Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2014 Giveaway – Day 9

Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2014 Giveaway – Day 9

12 days of christmas


Congrats to our winners –
Cheryll C. – Maxi Cosi Pria 85
Heidi E. – Quinny Buzz Xtra 2015

On the 9th Day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…


Winner #1:



The Pria 85 is the only premium convertible car seat that offers a first-class ride from 14-85 pounds. Featuring premium fabrics and padding, the Pria 85 provides the most comfort for your child during their in car adventures. With a unique design to better fit in your car, passengers now have more room to stretch out in the front seat.

Keeping the Pria 85 clean is simple. There’s no need to remove the seat from the car and no tricky maneuvers with the harness straps. The seat pad unsnaps and removes easily over the frame – it’s that simple! The Pria 85 seat pad is both machine washable and dryer safe allowing you to get a thorough clean whenever you please.

The Pria 85 allows children to travel in style rear-facing starting at 14 pounds and keeps them cozy up to 40 pounds. When they’re ready to ride forward-facing, turn this car seat around to safely fit children up to 85 pounds; the highest weight range offered by any convertible car seat. Both stages benefit from the safer side impact protection provided by Air Protect® technology which protects your child where it’s needed most, around the head.

Winner #2:


quinny buzz 2015


Buzz Xtra’s rugged design has been upgraded with new all-terrain, never flat wheels, an extra-large canopy to protect little ones from the sun and rain, and extra padding to provide comfort during those all-day adventures. With new never-flat tires, an updated easy fold system and adjustable parent handle for comfort – you and your family will be ready for anything.

Buzz Xtra’s variety of seating positions lets little ones face you, or the world. The stroller makes a statement in four fashionable colors: Gracious Grey, Red Rumor, Purple Pace, and Rocking Black. The stroller can be used from birth when combined with a Quinny Tukk foldable carrier or a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat.


  • Unfolds automatically with unique hydraulic system
  • NEW super easy fold • NEW height-adjustable, extra-large sun canopy with visor for ultimate protection
  • NEW never flat, all-terrain tires for an extra smooth ride • NEW large tailored shopping basket
  • Super comfortable cushioned fabric seat
  • Adjustable parent handle
  • Use from birth with a compatible Quinny Tukk Foldable Carrier and Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat

Since we have been super busy at Baby Gizmo and haven’t gotten to the videos for the new Pria 85 or the Quinny Buzz 2015, we thought we’d highlight another one of our Public Service Announcements – 10 Things Dads Should NOT Do with Their Baby. We had a lot of fun filming this video with some great Baby Gizmo guys earlier this year, so we didn’t want you to miss it if you haven’t seen it!

12 days of christmas
How to Enter

Winner #1:Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat

Winner #2:  Quinny Buzz Xtra 2015


Only 24 hours to enter this giveaway and then we are on to Day 10! This Day #9 Giveaway STARTS at 12:01 EST and ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 9, 2014. US only!

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not.  But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.

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  1. Would love a how to on how to pick the best stroller for your needs (love your review videos – would love to see something that helps in determining what features are must haves).

  2. I’d love to see a video comparing baby carriers i.e. Ergobaby, Moby, etc. My little one is about out of the Moby Wrap and I’m not sure where to go from here!

  3. Things parents say to the kids when they really want to say it to another adult (esp the other parent). Such as, “Remember, we always say please because when we dont we seem rude.” After someone nearby acted rude and demanding.

  4. How about things mom friends say to expectant mothers? I’m nearly 7 months with my 1st, and my good friend with 4 children said I should stick with one if I ever wanted to recognize my (pre-child) life again!

  5. How to buckle babies/infants into a carseat, specifically ones with 5 point harness and situations in which you clip the buckle high/low.

  6. Please make a How-To video explaining just how to stop baby from pinching and scratching. I look like I was mauled by a bear.

  7. How to safely travel in a car seat (COATS!!!/Bundle me) I feel like people judge me for taking his coat off it’s frustrating. Also I do like the idea of How to find deals

  8. How to. …. maybe something on cloth diapering. .. I’m new to it and there are so many choices and different ways of doing it. It can get pretty overwhelming at times….

