Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 5-70 Convertible Seat

Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 5-70 Convertible Seat

Congratulations to our winner –

Rachel R. (stay tuned to where she is from!)

One piece of gear you must have (if you have a car!) before you are allowed to take your baby home from the hospital is a car seat. Whether it is an infant car seat or a convertible car seat, you have to have one. That’s why this week we are helping one lucky winner by giving them the new Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 5-70 Convertible Car Seat.

This seat can take your child from birth all the way until it’s time for a booster seat (around 5-7 years old depending on how tall/heavy they are!).

The Primo Viaggio Convertible has a 5 – 70 lb weight capacity. It can be used rear-facing from 5-45 lbs. That is a HUGE rear-facing weight limit! The highest RF weight limit on the market! We love that Peg Perego has designed a seat to keep our babies rear-facing as long as possible. When it is time to forward-face, the Primo Viaggio Convertible Seat has a 70 lb weight capacity or 49 inches whichever comes first.

The seat also has adjustable Side Impact Protection (SIP) that is super easy to adjust to 10 different positions even with baby in the seat, EPS energy foam, and LATCH adjusters that easily slide from forward to rear-facing position to make installation easier.

To watch our review of the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat below:


One lucky reader will win a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 5-70 Convertible Car Seat. Giveaway open to US residents only.


Watch the video review (up above!), and let us know what is your favorite Peg Perego Convertible Seat feature in a comment below. Giveaway ends Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 11:59 CST. Winner chosen by


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  1. My favorite feature is the keep cool seat and the adjustable straps. We have a newborn due in December and this would be great 🙂

  2. Love the way this carseat looks. It will blend right into my car. And the little straps to hold the harness while putting the kids in and out is nice too.

  3. Love the fabric very elegant, I also love the straps to hold the harness buckles.
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    YouTube: Claribel Michel (clary0423)

  4. My favorite feature is the adjustable Side Impact Protection, so super easy! And I also have to mention I love the straps to hold the harness buckles, I fight with that so often on my infant car seat. Love this car seat!!!!!!

  5. I already like you on FB, and follow you on pinterest, Pin the Peg Perego seat and just signed up for the weekly newsletter!
    Great car seat! Another Great giveaway!

  6. I really like that the car seat has a breathable fabric for those warmer days. I also like that it can be used for infant to toddler stages.

  7. Hi, just signed up for this fun site’s newsletter. How cool to get these reviews.

    The Peg Perego seat seems so easy to use. I really like the easy tilt positioning, which has a bunch of levels.

  8. Love the ability to raise the harness without retreading OR even have to unlatch the back of the seat! The harness adjust while the carseat is completely installed! Nice!

  9. This is awesome!! Definitely love everything about this convertible seat. Especially the high weight limit for longer rear facing.

  10. I like Baby Gizmo on facebook and left a comment on the status update about the 7 year old’s hilarious singing!!

  11. I love the rear facing weight limit and the fact that my daughter could use this car seat for a really long time.

  12. Then last but not least, love the fact that the car seat can grow with you child and the adjustable straps. I’ll be learning all those ins and outs very soon! August can’t come quick enough.

  13. I should already be a subscriber to your weekly newsletter, but just in case I’m going to subscribe again. 🙂

  14. i love the straps that hold the harness out of the way while u put your baby in. and i love the design which is modern and dosent scream “BABY IN THE BACK SEAT”! very classy looking.

  15. I love…love the new peg-perego primo-viaggio 5-70 convertible car seat.

    My favorite feature from you review Holly would have to be the fabric and the choice of colors!

    Great review…thank you..thank you…and crossing everything that I can possibly cross in hopes to WIN!!!!


  16. I love the 45 lb. rear-facing weight limit and the straps that hold the harness straps out of the way. The harness adjuster is also great. This carseat looks wonderful!!!

  17. My favorite feature of the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 5-70 Convertible Car Seat is the no-rethreading feature because who wants to do that, but I also like the fabric to keep the baby cool.

