Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 12

Orbit Baby

Orbit Baby
Congrats to our winners –

Carrie B. – Entry #4181 – Inglesina Swift

Leeanna H. – Entry #6429 – Orbit Baby G2

*UPDATE: We added another entry method worth +10 ENTRIES!! You just have to do our “Hey Baby Gizmo! This is Why I am Awesome!” YouTube Challenge. Find out how in the video below:

*Plus we have extended the deadline for this 12th and final day until Sunday, December 15, 2013 at 11:59pm just to give everyone an opportunity to get the video posted on YouTube if they want to participate in that entry!

On the 12th of the Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

(Psst…TWO winners)

The 12th and final day of the 12 Days of Christmas is always a big deal at Baby Gizmo! So, today we are giving away TWO strollers – one lightweight and one luxury!

Inglesina Swift (Red):

The Inglesina Swift is a great lightweight, travel system that has an easy, umbrella-style fold, a good recline (4 positions!), giant sun canopy, big easily accessible basket and amazing maneuverability. Even with a 40 pound kid in it, we could still steer it with one finger.

The Inglesina Swift has premium, padded fabric and is a well-made European delight. Weighing in at only 13 lbs and sporting a carry handle on the side, this is a super travel-friendly buggy! To find out more information about the Inglesina Swift, visit their website at:

Inglesina Swift


Orbit Baby G2:

That’s right, THE stroller of the celebrities!! Want to feel like you are getting the star treatment? Push an Orbit Baby G2. If you are looking for a luxury, head-turning stroller with fabulous unique features that will have you feeling like a celebrity, you will want to win the G2!

Orbit Baby G2The G2 features:

  • 3DRotation™: ergonomically rotate-and-recline in one fluid motion
  • innovative QuadShock™ suspension gives your baby a smooth ride & hassle-free no-pump tires
  • compact 3D fold fits in small car trunks
  • removable Cargo Pod diaper bag has shoulder strap and bottle pockets
  • state-of-the-art ventilation system uses perforated seat shell, airflow channels, and wicking fabric
  • built-in cupholder and key tray
  • UV sunshade with Paparazzi Shield™
  • Stroller Frame can stand on its own when folded or be towed with Stroller Seat G2 when folded
  • one-hand lengthening footrest

Watch our Baby Gizmo Video here (it’s an oldie but goodie!):


How to Enter

What is up for grabs:

Winner #1: Inglesina Swift Stroller (red)

Winner #2: Orbit Baby G2


How to Enter:

*Because this is our last day and it is the grande prize, we are going to give you 2 days to enter! Yep, we are bending the 12 Days of Christmas rules again and giving you until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 15, 2013 to enter.

Rafflecopter is back for this one but remember that Facebook has changed the game! Now, we can use Facebook “likes” as an entry method. So, you know what?!? It is going to be MANDATORY to “like” the giveaway post on Facebook to enter. (NOTE: You always have the option to just leave a comment on the blog for that entry and do nothing else. This is for those who don’t do Facebook.)

Yep, our giveaway celebration = our rules! (The Facebook giveaway post you need to “LIKE” will be pinned to the top of our wall today (Sunday)! Make sure you do this because we check. If you are chosen the winner and you didn’t “like” it on Facebook – you are not the winner.)

Here’s the thing: A Facebook “like” AND a blog comment are the only mandatory entries! Once you do those two entry methods, it will open up all the other “optional” entry methods. Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get.  But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

* This Day #12 Giveaway STARTS at 12:01 EST and ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 15, 2013. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

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  1. I think I am a kind and even keeled person who would do anything for my friends and family. And I hope I am a great mother too, trying my best!

  2. I am the grandma that loves to help others. Just call me and I’ll clean your house, run an errand, what you need, I’ll help!!

  3. One of the best things about me is I am very generous and an open-minded person.. I’ve become a lot wiser than what I was and have more passion and sympathy for people.. I have to many characteristics to name but there’s a few.

  4. I think the best thing about me is that I’m generally upbeat and happy–I enjoy laughing and try to look on the bright side of things.

  5. I think the best thing about me is my giving nature. Since I was a little kid, I hated to see people suffer for any reason and I try to do what I can to make someone’s day a little brighter 🙂

  6. I like to think one of the best things about me is I’m giving; if we have extra, I like to give it to others who don’t have as much or simply pay it forward and tip the waiter more or pay for a person’s meal behind me in the drive-thru.

  7. One of the best things about me is that I’m a mother. Seriously, it has brought out my best qualities after raising our son!

  8. I hold myself to high standards of integrity and character. I feel if I don’t hold myself to those high standards then I have no right to hold anyone else to them. And I am loyal. Very loyal.