  9. How to… maybe something on cloth diapering. ..? New to it and there are so many choices and ways of doing it…. gets a bit overwhelming at times…

  10. I think a video on how to entertain your toddler in the car on long trips would be great…. We take several trips back and forth to Georgia from Pennsylvania and it’s challenging at times! But I would still rather drive than fly with a little one. Been there done that and got the t-shirt! It was a nightmare. I was THAT mom with THAT kid. Lol.

  11. How to videos are great! I’d love to see how to videos on how to properly buckle a child in specifically to each car seat brand…sometimes there are some tricks or things that don’t normally happen and parents could use instruction videos so they know kids are being bucked in properly into that specific car seat!

  12. How about a “What not to say to a pregnant lady” video. I’m 8 weeks from our 5th baby and the comments can be so annoying, hurtful, etc.

  13. Car seat buckling! I am so paranoid with I buckle my boys in the car and would love a video to make sure I AM doing it right! 🙂

  14. I would love to see a How to “cook with your toddler screaming at your feet” Video. LOL! At least that is what I’m struggling with right now. Anyway, always love your videos!

  15. A video of things not to say to Mommas of girls or boys…ex: boy pushing baby doll stroller…you’re letting him play with that?!? People should stop stereotyping the sexes!

  16. Video on why not to use coats in carseats! I need a new car seat and stroller as I got rid of everything…and SURPRISE!

  17. I’d love a video on how to tell someone they’re doing something dangerous with their child. I just saw a lady with the car seat on top of the stroller at the store. I so badly wanted to say something but didn’t know how to do it.

  18. We would love this car seat/stroller. My little guy is outgrowing his current seat. I would like a car seat safety tips or potty training tips.

  19. Would be good to see how to install certain car seats. I know there are so many out there, but some of the most popular. We are getting ready to forward face our Chicco Nextfit and it would be nice to see how to do it. Even though I will read directions and probably take it to a car seat tech.

  20. This is such a great giveaway!
    With the laws of car seats changing, constantly, a video on that would be good. However, the video that I cherished the most was the one you did on doubling up on bed sheets, life saver!

  21. I would love a video on how to politely and accurately explain to a stranger that they are not using a car seat safely (rear facing too soon, on top of a shopping cart, coat in the car etc.).

  22. We have 7 grandkids 6yrs and under with another due next March. Car seats are always needed and these look like REALLY nice ones !!

  23. Maybe some updated videos about why it’s important to keep your child in a 5-point harness as long as possible. With tips on brands that offer them for higher weight limits and the advantages/disadvantages of different seats.

  24. How to brush a babies teeth. Seems crazy, but I never know if I’m doing a good job. How long do you brush for? Is it important that you hold the child down while they scream to do a “good job”? How do you move their tongue. PS: On my 3rd kiddo and I still can’t figure it out 🙂

  25. A video that is helpful on how to properly insert a car seat and the proper way to buckle the child in. I’m sure you’ve probably done something like this already though! You’re just that good!

  26. Maybe a how to have faith in dad while he has the kids regardless of the what happened last time they were in his care

  27. How to get a infant into a convertible car seat….it worries me bc the seat looks so big compared to the little baby. But I’d rather have a convertible for its longevity of use.

  28. I’m a long distance grandma and I enter all contests in the hopes of helping my daughter in another state, who just had baby number 3!!! She could SO use either the stroller or the carseat. So, as a grandma, I would appreciate any videos that give grandmas advice, especially ones like me who don’t get to have a face to face daily experience with their grandkids….we Skype, but it just isn’t the same!!! Your prizes are awesome and I hope that eventually I will win something for one of my grandkids!

  29. I like all of the comedy videos. Maybe a video about changing priorities when you become a parent. Example: cleanliness (using a sleeve to wipe a runny nose in a crunch)

  30. I would love to see a video on how to get a kid to poop in the potty. I really could use the car seat or the stroller!!! 🙂

  31. How to organize your car with daily things instead of lugging everything back and forth every day. I could probably figure that out on my own, but I can’t find a good system.

  32. Please do a “how-to” video on how to store and organize all the kids toys. It’s hard to keep them clean and put away, especially when there are big toys that don’t fit into cubbies nice and there are lots of things that have many small parts.