  18. I love everything about this carseat. My absolute favorite is that you don’t have to reharness it every time the child grows. I also love the weight limits I had a big baby who grew out of his rear facing carseat way too fast. Love it.

  19. i subscribe to your youtube channel, wrote something on your FB wall and receive the weekly newsletter.

  20. As a mother of 3, and the 4th on the way, I do love the feature of not having to re-tread the harness when adjusting the headrest for different size kids. In addtion to that great feature, the fact that the weight restraint is so high is just a awesome added feature.

  21. I just subscribed to the you tube channel. How did I miss this. This is like the Mecca of baby reviews. I can already tell I’m not going to get anything done today but watch video reviews! 🙂

  22. This looks like an awesome car seat! I especially love the harness hder( it’s the simple things). Why has no one else thought of this. It is such a pain in the but to get my three year old into his seat when he crawls in and sits on the straps, especially on the winter with a huge bulky coat. The adjustable harness is also amazing. I’m with you Holly- I hate taking the car seat out of the car to rethread the straps.

  23. Ah! I love, love, love this car seat! I love everything about it, especially the 45 lb rear-facing limit. Thanks for hosting GREAT giveaways!

  24. I love that a baby can stay rear facing for so long. I tell my husband new features about this car seat everyday to convince him that it would be worth the extra money to get this one, even on a student budget.

  25. The versatility is amazing. I can’t believe the weight limit for real facing. Plus I trust the quality product from PP.

  26. I love that it can go rear facing up to 45 pounds! Our son is only 14 weeks and is going to outgrow his current seat too soon, this would be a lifesaver!!!

  27. Has so many features that I like, but probably my favorite would be that it can accommodate rear facing up to 45lbs. Beautiful car seat. This is going on my list of must haves!

  28. I love that you can adjust the seat easily. I am so over wrestling with the car seat as my super tall baby grows like a weed!
    (I subscribe to YouTube and I get your newsletter.)

  29. I LOVE the adjustable harness. my kids play the switching car seats game, too, and add in the carpool times, and this us a carseat for my car! I also love the weight limit!

  30. This car seat has soo many likable features but my favorite is that the material would match perfectly with the inside material of my vehicle.

  31. Love that it’s both rear and forward facing and pretty much the only car seat your will ever need, as it can be used up though preschool!

  32. i love that the rear facing weight limit is 45lbs.!! My child would look so wonderful in it, not to mention the peace of mind I would have knowing he was in a great seat!

  33. I really like the adjustable SIP, rf weight limit to 45lbs, and the no re-thread latch strap that easily switches between ff and rf. Also with the allowable height for rf it is a wonderful alternative to the Radian.

  34. I love the sleek modern look, having a nice looking car seat is a plus! I owned a infant car seat from peg perego and loved the non- rethreading feature, it was easy to move the headrest up and down. Glad they have this feature on the convertible seat.

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    * I wanna win!!!!

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  36. I love the RF weight limit and the ease of use features! This would be great to replace my soon to expire Britax marathon!

  37. I think this car seat has so many great features! I absolutely love that you don’t have to thread the harness! That is by far my favorite! I also like that it has high weight limits and can stay rear facing for as long as possible and that it is so sleek looking!

  38. I love that my child would be able to stay rear facing up to 45 pounds. This is a great feature. It’s also a very stylish car seat.

  39. I love the rear facing limit especially since we want them to sit rear facing as long as possible. The colors are nice too!

  40. I love that the seat has a higher weight limit. Which means that the seat can be used longer. Its nice to not have to buy a new seat as often

  41. I like the strap holders!! Also it looks comfortable and stylish all at the same time!

    I commented on FB and pinning 🙂

    I am already a subscriber to both you tube and newsletter 🙂

  42. I like you on Facebook, subscribe to your youtube channel and follow you on pinterest and subscribe to the email newsletter (that is how I knew to enter!).

