroller reviews. After I watched a few, EVERYTIME I would look for a review on baby items I always tried to see if baby gizmo had a review on it first. The reviews are very informative and great info!! I’ve since followed on Facebook! Love baby gizmo!

  32. Love this stroller! I don’t remember exactly how I found baby gizmo, I think I searched for something and stumbled across it on accident.

  33. I love baby gizmo.Great information on baby gear and reviews.I found out about baby gizmo through a friend who said it was amazing and helpful.!I love the videos!

  34. I had enough of my cheap crappy travel system so I started researching higher end strollers, and when I found one I liked I searched on YouTube for the stroller. Up popped Bavy gizmo!! I’ve been hooked ever since!!

  35. I found out about you on YouTube a few months ago, as I was researching which strollers and baby gear to purchase. Your reviews are so informative. Thank you for all that you do!

  36. Discovered Baby Gizmo when my daughter became pregnant and I was investigating baby products on the internet. I enter all your contests on her behalf. She just had baby #3 on October 31st and, after moving cross country and having to leave behind or sell almost all of her belongings (and baby stuff) she would be so happy to win this wonderful prize!

  37. Through my sister – she encouraged me to start doing giveaways. I haven’t won anything yet, but keeping my fingers crossed.

  38. I’m newly(ish) pregnant and have been looking into all the amazing baby gear. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  39. I first found Baby Gizmo through a Facebook mommy blog page (Can’t remember which one at this point, I follow many wonderful ones!) Thank you for doing these giveaways, I am sure you are making many holiday wishes come true 🙂

  40. I first found out about baby gizmo on YouTube when i was researching baby items for my baby… you videos were so helpful… thank you so much.. you made shopping so much easier… oh and my 14 year old LOVES you videos too lol

  41. I first heard about baby gizmo through The Baby Guy NYC…I think. Maybe through researching Carseat safety. I can’t remember!!

  42. I first heard about baby gizmo when researching baby gear (I believe strollers) 2yrs ago for my son and found a video YouTube review from baby gizmo.

  43. I don’t even remember when I fell upon baby gizmo. I think it was probably around 4 years ago and I know it was on Youtube. Now I don’t buy anything without looking up Baby Gizmo youtube video’s or reviews. =)

  44. My gosh, it’s been so long that I’ve been following you. I guess I first came across you when I was looking up stroller recommendations or entering a giveaway a few years ago.

  45. I was just thinking about people putting car seats on top of the shopping cart the other day when your informative “how not to use a car seat video” showed up and wondering how do people strap the car seat to the cart so that it doesn’t fall? I love this sequel! thanks for the tips and my humour of the morning! and yes! waiting for January’s newest episode of Shameless!

  46. I first heard about baby gizmo while you tubing review videos for the baby jogger summit x3, and have used your reviews for baby gear ever since!

  47. I first heard about baby gizmo through a google search when looking for information on strollers… and I have been hooked ever since!

  48. This would be amazing!!! I discovered Baby Gizmo while researching jogging strollers during my first pregnancy two years ago 🙂 Such a help!!!

  49. my friend tagged me in your facebook post. We’re having baby #2 in June, and I’m totally jealous of my friends stroller!

  50. I first found out about this website after a Google search for the best baby product reviews. I am so happy I’ve discovered this website because figuring out which products are best for my baby has been very stressful thus far. Thank you for what you’re doing.

  51. I cannot recall how I found your site, it was probably my excitement googling after I found out I was finally pregnant after years and years of infertility, IVF treatments failing and finally a positive after the kindness of an egg donor helping my husband and me out.

  52. First heard about Baby Gizmo and became a fan about a year and half ago, from Facebook, a product I liked probably had a link to her for a review or giveaway.

  53. I found out about baby gizmo when doing tons of research for my baby registry. I came across one of her youtube video reviews and became obsessed! I watched almost every review so that I could see what I wanted to register for. It was so incredibly helpful! Now, we’re expecting baby number 2 and I’ve been excited to read more of her reviews on all these cool new products that have been introduced since I had my first!

  54. I first heard about Baby Gizmo through my wife who would watch every single one of your reviews when she was pregnant and doing research for our baby registry.

  55. I first found Baby Gizmo on Youtube when I was pregnant! Thank you so much for tons of detailed baby product reviews! Very helpful!

  56. I heard about baby gizmo while researching products for my first son over 2 years ago! Now I go to baby gizmo reviews first for all the info, especially now with son # 2 on the way:)

  57. I heard about you from my awesome sister. We each have a boy, they’re 8 weeks apart. And I just had a baby girl and she’s due in 8 weeks. Fingers crossed it’s a girl.

  58. I learned about baby gizmo a few years ago through Facebook I believe or it may have been through a google search for babyitems

  59. I was searching for frame stroller reviews on youtube and you had videos on all of the strollers I was looking into. Your videos were a lifesaver! I probably wouldn’t have dragged myself out of the house to compare them at 8 months pregnant, I would have most likely just continued to eat pickled jalapeños and cry until I picked the cheapest option 2 weeks before I was due.