  33. I would love a review of some of the newborn to first year gadgets that are helpful and safe (i.e. swings, pack and play, etc)

  34. How to sleep like a normal person! Or mire realistically how to potty train since that will be coming soon for our little family.

  35. I would love to see a how to video about car seat safety, too. I know we talk about it so much, but especially with coats in the winter, it can never be too often!

  36. I don’t know if this would be a good video or a better article, but tips to find a good daycare/ nanny and warning signs of a not so good one 🙂

  37. How to videos on Keeping toys clean ! Hope I win , we are so in need of a car seat for my 10 month old. The one we have is almost expired 🙁

  38. How video, on how to know pick out the correct baby gear. Important gear, playard,stroller,carseats. What to look for and what to avoid.

  39. Oh how wee need this… thanks for the uber sweet chance guys!

    I would love to see a viseo on proper installing of car seats & what age/size for facing direction & all that jazz! It’s all so confusing)

  40. Not sure of what the next how to video should be but would love to win the car seat. Maybe How to on Baby proofing – furniture, electronics, etc.

  41. I’d like to see a How-To on how to prevent diaper blowouts! Tips, tricks and products to help out new mommies on this area. I know it’s a very common problem and having this happen in public is even more flusterring!

  42. how about “how to” get routine daily baby products for free or next to nothing? I’m worried about keeping up financially with baby incidentals.

  43. Car seat safety with tact! It drives me crazy when I see moms doing something unsafe, but am afraid to speak up because I dont want to be coming off rude! is there anyway to do it tactfully? A video with ideas!

  44. Dad’s might do goofy things but dad’s are way more fun! So with a serious all business mom good thing there’s a quirky dad around!

  45. I agree with those who have said car seat videos. I have friends who use both the latch and the seatbelt (thinking that more is safer), use expired seats, clasps in the wrong place, etc. These aren’t bad parents, it is just that car seats can be overwhelming. When I have foster children I’m even correcting the DCS transporters on putting my children in the car. They do it for a living and should know how!

  46. How to check that your car seat is installed correctly and that your child is buckled in properly including do’s and dont’s.

  47. A video about baby products that are cleaning friendly, if that makes sense. One of my friends told me about a pack-n-play that could be zipped apart and machine washed. High chairs without crumb crannies at different price points etc. I would watch it!

  48. I would like to see a giveaway for the bugaboo cameleon stroller! Its an awesome stroller thats super expensive (at least I can’t afford it lol). I would also like to see a video on how to teach infants development skills.

  49. How about a segment on teaching children how to sleep past sunrise? My kids are up at the crack of dawn every single day – holidays, weekends, etc. I never get to sleep in.

  50. Ok I coulda swore I posted my comment but I can’t find it so I’m trying again. How about how a single mom can keep her sanity. I have 6 boys and I think I lost mine after my 3rd son. I even drove off and left my $400 2012 city elite on the sidewalk a couple months ago. I didn’t realize till the next day and I never got it back :'(. Oh btw I picked that stroller after watching the baby gizmo review. Love watching everything on baby gizmo!!

  51. baby turned one in sept. ..not sure when to start using a forward facing car seat, but would love to have the convertible model you are raffling off….

  52. I am so thankful for your hard work. I have made many baby gear decisions after seeing your wodmerful research. Thank you for the time and effort. Thank you for your wonderful give aways. What a blessing all around!

  53. I’d love a “How to convince your husband you can’t have too many strollers” 🙂 Haha!! No honestly, a video on how to keep in their crib would sure be nice. My daughter started climbing out of her crib at a very young age, it was a challenge!

  54. I agree with the baby car seat buckling videos and the baby wearing, that was one if the toughest things to figure out!!

  55. Some video with different calming techniques for infants through toddlers or preschool age. Different ways to distract, re-direct, etc. I think it’s a skill that takes so long to learn on your own that it would be nice to see some input from others.

  56. Maybe how to babywear properly or how to choose the right baby carrier. There are so many choices it’s a bit overwhelming!

  57. Maybe a how-to video on how to clean a car seat, especially after vomit. =/ I see the question come up A LOT on manufacturer’s facebook pages.

