Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 9 – Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 9 - Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Congratulations to our Day 9 winner –

Entry #530 – Holly M. from Savannah, GA

It’d be fine if you won Day 9!

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Day 9

Today is day 9 and we are celebrating the brand new Baby Jogger City Mini GT. Yes, THE City Mini GT!  It is the beloved City Mini but souped up with forever-air tires, taller seat back, adjustable handlebar, new handbrake and easier access to the basket. The new tires will handle more of the all-terrain that life will throw at us.


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  1. I know for a fact this is one of the best strollers out there and more than anything I want to be able to give that to my new one coming in the next month. I posted on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogger, this blog, I liked it on Facebook, and everything else I can possibly do.

    I’m a city girl so my favorite thing about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is that it’s functional to my lifestyle. I love that I have some say in the handlebars and that the seat is wider so I can ensure my little one is enjoying the ride as much as I am. Safety is key and that’s what this stroller provides.

    Hope to win but either way thanks to Baby Gizmo Blog a child somewhere will be comfortable, safe, and happy and Mom too! Thanks for all you do.

  2. I love the improvements of this one! The easy access to the basket is a real bonus for me as the old one is really annoying!

  3. I love that they finally put an adjustable handlebar on there (for short moms like me)! I also love the new locking feature and the curved bar by the basket. In my old City Elite it was a pain to access the basket! I also like the new hand brake, very cool!

  4. I love the adjustable handle bar. I’m really short and my husband is really tall. We need a new stroller so bad! This stroller would be a dream come true.

  5. love this stroller.have the micro. compact one hand fold is the best feafure. i also subscribe to ytube channel as hbaileyecu

  6. Love the ventilated back that you can cover if you don’t want the air to flow through. The handbrake was a close second favorite feature.

  7. I am a long lover of baby jogger strollers! I especially drool over the easy access basket, forever air tires and easy fold. Thanks for having this opportunity!

  8. 65lbs weight limit! That is awesome! My 50lb son would fit perfect. I really need something for spring because he just can’t keep up! 🙂

  9. So much to love about this stroller! My favorite features are the air filled tires, the large sun canopy, the easy adjust harness & the height adjustable handle bar! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for another great give-a-way!

  10. I really liked how easy it was to fold and unfold the baby jogger city mini gt stroller. I also loved that the brake was on the body of the stroller versus at your feet near the wheels.

    YouTube = oshimbo
    Pinterest = mrsoshimbo

  11. I like the adjustable handlebar but my favorite is how easy and quickly it folds up. you made it look so easy! Im trying to get back in shape and have been looking on CL for a jogger. this would be awesome!

  12. This Stroller is awesome!!! I love all the new features Auto fold lock is my favorite! I hate when my stroller opens up when I’m trying to put it in or out of the car!

  13. I really like the adjustable handle, that the seat reclines approx 150 degrees and the mesh, that the seat is bigger, and the large canopy.

  14. Wow, this stroller has so many features that I love! I like that it has a capacity of 65 lbs. and the all terrain tires would be great on our 5 acres.

  15. I am in love with the hand brake on this stroller! I have never seen one before and I do like my flip flops in the summer.

    Pinterest – bnnsplit2

  16. youtube username – garlimay.. subscribed to your channel! i LOVE all your videos.. makes adjusting to parenthood and baby gear SO much easier! thanks Holly!

  17. oh boy! where should I start? I love the adjustable handle! It’s a great change! The break and automatic lock when folding is genius!!!! and did I forget to mention the tires…. air filled, but don’t have to be refilled! Unbelievable!!!

  18. I would love to win this! My favorite features would be the adjustable handle (my husband is a full foot taller than me!) and the size….. we have tall kids! My youtube name is Pianca77.

  19. I love the weight capacity. A stroller for a newborn and an older child seems to be so hard to find. I also love the adjustable handle.

  20. I love the bigger, better tires and the slightly larger seat. They made a wonderful stroller just that much better! Yay!

  21. I have been wanting a jogger for a while now, but it just hasn’t been in the budget! Good luck to all the entries and thank you baby gizmo for hosting these amazing giveaways!

  22. I like clipable straps neat idea. the weight limit is great as well becasue well my 2.5 years old needs a stroller that can handle her size

  23. I love everything about this stroller and would love to own one. If I had to pick one thing it would be the forever tires.