  60. I heard about you first through a friend of mine. She actually won a Britax stroller on your blog a few years back and that was my beginning with you as well. 🙂

  61. Oh my! I have NEVER seen such a great stroller! It folds up and would fit in a small car! I am liking and sharing, and hoping to win one for our daughter who is about to have our granddaughter any day now!! This would be perfect!

  62. Looking for stroller and car seat reviews on YouTube 2 1/2 years ago. Now every time I wanna get something I check your reviews first. Informative n funny 🙂

  63. Ii first heard of Baby Gizmo from a competition entry. I love that you guys help out new mommies with some free stuff. It’s so nice to get a little help!

  64. I have been following Baby Gizmo for so long I honestly don’t remember how I first learned about you. However, I believe I may have learned about you at a baby faire I attended in the Chiago area several years ago. You rock!! =)

  65. I found Baby Gizmo on Facebook. This prize would come in handy for grandchild #2! We’ve already got the stroller that matches!

  66. I found Baby Gizmo when researching my perfect stroller quest with my son, almost 5 years ago! Now that I’m pregnant with #2, still as useful as ever (but we need all new gear, as we didn’t think we’d be able to have a #2 and unloaded all our son’s gear a while back). Happy surprise!

  67. Somehow through Facebook. =) would loooove to win this one! I’ve been wanting an orbit since I found out I was pregnant with my first baby (currently pregnant with my 2nd!). It would be such a blessing!

  68. I found out about Baby Gizmo through clubmomme on instagram. Thank you for this chance to win this awesome Orbit Baby G3 Travel System!

  69. my amazing wife found you online and showed me all what we need to get. as first time parents it was a bit overwhelming for her. your videos helped a lot. thank you!

  70. My husband first found you when we were trying to decide which stroller to buy for our first baby. We both were amazed by how informative your reviews are!

  71. I stumbled upon you when I was overwhelmed by reviews, found your videos on youtube and fell in love. I then recommended it to my friends who are expecting. It was like find a gem in the rough!!!

  72. I heard about this giveaway because I follow Baby Gizmo on Facebook and I just had to enter!!! This would be a super awesome birthday gift. Fingers crossed!!!! I love Orbit baby!

  73. I found Baby Gizmo in 2013 when I was researching Britax strollers on YouTube. I ended up getting the 2013 b agile because your review was straight up and very detailed. Thank you! 🙂

  74. I think I was looking for a review of the Summer Infant 3D Lite and found the youtube channel through google. I am a big fan and love Hollie’s reviews of everything from toys to gear.

  75. I first found Babygizmo by googling reviews for baby gear for my second child in 2011 (6yrs after our first). Now with #3 (due in Feb! ) on the way I am continuing to go with your recommendations!! Thank you!!

  76. I first heard of Baby Gizmo when I was pregnant with my first child & was researching car seats, & now that I’m pregnant with my second I stll love all of these product reviews!

  77. I first found out about Baby Gizmo when I was researching double strollers while expecting my second baby girl in 2011. I was searching for video reviews on the different ones I was interested in and happened upon Baby Gizmo, since then I always go straight to Baby Gizmo when searching for strollers, which is quite often since I am stroller obsessed!! 🙂

  78. I first heard of Baby Gizmo on Facebook. Most likely through a giveaway but Im not 100% sure on that. I must say Ive been absolutely delighted by you! Your youtube videos are hilarious and Im so in love with your reviews!

  79. Searching for stroller reviews with our 3rd back in 2007!!! I’ve watched a LOT of stroller vids and your’s are my favorite…they always contain the EXACT info I’m looking for.

  80. I really don’t know, anymore, how I found this website. It was likely a different giveaway that someone linked me to via facebook. I could not say for sure. Glad I did, though.

  81. I first found out about you when I was researching double strollers. I love all your video reviews and helped me make the decision to buy the britax b-agile double, which I love by the way 🙂

  82. I heard about Baby Gizmo through the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway! What a great idea! This foster mama needs a new travel system & would love to give the babies I care for the very best! Thanks!

  83. I first found out about Baby Gizmo when I was pregnant with my 1st child and was constantly googling different stroller reviews – found your you tube reviews and then your website and have been a fan ever since!

  84. To be honest I don’t remember where I first heard about baby gizmo…I think it was on Facebook through another friend’s post but I could be wrong.

  85. I took my daughter to Gearapalooza when she first found out she was pregnant, and got connected thru The Baby Guy NYC to many other websites and blogs

  86. I’m not really sure how I came across BabyGizmo. It was probably thru a giveaway or review on Facebook. Hey, I’m lucky if I remember to brush my teeth most days! How am I supposed to remember how I heard about your site, lol! I know I’ve been following for at least a year tho:)

  87. I first found Baby Gizmo about five years ago. I was doing a project on car seat safety for a college class and stumbled across your video reviews.

  88. I was googling strollers when I first started looking at baby items and came across the amazing BabyGizmo YouTube videos. Hooked!

  89. I think I learned about Baby Gizmo from some of the zillions of e-mails I started getting once the Internet figured out I was pregnant.