  58. I would love to know how to break the pacifier habit — I’ve got a just turned 1-year-old and a new baby due in January and I’m worried about how to break the older of the pacifier when the new baby is using one. I’m sure she will steal the paci from the baby!

  59. I like the kids’ doing how to videos… perhaps Zoku will sponsor a review and giveaway on doing popsicles… I think your kids would totally love to pull that off… or perhaps a craft or art project ~ there are lots of art supply companies out there.

  60. i would like to see “how-to” videos for grandparents when it comes to dealing with babies and toddlers specially with those who love to use gadgets.

  61. Fun and easy ways to potty train I have an 19 month old and a 2 month old and need to get my oldest potty trained I can’t afford to be buying 2 sizes of diapers

  62. since im a mom of a 3wk old baby maybe a topic bout “What Parents Say…” when they are not getting enough sleep and how they cope with the 1st few months of their baby as well as how to juggle “your life” while trying to keep sane with everything you have to be done in a day.

  63. Next how to could be on how to tell your child they will be a big brother/big sister. We are about to tell our 3 year old he will be promoted soon!!

    And I’d love the stroller for obvious reasons! 🙂

  64. Things parents say (or at least my husband and I say to each other)… “Remember when….” and we fill in the blank with things we used to do before we had any kids. Like “Remember when we’d sit around watching football and drinking beer on Sunday afternoon” or “Remember when we used to eat hot meals on a consistent basis.”

  65. How to video on stroller ages/stages– I see soooo many moms with a baby that can’t hold its head up in an upright umbrella stroller, the child’s head just wobbling all over the place as they walk! Don’t you know they’ve got to be reclined until they have MUCH better muscle control and size! It just kills me, what can you say/do?

    And of course I love love love that carseat and stroller and would be so happy to have it for our newest addition, expected in July (already mom to 5 y.o.)

  66. i don’t know what video to suggest you make. We enjoy most of your videos!
    Our car seat is at that stage where my husband and I are debating whether or not to replace it…if we win the car seat we won’t have to debate the issue any more!!

  67. Am past my due date by a week now, but still pregnant and waiting to meet first baby for the first time – can’t wait to take him/her out, and such a beautiful stroller would be an amazing christmas win! Have yet to get a convertible car seat too, so that would fulfill a major purchase for us!

    Love your funny videos, even if we are not quite parents yet 🙂 you should do one on the social etiquette of asking total strangers whether their cervix is dilated yet and by how much when trying to weird out soon-to-be parents.

  68. How to teach your toddler to eat out of a snack cup without dumping every cheerio on the ground 😉 In all seriousness, how to keep babyproof in a hotel room.

  69. I have alot of my new mommy friends ask me 2 things how to give their baby a bath the correct way from taking their clothes off on and how to know what kind of baby gear they really need and what they don’t! I think those would help everyone new mom or 3 timer like me!

  70. How to keep your sanity when you are a single mom!! I’m a single mom of 6 boys and I think I lost my sanity after my 3rd son. I even drove off and left my city elite 2012 on the sidewalk a couple months ago :'(. I never got it back.

  71. On a “How to” video maybe ways to help parents use items from the 1st baby on the 2nd baby when the 1st one thinks they are all theirs 🙂

  72. What about a video on “What parents say when the kids say/do inappropriate albeit hilarious things out in public…..”

  73. Love this carseat!! I would love to hear what schedules other stay at home moms are on (when is craft time when is nap time when is free time….)

  74. I’m with what some of the ladies have already said. How about a video on how to properly buckle both in and out of a car seat.

  75. Do you have a video out there about how to do cloth diapers? I know there are products out there like Spray Pal, but I’m clueless and very intimidated by the entire thing.

  76. I’d like to see a video on where to get great deals. There really should be a place to get help getting a new & safe age appropriate car seat for low income parents. So many like myself have to use old hand me downs & unsure if they’re still safe to use due to sticker being torn off or expectation date not being visible any longer.

  77. How about a “How to..” Video on keeping your head with a rowdy toddler and a new baby. I have s VERY energetic 3 year old who makes me want to stay at home all the time.

