Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2015 Giveaway Day 6


Congrats to our winners –
Sara Kuenzli – Little Tikes Cook n Store Kitchen
Megan Paioletti – Little Tikes Adventure Course


On the 6th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…


Winner #1: Little Tikes Cook n Store Kitchen

A couple months ago our Junior Gizmo boy is gave you (and the kids!) the scoop on the new Little Tikes Cook n Store Kitchen for toddlers and preschoolers and today someone is going to win one! This kitchen not only comes with 32 accessories but  also folds into itself for storage or to accommodate a small play space when not in use.

cook n store kitchen

If you have a boy or girl on your list between 18 months and 3 years old (that’s what we think the sweet spot is!), you definitely want to check out our Baby Gizmo holiday toy review video of the Little Tikes Cook n Store Kitchen below.

Winner #2: Little Tikes Adventure Course

Today’s toy giveaway continues with a fun toy for babies and toddlers! The Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorers 3 in 1 Adventure Course is great for sitters, crawlers and walkers and is designed for ages 6 months to 36 months. It is stocked with activities, songs/sound effects and is large enough for multiple kids to play with no problem.

Little Tikes Adventure Course

You can watch our two little Junior Gizmo testers in our Baby Gizmo video review to see the ins and outs of what you can win.

Now that you know what fabulous prizes are up for grabs from Little Tikes, find out how you can enter to win!

How to Enter


One (1) Little Tikes Cook n Store Kitchen – Winner #1

One (1) Little Tikes 3 n 1 Adventure Course – Winner #2


Since this giveaway lands on a weekend, we are giving you 48 hours to enter this giveaway! This Day #1 Giveaway STARTS at 11:00pm EST on Saturday, December 5, 2015 and ends at 11:59pm EST on Monday, December 7, 2015. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not.  But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I am getting another great nephew or niece soon!!! Can not wait now that my daughter is done having babies I want another one in my life! Hopefully it is a girl!

  2. My daughter who is 1 loves to waive high to me the minute she sees me walk through the door. Sometime when she’s in a happy mood she’ll even blow me a kiss =)

  3. I would love to win the ocean explorer! I was going to get it for my son for Christmas. I loved it when I first saw the commercial. I would be so grateful for this prize!

  4. Would love to win this for my son Maddox… I am having a really hard time making his 2nd Christmas a special one. His first birthday was the day before Thanksgiving and I really went all out for it. Being a full-time college student makes it hard being a single mom and this would really help make his Christmas much better.

  5. My husband should be home for the holidays this year, and we are currently expecting our first boy, something our two little girls are very excited about. 🙂

  6. The adventure tunnel looks awesome! Would love to see my 5 year old try to squeeze through. The big kids have had such a fascination with baby toys lately!

  7. I would love to gift this to my neighbor who is getting foster kids and for them to have this for the ones to come. Thanks for chance!

  8. Either of these would be great for the little kids in my family! The obstacle course will be great for the babies and the kitchen will be great for their older cousin and for them when they get a bit older!

  9. I would love either one of these for my daughter, especially the second one. I’ve been looking at it in the store and just can’t sit 80.00 dollar toy like that. The features just seem so fun and would entertain my almost one year old. (Christmas and her her first birthday ate the same day)

  10. I love all the cute reviews the kids do and you too! 🙂 Merry Christmas and thank you so much for the chance to win!

  11. I am blessed with 5, soon to be 6 of the greatest grandchildren. Who I could really spoil with these toys.
    They have the best Moms and Dads. I am so impressed what wonderful parents my sons and their beautiful wives are.

  12. I’m a Mom of 8 and this is my favorite time of the year. We love to bake cookies and decorate them together. So much fun!!!

  13. I just became a first-time-mom on October 13, 2015. It was a complete surprise and blessing because the doctors said I wouldn’t be able to have children. My husband & I are excited to be parents. Our daughter was born 5 days after his birthday. My mom is over the moon to finally be a grandma. She calls my daughter, her little side kick. 🙂

  14. My son loves to play with all the kitchen items I collected when I was little! My kitchen I had fell apart through the years though and he would LOVE to have this kitchen for all of my food!