  24. I love absolutely everything about this stroller – twice over! We have the double but I’m dying to get the single version now that our oldest wants to walk during outings! It’d be such a blessing to win this! Fingers crossed! Super tightly!

  25. Oh man, I really, really hope I win. I love the features of the new City Mini GT. My favorite feature is the forever tires, my husband’s would be the adjustable handle bar.

  26. **I love how large the canopy is! A must have for me! Also the great hand lock!!!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  27. I love the city mini and the gt is awesome because of it’s wheels. I can go over rougher terrain! I also love the hand brake!
    Pinterest name armywife6110

  28. This stroller ROCKS! LOVE the large basket and HUGE canopy…our little man is due in 26 days, he’d look amazing in it 🙂

  29. I loved the 65 lb weight limit, since my 2.5 year old is currently 37lbs. – but then you did the cool one handed fold and the automatic click- and it was amazing! I want to win this super bad!

  30. I have babysat for so many years and have found so many strollers to be very cumbersome and difficult to figure out. I loveee how this stroller has so many easy features. I love the adjustable handle bars and how roomy the seat is. It really seems to fit everything I am looking for in a stroller and would be beyond excited to have this for my first kid!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  31. I love so much about this stroller! The mesh back to the seat, the clips on the seat instead of rethreading. The curved bar so you can get into the basket is genius. This seems like a really great stroller.

    Seriously love the large canopy also!


  32. This form isn’t long enough for me to post all the things I love about the BJCM GT. It’s seriously one of the perfect strollers made even better. I love love the forever tires. And the adjustable handlebar. And the canopy. I’m swooning!

    Youtube and Pinetrest name = Bgailr312

  33. I really like the forever air tires, but the automatic locking system is really awesome. Looks so easy to fold and unfold.

  34. I really like this stroller. I love how wide and comfortable it looks. I like the canopy and the easy brake. With these wheels it appears it would also be more comfortable to ride in!

  35. this stroller is so easy to fold and has such a large canopy to protect the little one!! plus i really like the curve bar they put in the basket area!!! great thinking

  36. I like the large mesh at the top of the seat. It gets hot here in the summer, and I often worry about overheating.

    My friend has the previous model of this and it seems so handy, I want this. 🙂

  37. I love how much this stroller reclines. I also can not believe how small this stroller folds.
    My Youtube name is Leslie Guenther

  38. Pinterest name LesleyTA, YouTube name ltallen123 What’s not to love? The one handed fold. The adjustable handle. The large seat. The forever air tires. The multi level recline. The window for air circulation in our hot D.C. weather. Baby Heaven!

  39. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller!!! It would be great as I could just use it and not need a compact and an all terrain stroller!

  40. Reeeeeeealy want to win this stroller. Really! Liked you on Facebook, liked the Facebook post, following you on pinterest (shannonrmills), subscribed to you on youtube (shannonrmills). C’mon big money! Let’s win this thing!!!

  41. I love the giant canopy and the super-easy fold with auto-lock. I also love a super smooth one-handed push so I can push the stroller and hold my four year olds hand while we walk. Almost forgot….the larger seat is great because I have tall kids!

  42. I love everything about this stroller… my favorite feature of all City Mini stollers is the one-hand fold, but the adjustable handlebar on the GT is what makes it perfect for me!

  43. Loved your youtube video. I liked all the features and explanations of how versatile it is as the child grows and all the weather protection with the canopies. The forever tires are great too

  44. I love the forever air tires! And the adjustable handle bar. Plus- the adjustment to the storage basket is really nice! Way to go Baby Jogger!

  45. I love the huge weight limit and adjustable handles!
    You tube subscriber-sradke1024
    Pinterest follower-Eco Baby Mama Drama

  46. I love that it hold a child up to 65 lbs, and the clip on the straps to adjust them instead of having to re-thread them! I would love to have a jogger, and this one is so nice!

  47. I love this stroller!!! Absolutely beautiful! My favorite feature is the HUGE mesh window that allows fresh air to circulate within the stroller! Little one will be comfy and stylish in this stroller!

  48. What’s NOT to love about this stroller…it has just about everything! I love the air tires, the 65lbs. capacity and the adjustable handles..etc. Thanks for this chance…and the best of luck to everyone.