  78. I would love the Maxi Cosi seat. We have the infant one and have used it for both our kids, and it is wonderful. This would be such a nice Christmas surprise!

  79. “How to” or “what not to do” re: keeping baby warm in the winter! I wish items would be taken off the market that aren’t safe and it makes me upset that all mommies don’t know about them!!

  80. I love your videos. They are awesome to watch. Educational and funny. I would love to see more car seat safety videos. It is so important.

  81. I would love to see a super quick how to install/buckle kids in their car seats video with key points for grandparents and babysitters.

  82. I agree, a how to buckle into car seats properly and what NOT to do with car seats such as putting them on top of shopping carts. And how to politely spread the word. Lol

  83. Your next video should be titled ” Baby Basics ” Then could proceed to teach someone all the basics about babies. How to properly dress them , feed them , change them , burp them , bathe them , etc . Kind of like a How-To for those that can’t get it right. Then could be put on DVD called Baby Basics parenting and you will make a fortune. And I will definitely get a lot of use out of the car seat ! It looks and sounds incredible. If not the car seat then look forward to finally having a stroller . Thank you I can’t wait .

  84. I have had a cold, cough, congestion for 16 days now so I have no ability to think of anything creative. But I love you and your give a ways and I wish you still lived in Chicago so we could be friends 😉

  85. How to properly clean a carseat so that it stops smelling (more specifically like throw up) and how to keep your kids warm and still keep them safe in a car seat with some examples of what sort of coats are really ok. Every method I’ve tried still leaves them shivering with short walk from car to store.

  86. A good “How to…” video would be one on teaching your kids how to clean up after playing but make cleaning up fun. This way you can start it at even a younger age.

  87. How to keep the kids out of your sh… stuff!!! I just got a new laptop for work and left it on my desk… My kids used the pumpkins carvers they found in the basement storage to carve into the top of the laptop… thankfully they didn’t open the screen!

  88. A how to do a proper convertible car seat install on a variety of different brands of car seats. We had quite a bit of trouble getting our Evenflo convertible seats to fit rear facing at the correct angel.

  89. I think a how to leave the house with 4+ children. The most ideal and compact baby gear for getting around with them and tandem babywearing?

  90. I would love to see a how to video on buckling children properly…I am so sick of the photos people post of their children improperly fastened in!

  91. I would LOVE to see a new one about proper use of a car seat. Some people do not understand how dangerous it is to put your child in a car seat with a coat on, or how tight the straps should be or that it’s a chest clip for a reason. If your video can reach just one person (not event a parent, but anyone who is transporting a child for any reason) who is using a car seat incorrectly, you could save a child’s life! I think it’s a video worth making!

  92. I’d definitely go with code words or abbreviations we use around kids. For anything stupid, my family and I would just say, “pid” for my nieces and nephews. Especially when they’re learning to spell too!

  93. How about a cloth diaper for dads video? My educated husband (who is a professor, BTW) seems to say, “I’m not sure how to do that.”, when it comes to changing a cloth diaper. 😉

  94. You can never have too many videos on proper Car seat use and proper baby wearing. The 2 things most commonly done incorrectly.

    • I see so many people either letting thier older kids ride with thier seatbelts on the wrong way or not at all… makes me sick

  95. I second the “how to strap a baby into a car seat properly video”, also a “how to install a car seat properly” video. I see both of these things done wrong often.

  96. We could really use this giveaway!! That would be a huuuuge blessing! Those are super nice too!!! My little guy is outgrowing his infant carrier, so that car seat would be his!!!

  97. “What parents say”

    Statements or questions that you never thought you would say before becoming parents. The other day I told my husband “Don’t forget the poop”

  98. There definitely should be a “how-to” teach your kids to safely climb things! No isn’t working anymore, and I am terrified my son is going to break his neck! 🙂

  99. How to: Strap in/buckle kids into a carseat. Especially an older toddler rearfacing. It could show them climbing into their seat by themselves too (many parents complain about lifting such a heavy kid into their seat).