  9. The best thing about me is that I have raised three incredible daughters and now get to be a grandma to three (so far) amazing grandbabies.

  10. One of my best traits would be the fact that I am a visionary. I am very creative and therefore people say I am funny, and also a great friend. I guess when they have a problem I get to give them insight and voalá problem fixed. I just love to love and enjoy life, and for that sometimes you do have to be very creative!

  11. Oh, I’m terrible at answering questions like this. OK, so I guess one of the best things is that I care about other people–not just those I’m related to or people in my immediate circle.

  12. The best thing about me is my child. He has all the best qualities I have; smile, laughter, and love. I absolutely love the mother I am and the child I am molding for the future.

  13. One of the best things about ME?! This is much harder to answer than I would have thought. Let’s see… I am a dedicated mama. I will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to protect my babies. I have never been a very confrontational person. Most of my life I have spent avoiding it, but now that I am a mama and have littles that depend on me for everything I have found there is absolutely no situation I will avoid if it means the safety and well being of my babes. That is definitely the best thing about me.

  14. Being a mom and wife have made me awesome I believe. I have learned to adapt to all the constant changes the nomad life has thrown at me. But I love it and move forward!

  15. One of the best things about me is that even though my kids are older they actually like to hang out with me, which is something kids their age usually don’t do.

  16. One of the best things about me is how strong of a person I am. Single Momma, College Senior, Tutor, Part-time sales rep. I’m doing it all for my baby and I think that selfless mindset that a momma gains as the love for her baby grows is the absolute best thing about me.

  17. I would do almost anything for a friend! I love to make people smile. Most of all i would do anything for my kids. Not the perfect mother but always strive to be!

  18. One of the best things about me is my ability to empathize with others, therefore being very aware to making sure that I really treat others the way that I would want myself to be treated.

  19. I am very honest. I am an atheist and feel that only we can be responsible for the world so I try and do as much good as possible. I run a charity branch for people in my community that cant afford diapers. I Chair the fundraising committee at my sons school and I stand up for natural parenting.

  20. My wife and I are expanding to a family of 4 next year. She would be ecstatic if we won! She is such an amazing stay at home mom!

  21. Geez this is hard….I don’t like to talk about myself…..I guess I’m selfless…I will. Usually put everyone before me. Doesn’t matter who.

  22. I think I’m an awesome mom, wife, and daughter. Mom because I take care of my two and four legged children. My husband loves me as his wife and I’m his better half. Daughter because I fly 3,000 miles to visit my parents 3-4 times a year and do so much more from such a long distance.

  23. The best thing about me is my love for others. I try to put the ones I care about first, and try to do unto others as I would like to be treated.

  24. I’m grateful for any gift, the person giving has tried and if its what I wanted or not really isn’t worth hurting their feelings 😉

  25. I am kind hearrted and have always tried to do the best I can for other people, and many times that kindness has been returned and surprising times!!

  26. Hmmm… I asked my husband… He said I have a way of looking at life that it refreshing… positive.(Whether I win or not, hearing that from someone I’ve been with for over 13 years, I think I win no matter what!)

  27. Hmmm…one of the best things about me? I’m not sure, so I asked my husband and he said, “Your awesome personality.” Can’t beat a compliment from your sweet husband 🙂

  28. I would say that one of the best things about me is my generosity…I love to give and help all that I can- especially to those less fortunate than myself.

  29. My daughter had heart surgery when she was 10 weeks old. Going through that journey with her made me realize that I’m strong and I can and will get through anything.

  30. I’m a momma to a cute 2 year old named Mikey. I’m also 38 1/2 weeks pregnant with #2 and still working full time as a 4th grade teacher!

  31. The best thing abour me is probably the worst thing about me too! I am a pushover, I love to help people and will go out of my way to make someone else’s day. It a quality my husband loves and hates about me.

  32. When I do something, I try to do it really well.
    That includes caring for my children and others around me.
    (Trying to avoid fcbk, so I didn’t like the post).

  33. I’ve been through a lot in my life and come out stronger. It makes me a good listener, with lots of empathy and a great problem solver.

  34. I’m a very caring and loving person, I enjoy being there for my friends and family.
    My loved ones consider me as someone they can trust and to listen to their problems.

  35. I am a good mother and grandmother! Love my daughters and the 3 grandchildren I have as well as the one due in February. It would be wonderful to give this to my daughter as a gift for the new baby.

  36. The best thing about me is that I am pregnant with my first baby. Why is this the best thing about ME? Because I had a ton of pressure from others to abort, but I listened to my heart and chose life for this little girl!

  37. Acknowledging my faults and working really hard to correct them so that they don’t interfere with the kind of mother I want to be.