  49. love love love the city mini GT…love the fact that it can accommodate a large weight capacity, it has a flexible handle bar, and love the fact that it moves easily…

  50. I love the City Mini GT. It sounds almost like the perfect stroller. The new wheels and the adjustable handlebar are truly great improvements to the existing City Mini. I would LOVE this stroller!!!

  51. I LOVE everything about this stroller it’s a dream stroller, my favorite things about it are the huge canopy, new all terain non air tires easy folding big seat and 65lbs weight capacity.

  52. I love so many things! I love the adjustable handlebar, the forever air tires, super compact fold for an AT stroller WITH automatic lock yay!

  53. I love that there is the capacity for a large bag, I cant seem to leave the house with out the kitchen sink so this is perfect. I also love that they have the two peek in windows depending on how sunny it is that day.

    Youtube CaseysMix10 channel
    Pinterest HalleyParker

  54. I love the easy fold. And I love that we just purchased the City Select in Onyx this afternoon at Elephant Ears in Ann Arbor and this City Mini would be a great additional stroller to have for running errands!
    pinterest name – kellypetz
    youtube name – kellywalro

  55. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel! I’m so glad my friend pinned this giveaway -Baby Gizmo is a super helpful resource!

    YouTube: jh05kelly

  56. Seems unbelievable that they have made this amazing stroller even better!! I LOVE the curved bar for better access to the basket underneath. The handle bar height is perfect for me as a taller mom but the adjustable feature is terrific for the times grandma and little cousins are out with us. I’m so- impressed with the City Mini, this is really a company that listens to parents and takes real world usage into consideration. Great highlight video!

  57. This stroller has been my dream stroller since I had my 3rd baby! I love the full-coverage canopy, the easy folding and storage, and the fluid maneuverability. Now that I have baby #4 I want this stroller more than EVER!

  58. There are so many things i love about this stroller… the easy folding.. canopy… all terrain. I’m due in August and could really use this stroller for jogging to get the baby weight off! Fingers crossed!

  59. This is the first time I watch baby gizmo video I’m super impressed love how you demonstrate with the kids ADORABLE! Love the canopy on this stroller it also covers the cold wind but I think I like the easy fold even more 🙂

  60. I don’t which feature I love the best the way the shoulder straps adjust, the way the stroller closes or the tires!! What an AMAZING stroller!!

  61. I love this stroller! The all terrain tires are awesome! I love that the handlebar is adjustable too. This would be perfect for me and my new baby boy! I’d love to win it!

  62. Favorite features easy fold and forever air tires
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    youtube karjac13
    pinterest Karla Montoya-Jacobs

  63. I love the weight capacity and the 8 1/2 ” all terrain tires! I love the maneuverability and how it easy it folds, too!

  64. Love the large canopy & large weight capacity! I also love that the hand break is on the side!!!! And OH-MY, look at that awesome fold!!!! Would love to have this stroller!

  65. Love the massive canopy and the all terrain tires with the forever air!
    Youtube: mybabysmama723
    Pintrest: bonnie723

  66. I can’t decide between the new forever air tires or the adjustable handle. Both awesome upgrades. I need this stroller!

  67. I would LOVE to win this!!!!! I have a very tall almost-year-old and the bigger seat would be perfect for her. We’ve tried a few strollers and have had issues with the height of the seats. Also love the mesh with the cover on the back on seat. The top of the seat backs can be an issue for taller kids as well. LOVE IT!!!!

  68. i am obsessed with this stroller!!! there are so many things to love but the way it folds and how it folds up is probably one of my favorite features. I also love the amazing sun shade and how easy it is to maneuver.

  69. I love how it folds! Would be so easy with my older kid running around to get the baby in/ out. Love that I can take it on any surface as we can’t stop where the side walk ends.

  70. Favorite feature — the adjustable handle. Strollers without them are just not even worth looking at (sorry standard City Mini). Love the Baby Jogger strollers!
    Pinterest: awes2themax

  71. Love the one handled fold..and the automatic lock!!
    YouTube: Clary Michel (Clary0423)
    Following on pinterest username Clary0423

  72. Every stroller should have clip adjustments like the GT, it is so annoying to rethread those straps. Love the curved bar on the under seat storage!

  73. There is not much that I don’t like a bout this stroller. I love the adjustable handle, the large canopy and the hand break, just to name a few.