  100. I love a precious commenters suggestion on how to teach a husband to use clean a dirty diaper with 2 wipes so I will second that 🙂

  101. I second the “How to..” teach a husband to clean a dirty diaper with only 2 wipes” idea someone already posted. Obviously can use more for newborn blowouts, etc., but half a box of wipes every dirty diaper is not necessary, and it drives my frugal self bonkers.

  102. How to chose a carrier! Boba vs ergo vs Tula etc?? I feel like I’ve watched a boba vs ergo but one with all the carriers to help decide

  103. I agree with a lot of the other posters about Car Seat Safety, you just don’t see enough of it!!! From where the chest clip really should be, how tight the straps should be, the LATCH weight restrictions most parents aren’t aware of to proper installation and where to find a Certified Technician!!

  104. I’d like to see a compare and save video where you compare high end expensive products to products that you don’t have to take a second mortgage out to buy.

  105. How to respond to terrible parenting advice you are going to get from your relatives over the holidays. e.g. “No grandma he can’t have a bit of your pumpkin pie. He’s 3 months old.”

  106. how about a video comparing different styles of carriers…wraps/slings, mai tie/soft structured/structured. I have issues with my back and have tried them all, I LOVE to baby wear but can only do it for short periods of time and I would have loved to see some different options laid out in the beginning:)

  107. “How to get your baby to go to bed when they insist on playing at 2am” Mommy had a bad night…but giveaways make it all better 🙂

  108. I’d love to see a video on tricks to get our picky toddlers to eat more! One thing I read was to make a healthy snack bin and let them pick out their own snacks so they feel like they’re being independent, but all the snacks they get to choose are healthy ones so it’s a win-win (raisins, applesauce, fruit, etc).

  109. I’d love a series on how to install and secure infants and toddlers in different car seats in the most popular cars on the market. Its a huge task but would help so many!

  110. A video for What Parents Say would be the things and words parents say so that their kids don’t understand what they are talking about. My husband and I use codenames all the time. Hahaha.

  111. Things parents say to their kids that you would be awkward to say to an adult…
    Are you pooping?
    Hold on, I need to wipe you.
    Do you want to go to time out?

  112. I would love to see a video on maybe how to tell someone at the store they shouldnt put their babies car seat on top of the cart. I seen about 10 parents with infants up on the cart and just wanted to say something but what would I say?

  113. I would like to see a how to for grandparents car seat safety. I don;t want to come off rude, but want my baby safe overtime he is buckled in.

  114. How to give my toddler medicine without the struggle. Having a sick baby is hard enough without the fight to give her medicine.

  115. Hmmm… tough question – I feel like you’ve covered pretty much everything with you how to videos 🙂 Maybe one centered around the play room.

  116. I would love to win the carseat…Still expecting baby number 4-and I am a huge MUST BE A GOOD CARSEAT kind of gal. My current obsession is learning about carseats and wraps…so a video showing a good comparison on how to install different brands of carseats (top rated like britax, Maxi Cosi Pria, Radian…) would be something I would love to see.

  117. I would love to see a review/ product testing of stroller travel bags to protect these amazing strollers. Do they fit well, how do they handle airport abuse, and how ‘universal’ are they really… Thanks and keep up the good work!

  118. Would love a video on proper way to put carseats in car. So need the cconvertible carseat. My baby girl is out growing hers too fast.

  119. How to: drive other moms crazy (improperly buckle your kids in cars seats then post pics on Facebook, brag about every annoying thing your kid does, scream at your child across the soft play area at the mall, etc :))

  120. I’m not sure what video you should make……I do like to learn from videos about new products, how to activity ideas for toddlers, easy recipes for picky eaters, etc.

  121. I would like a video of how-to make your own baby lotions and creams. I’ve heard about people making their own and I would love to.

  122. how about a “how to deal with the stress of parenthood. The unexpected toll it can take on your marriage and everyday life.” I don’t think anyone talks about this part of being a parent and it hit every couple to some degree.

  123. A “How to” video on the different baby proof (ex: safety first )equipment and how to use them. Are they really effective? Which ones are best? 🙂

  124. I would like to see a how to on making your own baby food. I made my kids baby food and it was so easy and saves a lot of money, I can never understand why people say its so hard to do.