  43. I love that it has such a high rear facing weight limit but can also be used for a newborn! I of course also love the leather look!!

  44. So ok, I have to say the leather is pretty stinking awesome, but I totally love a no rethread adjustment on that harness!!

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  46. Love how the rear facing weight limit is 45lbs!!! also, I like that it is easily adjustable SIP.
    It would be great if it was lower in price 😉

  47. I am a new mom to be and I have been searching for the perfect car seat for my bundle of joy due in October and after watching this video I am so confident in the peg perego 5-70 carseat! I am so excited about this carseat that I can’t just pick one feature I love about it because I love everything about it. The fact that I can keep my child in it up to 70lbs is a wow factor and its easy adjusting harnest too! Its sleek leather look compliments any car, its rear facing capacity tops all other car seats! I never thought I would be so excited about a car seat! Wow! Thats all I can say I am obsessed I hope god blesses my child and myself enough to win this AMAZING carseat!!!!

  48. Just left a comment on your Facebook page. Commented how much I love your reviews. I love all the information. It makes it so much easier to decide what I am going to buy.

  49. Definitely love the not having to re-thread the straps feature. But it is overall a fabulous looking carseat all together!

  50. Check. All done, now nothing to do but sit back for the WIN.

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  53. Already like and well, I’m not very witty so I’ve said hello

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  54. I love that the stroller can convert into so many different configurations and work for kids of such various sizes!

  55. I think the best feature is that the kids can stay rear faced until 45lbs…my son is a tall baby boy and will probly hit 45lbs before 6 but is amazing 🙂

  56. I love that the Peg Perego convertable car seat has a 45 lb weight limit for rear facing, this will keep my little one safe beyond one year!

  57. I’m just on my research of convertible seat – i love the fact that I will be able to keep my child in this for quite some time (high weight limit) as well as the height adjustment capability. Anything to save me some money …

  58. 1) Posted a comment on Facebook
    Love your video review on the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat! Keep up the great reviews, we love them!

  59. Rear-facing up to 45 pounds is amazing, also the harness adjustment is a huge plus! Price could be justified!

  60. I appreciate this seat for the extended height adjustment – as well as being able to use it up to 49″ and/or 70 lbs. This helps to justify the cost of the “great” seat for those that are not a lucky winner!

  61. I love the luxurious leather seat with breathable jersey to keep baby cool. I also love the latch connectors for easy installation.

  62. I like you on facebook.
    I’m subscribed to the weekly newsletter.
    I’m subscribed to you on youtube.

  63. This car seat looks great and has a lot of impressive features; however, the feature I think is the best is having those two loops/hooks to hold the harness straps while getting the child in the car seat. It is almost always a fight to get my son into his car seat, and his younger brother is starting to copy his behavior, so once he’s sitting there it’s frustrating to have to search under him for the straps- it would be awesome to have the straps held to the side in this car seat and be able to quickly access them and strap him in- that would absolutely cut down on the time it takes to buckle him in and honestly would probably help ensure he’s buckled in correctly.

  64. I love the harness strap holders… im always having to reach for mine under my baby.. also like that i dont have to rethread the harness straps. Its nice how it faces forward and rear its different..How great that its not Bulky!:)

  65. I love that you don’t have to completely breakdown the seat to adjust the harness system!! Plus there are 10 different settings!! With my little one growing as fast as he is, that would be amazingly helpful. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  66. I left a wall post on Facebook.
    “Hi! To anyone who wonders if giveaways are real (like I so often do), just wanted to say Baby Gizmo is the real deal!! I know someone who has won before!! They are great!! Thank you for all you do for us by letting us know about all the great and not so great products!”

  67. First time on your website. Ive been looking at all the videos, love the sleek feature of the peg perego 5-70. Thanks for the info. I just subscribe to your newsletter.

  68. Love how great this carseat looks, simply beautiful when I got to check it out in person, plus the no rethread harness and the strap retainers have to be my favorite features.