  38. I am a great wife and mother. I have struggles like everyone else, but I love my family fiercely and would do anything for them. They always come first! 🙂

  39. The best thing about me is I am a “do-er”/”giver”. Plus, my husband. He’s the only way I keep it together with all the momma duties (sappy, I know).

  40. One of the best things about me is that I’m currently preggo with my husband and I’s first baby, due this spring! 🙂

  41. I am very generous! I give to several charities even though I don’t have much myself. I also overtip EVERYONE not just during the holidays. And there are several homeless folks in my area that I know, I bring them food money clothes blankets pillows etc. whenever I can 🙂

  42. I’m always willing to lend a helping hand. I hate to see others struggle, and if there is something I can do to help, I’ll do it :). Hoping to pass that along to our daughter!

  43. liked it, and shared it! Hoping and praying to win this. expecting another one in June. and super super glad of this giveaway! thank you very very much:D

  44. I’m a very creative and resourceful cook! I use this skill to introduce my toddler to new, healthy foods prepared in different ways–Parmesan shredded brussels sprouts, “green crackers”, spinach yogurt, green muffins, etc. Last night he ASKED me for broccoli! Whoo hoo!

  45. I am a student, wife and mommy; and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of people that support me in every endeavor!!!

  46. I am always willing to help anyone out as long as I am able to! i would give someone the shirt off my back if I had to. my parents taught me to do what is best and I have lived by that!

  47. I am so blessed to have a beautiful 2 year old boy and we just found out we’re having a little girl. Best of both worlds!


  48. Well this to me is one of my best and worst qualities, I am a doer, and I will do anything for anyone and most of the time do for others before myself. #Toonice #Giver

  49. The best thing about me is that I am a devoted mom of 4 beautiful girls! I work hard every day to raise polite and productive children that will help to make the world a brighter place.

  50. I love this…thank you for making me find something inside me that’s good…so much holiday prep going on that I’m feeling like a failure…

    I suppose I’m good at organizing, which is why I’m stressing about plans. Let the good things happen around me, and if things don’t get done, it will be ok. 🙂

  51. The best thing about me is I’m an excellent multi-tasker. I have a lot on my plate with now homeschooling my daughter, among many other things so I have to be able to do a million things all at the same time. Plus my husband is a truck driver so for our family to run smoothly I have to be able to take care of it all while he’s away.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  52. I am a very giving person in regards to my time, love, finances, advice, etc. I like to be there for my friends and family in every way that I possibly can and I believe that because of this they can see how much I care about and love them.

  53. I’m naturally a very nurturing person. I really like to do little extras for everyone around me. It makes me feel great to make someone’s day.

  54. I think I’m awesome because I am so compassionate. I literally feel other peoples pain and struggles which enables me to be a better person and mom!

  55. I pray every night that i can be the best mom to my Son and # 2 on the way. I hope i am doing what im suppose to, so that they may grow into wonderful young men. Merry Christmas!!

  56. I think the best thing about me is that I love having a good time with my kids, and I don’t care I that rand getting down and dirty with them.

  57. One of the best things about me is that I am a very good friend/confidant and I’m always there for my friends and family when they need me!!

  58. The best thing about me is that I forgive and FORGET. I might be upset about something, but once it’s resolved I’m ready to move on. (And boy, oh, boy do I want to win that Orbit Baby!!!!!)

  59. It can be seen as a negative as wel, but I see it as a positive. I always find the best in people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

  60. We never had much… legit… & I’m pretty sure my children don’t even remember me BEFORE I got ‘disabled’… but one thing I always tried to do is make the best of what we had & gloss over what we couldn’t… I KNOW that doesn’t make a bit of sense to anyone who has never ‘lived’ it… but whatever it means… I did a superb job apparently… My daughter (21 yo) said to a friend something like she’s “not a fan of ANY MA superhero… except maybe Wonder Woman… because that’s Mom”

  61. People tell me I’m very approachable and smile a lot. I guess I’ll put that down for today, although I feel very vain saying that !! 🙂

  62. I love that I found a job working full time from home, but that I take the time to time management so that I can still play with my kids all day. It’s incredibly challenging on some days but worth it.

  63. Im an extremely loyal friend. I never talk behind people backs. Open minded. Always there to talk to, or if you need something I will be more than happy to help no matter the “inconvienance”

  64. I’m strong enough to have been taking care of my daughter and two dogs alone from the time my baby was two months old.because my husband is in the military and can’t be with us right now.

  65. One of the best things about me is that I have 2 amazing children that bring out the best in me! I always try to look on the bright side of situations!

  66. One of the best things about me is that I am raising 5 children in the modern world, but still find ways to teach them about our ancient traditional ways and about where we came from. We are Native American.