  15. I love your blog and youtube channel. You have helped me discover great products for family, and always give great reviews.

  16. My 12 month old just started walking after his 1st birthday (thanksgiving birthday baby) his first birthday landed on Thanksgiving. I get excited to see him goooo and walk on his own. He still falls down at times cause he gets excited himself . He’s a very active little dude and him walking just allows him to be more of an explorer and gets to play more with his 7 year old big brother , Im beyond happy !

  17. So excited to see my 3 year old daughter light up with excitement seeing all the Christmas lights this year! And my 8 month old son enjoying himself too!

  18. My something happy is that my parents are visiting from out of town and we’re doing our special traditional christmas eve dinner (i know early but thats ok) and the in-laws are coming over to eat with us, this is the first time that the whole combined family is together since our son has been born and hes two now..

  19. My children make me smile each day and are my reason for waking every day (sometimes because my toddler just can’t wait to wake me up to start the day) 😛

  20. I live in Wisconsin and we’ve had 50 degree weather for all of our Christmas fun!! Muuuuuch better than the freezing temps weve had previous years!! 🙂

  21. Great blog I must say! This is a great giveaway just in time for Christmas! There will be some happy kiddos when they receive this!

  22. Something Good… Let’s see, I live in the greatest country in the world. I have 2 wonderful boys, 20 & 16. My youngest is a straight A student, so proud of him. I love my husband of 18 yrs, been together 23 years, and finally I live another day. I am grateful and happy to be able to get out of bed each and every day. I have had 4 back surgeries and left with major nerve damage with severe pain. Most days are horrible but I have to keep in mind things could be worse. I AM HAPPY YO BE ALIVE and have my family beside me!! Happy Holidays!!

  23. I want to say thanks for the awesome opportunity to win amazing prizes! I know you said you all wasn’t going to do this this year so I appreciate it!

  24. In 3 weeks I am flying to Florida with my 7 month old son so he can finally meet my grandma! She is 83 and so excited to finally meet her great grandson!

  25. Logan saw Santa yesterday…. He’s two but he looooooooved him from afar he squealed with joy and jumped up and down. And then it came time to sit on his lap and fear set it LOL. I couldn’t believe it! But there’s always next year and the picture is priceless. And he still looooooves Santa just not in person and just not near him hahaa hope you enjoyed this and it makes you smile

  26. I have a warm house, food in my pantry and all my family is still intact. Anything over and above that is just the cherry on top.

  27. It may not seem like anything big, but I am so thrilled that I finally had a little bit of time and energy to clean out some of the things in our garage. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I found in my son’s toy bins…ok, maybe you can. Between him and my husband, you couldn’t walk through there. I give it a week before it’s a mess again, BUT, today, it is clean! 🙂

  28. We will visit my in-laws the week before Christmas. Our youngest daughter arrives home from college on Christmas eve! On the 27th, we will travel to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, to visit our oldest daughter, her husband (our son) and our granddaughter! It’s going to be a wonderful Holiday Season for our family! Merry Christmas to all!

  29. Fingers crossed my son wins a kitchen! He’s getting his own room for the first time in his life, he’d love either of those in there!

  30. I can’t think of any thing happier. On or around June 11,2016, my son and daughter in law Brad and Holly are making Chris and I grandparents for the first time!! We are over the moon with happiness!

  31. I am commenting from Durango, Colorado where we brought our almost 2 year old son to ride the Polar Express train! We are definitely happy happy happy! Merry Christmas 🙂

  32. I’m excited that we’re having several family parties over the next few weeks…….the first is a baby shower for my Goddaughter next Sunday, next is a huge Christmas party on the 19th, followed by our celebration on the 24th, then a New Years Eve party……bring them on!!!


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