  69. I LOVEthe Peg Perego car seat and stroller, they are well designed! Good fabric, very comfortable and safe, great choice for babies!!!

  70. I love that it rear faces to 45 lbs! I know I’ll need it for baby. My two older were both 40 lbs at 2 years old, so we didn’t get as much rf time as I would have liked.

  71. I love the look of this carseat! Plus, having a smaller car that I’m not able to upgrade at this time, I like that it’s not as bulky. I’ve been worrying about what will fit in my car as my baby gets closer & closer to the weight limit on her infant seat!

  72. I really like that it has such a large range for the rear and forward facing weight limits. Also like the easily adjustable straps. Thanks

  73. I love the jersey fabric combined with the sleek leather look. I also love how long kids can use this car seat – up to 70 pounds or 49 inches!

  74. my favorite feature of this carseat is the weight allowance. it is something that i look for in a carseat. my child can safely sit in this carseat up to 70lbs!!

  75. #3 on the way in September. Will have 3 kids under 5, this would come in handy. I subscribe to the weekly newsletter. BG is my goto site for product reviews.

  76. I love that is is convertible and the 45 lbs rear facing weight limit is fantastic! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  77. Love the stylish Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat!!! My favorite feature has to be the adjustable harness without having to rethread or remove the carseat!! Awesome! =)

  78. I like the weight capacity, but I especially like that I don’t have to rethread the latch belts and harness when switching between kids and positions!!

  79. I love the side impact protection, it makes me feel safe knowing no matter where in the car would she would be safe!

  80. I really like the simple height/harness adjuster. I also liked how stylish it was with the leather surround and the jersey knit where it touched skin. I’m due the 19th of this month and the car seat looks right for us.

  81. This is a fantastic giveaway! I absolutely love the adjustable tab at the top of the adjustment of the head rest and the harness. No worry of re-threading the harness. AMAZING! This is a huge feature that is so convenient for multiple kids and just handing over the carseat to Grandma/Grandpa with one child, not worrying about adjusting the carseat. We all know there is a carseat that is easier to get out of one side of the car than the other just because of where the seat falls.

  82. What a great giveaway! I love my Peg Perego infant seat and wish they had this when I was shopping for convertible seats! My fave feature is the no re-thread harness. It’s totally genius. I also like the harness straps on the side. I would love this car seat.

  83. Wow! So many great features! As the recommendations have changed to keep children rear facing until two years old, my favorite feature is the 45 lb rear facing limit. 2nd is definitely not having to rethread the shoulder straps!

  84. luv luv luv luv!!! i have way too many favorite features! the wide range weight limit is AMAZING! luv the adjustable harness height, (really cool) and the straps to hold the harnass! brialliant!

  85. Commented on Baby Gizmo’s Facebook 🙂
    Name: Brittany Sims Chelette

    Oh, and AHHH! So excited about this giveaway, just thought you should know 🙂

  86. I really like the weight capacity on this one. Plus the SIP feature. I did not choose a convertible at first mainly because of the weight height deal, but this one looks fab. My baby girl was born full term, but she had a low birth weight and even so she would have managed just fine with this particular Peg Perego! I really hope I win this one.

  87. i love the sleek look! the features seem very similar to the britax but this looks so much nicer (and more expensive too!)

  88. Have the infant seat already. WOuld love the matching convertible. Marisapizz on youtube and already subscribe to your letter

  89. I love the strap holders which make it easy to put baby in and out of the car seat, the look of it with it being leather and the easy way to adjust the height of it without uninstalling the seat.

  90. I love the 45lb rear facing limit and the stylish black coloring. The adjustable harness height/headrest is a great feature too!

  91. I’m a facebook friend and commented on your wall.

    I am also subscribed to the newsletter emails.

    I love the ease of changing the harness height and the rear facing weight limit! I love Peg Perego, that’s why we chose it for our infant seat.

  92. My favorite feature is the easy tab to change the height of the harness straps, no rethreading! The leather also looks very fancy.