  67. The best thing about me is I am a reflection of all the great people in my life; my parents, family, my two beautiful kids and the best friends ever!!

  68. I love to bake for people… I don’t like sweets but I absolutely love to bake and make candies, so I always make them and give them to others – family, friends, neighbors, kids teachers, etc.

  69. The best thing about me is I didn’t let my past determine my future. I made the decision when I got pregnant with my first baby to be a good mom and be there and protect my kids no matter what. I am not conceited but I am very proud of the life my kids have had because of my decision to be strong for them. Thank God their life is nothing like mine was 🙂

  70. I think that one of the best things about me is that my family always comes first in my life. I would do anything in the world for them as I realize just how blessed I am to have them.

  71. My desire to be the absolute best mom I am capable of being to my 11 month old daughter. Even my husband says he admires me for that! <3

  72. I switched my whole life around topsy-turvy to do the right thing –putting my future children (before I was a mom) first, even though it means that I added so much difficulty to my own life.

  73. One great thing about me is that I’m strong. I have four little kids and a husband who is a disabled veteran. It takes a lot of work to keep everyone happy and healthy, to manage the house work, and deal with my husband’s PTSD. There are many times when I have felt like giving up, but I always push on.

  74. The best thing about me is that I’m really reliable and always on time. I’m also a better friend to most of my friends and it doesn’t bother me.

  75. The best thing about me is my children and grandchildren. I am so proud of all of them and I’m in awe of how they all have wonderful but different personalities.

  76. The last 11 questions were easier to answer. It is hard to answer questions about myself but maybe my best quality is that I am caring.

  77. Compassion. Thank you Hollie for this 12 days giveaway. I have gotten so into it! It is so fun anticipating what the next giveaway will be. You rock!

  78. So many goodies this year! I’d love to have a luxury stroller for baby #2 and every mom needs a lightweight, easy to open and fold toddler stroller for on the go! Two great strollers!

  79. The best thing about me is that we were faced with a terrible schooling situation last spring and we turned it into the greatest thing,

  80. I’m logical and smart, which means I am right most of the time. I am smart though, so I know when to admit when I’m wrong and apologize!

  81. I believe that all people should be treated with equity, dignity and respect – I hope that my kids are learning this as well and treating those around them the same.

  82. Best thing about me? Huh. I’m stumped. Everything about me is awesome! haha. 😉 Okay, seriously – I am who I am. I am not two faced – when you first meet me, that’s just who I am. Take me or leave me! 🙂

  83. It’s hard to talk about yourself- but I think one great thing about me is that I genuinely care and am passionate about others health!

  84. I think the best thing about me is that I would do anything for family and friends. I’d give them the shirt off my back if they needed it.

  85. I believe that the best thing about me is that I am honest–sometimes brutally honest. I am also very generous and love to give things to others. I guess that is why I enter giveaways to win things for others.

  86. The best thing about me are the people in my life (and the soon to be twins)! They support me in everything I do and love me despite my flaws.

  87. I help people when ever I can. I love my family and friends. Being a military wife I have lots of friends and always helping them.

  88. One of the best things about me? I guess it would have to be that I’m a very loyal person! Always there to support those I love, and to work hard at things I need to accomplish.

  89. With baby #3 on the way, which was a HUGE surprise.. I have become much more appreciative of the small things and short times I have during the day with my first 2 sons..

  90. The best thing about me (currently) is my super-hero “mommy-ears”. I can hear my awake baby (or dogs) when they make the smallest sound. I’m hoping this continues and helps with second baby.

  91. I think the best thing about me is that I’ve been through some tough stuff (and may get down once in a while) BUT I always seem to spring back up healthier and stronger 🙂

  92. Both do these strollers are awesome and I would be grateful for either one! Best thing about me is that I always want to help my family and friends.

  93. Both do these strollers are awesome and I would be grateful for either one! Best thing about me is that I always want to help my family and friends.

  94. The best thing about me is that I constantly strive to be the best mother possible and I am a very empathetic, companionate, loving person.

  95. My willingness to help. No matter where or when, I am always their to help family and friends at a drop of a hat. And yes strangers too. I small act of kindness goes a long way!

  96. One of the best things about me is I love to care for others, their happiness brings me happiness. I love doing things for others, it gives me such a high and happiness that can’t be beat. 🙂

  97. I don’t know what the best thing about me would be.I just try to be the best person I can be each day and try to learn from my mistakes and grow spiritually everyday.

  98. It’s really hard to say nice things about myself! But ok! I am good at making the best of every situation. I think you can find good in pretty every situation if you look for it, and I try to do that every day, even when it’s hard to see.