  125. hope i win would love the convertible but would be happy with either we have plenty of kids between our two boys and 4 grandchildren that would get great use of both

  126. Car seat safety…it seems to be an issue lately & with more videos out there on social media, maybe parents, grandparents, etc will understand and take the time to watch and learn how to properly install their car seats AND put their children into them the correct way!

  127. Your “things parents say” video should highlight all the weird things we never thought we would have to say. For instance, I had to tell my 5 yr old yesterday to get the 2 mth old’s finger out of the 5 yr old’s nose!

  128. How to put a diaper right away on baby after giving ng a bath or changing dirty diaper without leave ng them without a diaper for too little ng.

  129. Car seat how to’s are always great I like one of the other comment ideas on code words mommy and daddy use around the little ones.

  130. I would like to see winter clothing and proper car seat usage. Especially for those northern United States states and Canada areas. When it’s 20 degrees or lower and you have to stuff your little one in a car seat even though not “right” most parents leave the clothing on so the kiddos don’t freeze. I would like to see both infant and toddler please. Thank you.

  131. A “how to” video on the best way to change diapers on the go(ie…in a small car, a restaurant with a nasty changing table)

  132. My idea for those of us who have large families like me, 5 kids, is the things “parents say” behind our backs, like “they must be crazy!” and “like rabbits” and “what are you nuts?” along with “how does she do it” (now that one I like) 🙂 Have fun ladies!! 🙂

  133. How about how to keep your children entertained on a cold rainy day… I need some easy indoors activity ideas now that winter is here.

  134. How about a “How to” about talking to teachers who are not doing a great job/admin that is poor leadership for the teachers and makes crappy calls all the time… Without sounding annoying, whiny, or rude. 🙂

  135. When parents say stupid things like ‘My baby never cries’ – I mean don’t be stupid really! Do you think we believe that!

  136. I would love to see what diaper bags and strollers work best when you have 3 little ones. Most items I see are for one or 2 kids.

  137. I think it’d be funny to do a movie on how one parent can interpret/understand what their little ones say or code words that parents have for one another and for between their kids.

  138. Perhaps a video with all the ‘no-no’s’ of car seat safety – like don’t put your infant seat on top of a shopping cart! Although it should be common sense, I see it all too often!

  139. It would be fun to see a video of how moms talk to kids when they need some explanation and how dads do, that should be hilarious.

  140. Maybe a funny video – what parents say – about telling kids to dress warm, asking if they did their hw, talking to the other spouse in ‘code’ language hoping your kids won’t understand you.

  141. I made the mistake of reading other comments first, and I think a lot of them are good ideas! Especially code words that parents use! We speak in pig latin or use alternative, lesser known words for items!

  142. Next How to Video…. Surviving a plane flight alone with your toddler who is still a lap child. I am about to do this and I am not too excited. I am sure everyone on my early morning flight will love us.

  143. I would be very interested in seeing the proper way to buckle an infant car seat and a older child’s too! Anything with buckles and the way to make sure your little one are safe!!!!

  144. I would love to win, but if I don’t that’s fine also. I just love the fact that Baby Gizmo is having this 12 days of Christmas giveaway. I just think this is an amazing give back.

  145. I would love to have a video on how to spot fake baby gear. I have been on Ebay lately, and have seen a lot of fakes claiming to be high end baby carriers. There aren’t enough tutorials on how to tell real from imposters.

  146. I would love to see a video on children and the dangers of choking, preventing choking and what to do if your child chokes. I think it is a vital piece of knowledge that everyone should know. We often do not think about our child or a child in our care getting choked on something. So many people have never been taught how to perform the Heimlich maneuver or what the different technique between an infant and an adult is.

  147. I’m not that creative but how about a how to introduce pets to new babies. Seems like it would be useful for many new moms. I remember being worried about how my dog would react when I brought my first baby home.

  148. “You know you’re a parent when…” Today I told my bare bottom almost 4 yo to bend over so I could check her butt. Still working on the whole coverage wipe when we poop.

  149. Id love to see a video on babywearing and breastfeeding…
    Great give aways you guys have . Love them! I could use a new car seat for my lil one… Hubby is the only one working and we need a new one 🙁