  93. I especially love the rear facing insert so that my baby can stay more comfortable. I also love that it is stylish and my hubby would love something that matched his car for when he has the kids every day.

  94. This car seat looks awesome! The best feature of the car seat is the adjustable harness. This is brilliant! I love that the car seat isn’t bulky either.

  95. I love the rear-facing to 45 lbs. That is awesome. I also like the ease of use (i.e. adjusting straps).

    I subscribe to the newsletter and on You Tube.

  96. I follow you on Pinterest. I like you on FB and have repinned to Pinterest! I love your blog! Would love the car seat for my LO!

  97. I love the side impact protection!! I currently have the Peg Perego Infant car seat and that is what drove my husband and I to purchase it!! I am now looking for a convertible car seat and love this one!! Fingers Crossed!!!

  98. I love this car seat! The easy harness adjustment Is fabulous! I liked you on Facebook!
    Holly is awesome!

  99. This car seat is AMAZING!! I especially like the rear facing until
    45 lbs feature! This is so great to keep little ones safer longer!
    I hope I win! My daughter really needs a new safe car seat.

  100. I like the fabric. My baby gets so sweaty in his carseat. The harness out of the way hooks are really nice too.

  101. I love this car seat! It looks great and offers superior safety due to the side impact protection and large rear-facing limit.

    You tube name is be3ptr0.

  102. I love the high rear-facing limit on this car seat! I want to keep my son rear facing as long as possible. I’m sure my husband would appreciate the leather and lack of a cutesy pattern. 🙂

  103. please don’t make me sign up for pinterest – I’m already addicted to Faceboo (and chocolate) and that’s more than enough.

  104. Our daughter has special needs and has very low tone. To lift her into the care seat is difficult and more so when she almost always sits on the buckles and has the shoulder straps coughs behind her back. Love the feature that holds these straps out of the way. The height adjustment is also awesome as I have three littles that are close to the same size and like to shuffle cars eats.

  105. i love the strap holders and the adjustable head/strap piece. definitely a nice feaature for getting the kid in and out easily.

  106. On this car seat I really love the fact that you do not have to re thread the straps. With how fast my kids seem to grow, that makes for an amazing feature.

  107. The easily moving harness on the top is AWESOME! I hate having to adjust carseats and this one looks really super easy.

  108. I wrote on your FB wall. Thank you for the awesome chance to win some amazing products!! You always have the best give aways! Now time to win!

  109. LOVE your give aways and would love to win! Especially this car seat!! I have a 5 month old daughter and would love this for her 🙂 You always have the best reviews, and I always go to your site and youtube to look up anything before being bought 🙂

  110. I love the narrower width of the carseat and the great no thread harness. I had an infant peg perego seat and like the similar features

  111. I LOVE that this seat can be used up to 70 lbs! Mine ends at 50 libs. and I already need a new one. This one looks like it could really solve that problem.

  112. Rear facing up to 45lbs!!! Awesome! Though I wonder how tight the leg fit will be on a 45lb child. Not crazy about the elastic loops for holding back the harness … I’m wondering how easy those are to work with one hand? Spiffy leather though.
    Also, at that price I’ll hope to win it in the give away, because my Britax is already at the top of my budget.

  113. Love the high rear facing weight limit for this car seat.
    We liked you on FB and posted a shot out.
    We are subscribed to your YouTube channel for a bit already, and we also receive the weekly newsletters.
    Just followed you on Pinterest, and pinned the review.

  114. I LOVE ALL the features! Especially the LATCH straps that swing from front to back and the adjustable headrest.. AWESOME!

  115. I love that the rear facing limit is 45lb. I have a three year old who would be able to rear face by height and weight with these high limits!

  116. My favorite feature is the high rear facing limit! I plan on keeping my son rear facing until the max of his car seat and 45 lbs would keep him for a long time!

  117. I love the price versus quality that this carseat has in the market. It is an item that any mom can afford. Thank you Peg Perego!