  74. I have several favorites about this stroller. I love the way the handle bar adjusts and how the recline can be set at upright, flat or ANYWHERE in between. I also love how easy this is to fold and how compact it is when you are done!

  75. The easy folding is my favorite feature. I haave a huge double stroller now and it’s a pain in the butt to fold and put into my vehicle. I now need a nice easy foding and light weight stroller for our new baby girl. My older chidlren are done in the stroller!

  76. my favorite part is how easy it folds. I hate struggling with the big bulky stroller and this one seems like its a breeze to manage. Love it!

  77. I loooove the way this stroller folds! Looks so easy to handle with a baby in one arm and keeping track of a preschooler at the same time.

  78. Well I just bought mine, but one can nvr have too many fabulous strollers… I’ve been very happy with the adjustable handlebar, handbrake, and larger basket (plus we got a GReAT deal).

  79. WOW! I don’t think I can just pick one feature – the almost full recline for an infant or sleepy toddler. The amazing coverage of the canopy with two windows and of course the easily adjustable straps

  80. Do I have to pick ONE feature?! Those glorious tires! The lock for the fold! The better basket! The adjustable handle! Love all of those!!

  81. Seat size, recline, just about everything 🙂

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    Pin jacobsks77
    Fb follow, pin follow,, tube follow, blog follow 🙂

  82. I love the new curved bar on the lower storage basket. We have the City Mini Double stroller and my only complaint is that it is difficult to use the storage compartment under the stroller. And I totally agree that the peak-a-boo windows should use magnets.

  83. I LOVE this stroller. I like the adjustable rubber handlebar. The all-terrain tires are also great.

    Pinterest: Rebecca Sheehan
    You Tube: mutemavelle

  84. Those new wheels are great and love the 65 lb weight limit. I also follow you on Facebook and Pinterest – as Jessica Phelan

  85. I would love a stroller like this but can’t afford one….would be perfect for my new little one that’s due in june!

  86. This stroller is so awesome! I could write a song about it! Can I say I love everything about it, but I love how it folds best!!

  87. I love the all-terrain tires and the non-threading belt system. I also love the storage pocket and basket
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  88. I love the CM GT!!! I like that they added better wheels, a more plush seat, a hand brake and an adjustable handle. I want this stroller sooooo bad!

  89. Wonderful basket adjustment! It eliminates the struggle to get your diaper bag in and have it hanging from the handle bar. Love it. That and the adjustable handle. Great features.

  90. I LOVE that the buckle adjusting is SO EASY!!!! Also LOVE the big canopy. And the ease of fold. And the big tires. And how stylish it is. Did I mention I would LOVE to own this stroller!!!!!
    Following on pintrest: Robyn Winner

  91. I love the deep seat, the reg City Mini from last year did not have that and that is one of the big reason why I didn’t get it last year.

  92. I like the higher weight limit, great for older kiddos (I could wear baby and let older dd ride if she gets tired. I also like the forever air tires and the hand brake 😀

    Pinterest: ejsp522
    YouTube: ejsp22

  93. I love the new GT model with the more accessible basket, the new tires that will go over any surface, and especially the new 65 lb. weight limit!

  94. i live the easy access to the storage on bottom, the adjustable handle bars, and the awesome quick fold. This is my dream stroller!

  95. i follow on pinterest, and repinned! username rachelbyman,… and i also follow on youtube, username 111pebbles111 !

  96. I love so much about this stroller but I would say my favorites are the mesh window for recline and the padded harness that adjust so easily!

  97. I love the adjustable handle bar, the forever-air tires and the fact that this stroller can be used by an infant all the way up t0 a 65lb child. To top it all off- it folds VERY easily. We are definitely sold on this stroller!

  98. all terrain tires- does it for me and the overall sleek look of the stroller
    I follow you on FB, Twitter,
    You tube: underthestarrysky05
    Pinterest: starrysky05

  99. Love all the typical baby jogger features! Huge canopy, quick fold, maneuverability!

    YouTube: hhp1205
    Pinterest: Heather Parker

  100. I really like how they bent the bar in the back of the stroller so that the basket can be reached easier from the back. Also like the new tires, which are different from the original city mini. I have had my eyes on this stroller now for a while. Would love it for my 5 month old! What a great early bday present for me!!!

    youtube nandae888