Baby K’Tan Carrier Flash Giveaway

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Congrats to our winners:

Megan Kenny and her friend Cecelia Loganbill 

In honor of International Babywearing Week, we are throwing a flash giveaway to celebrate. On Monday, Gretchen shared a post about babywearing, what this week means and named a few of her favorite carriers. Today we are giving away one of those carriers – the Baby K’Tan! This is a FLASH GIVEAWAY so it only lasts 24 hours!! Yep, just a short 24 hours to enter this one but it’s another chance to win for you AND your friend!! (PLUS, CANADA IS IN WITH THIS ONE!!!)

The winner (and friend) will choose their size and color from any of the great Baby K’Tan styles including: Original Cotton, Organic Cotton, Prints, Breeze and Active styles.

While the winner can choose ANY style, we wanted to let you know that Baby K’tan recently introduced their new Active Baby Carrier!  The same great ready-to-wear carrier is made from new hi-tech performance fabric. The soft moisture-wicking fabric provides a unique cooling effect and moisture control for baby and caregiver. The Baby K’tan Active performance fabric also blocks over 90% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, protecting baby’s delicate skin.  Helping reduce the wearer’s body temperature as compared to other fabrics, it offers the ultimate comfort for carrying your baby while on the go! The new Baby K’Tan Active is available in two great new colors (Coral and Ocean Blue) and retails for $59.95.



What’s up for grabs:

One (1)Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier (any style and color)

One (1) Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier (any style and color) for the winner’s referral friend

HOW TO ENTER: Remember that this is a 24 HOUR GIVEAWAY!! Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only one mandatory entry and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not. Giveaway starts today at 11:59pm EST and ends at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, October 8 , 2014. US AND Canada only but not Quebec ! (Sorry, Quebec, but you have crazy rules up there!) But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

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  1. I would love to win because I want to have another baby soon, and it would be so nice to be hands free to help my 3-year-old and still be close to the newborn.

  2. I LOVE babywearing because it’s bonding time and it makes it easier to keep your eyes on the baby while you’re trying to get some stuff done

  3. I’ve been using baby k’tan but now with a baby boy I would love to have a boyish color since the one I have is pink. Plus we just moved to Hawaii recently so I would love to try out the new active wrap.

  4. Our family follows the attached parenting method and one of the most important is to have your baby in a sling with you as much as you can.

  5. I’m excited to babywear with my newest little angel after she gets here! I know babywearing helps with skin-to-skin contact and promotes bonding. It’s also super helpful when baby doesn’t want to be put down but you need to do things around the house! 😉

  6. Many reasons why I like to babywear, like the baby likes it and is quiet. also it’s nice to be close to the baby and have my hands free.

  7. These things are so beautiful, cozy and the closeness is so beautiful. I didn’t have anything like this with my first two, hopefully with our new future addition we’ll be able to have one!

  8. I love taking walks with my little one close to me! So much easier then taking the stroller. Also to get things done around the house!

  9. I have 3 children and have never been able to babywear! My oldest is autistic so the extra $ goes to his care but i have always wanted to and for me i would love to babywear to have my baby so close to my heart and i heard it’s good or colic and gas which she has some serious bouts of !

  10. I like to baby wear because it’s an absolute necessity for keeping your sanity with more than one child! Plus, who doesn’t love a snuggly baby on your chest?!

  11. I like the idea of baby wearing but I’m pregnant w my first so I have no idea what life will be like. I know I am not a fan of strollers, using one hand to do anything, or not being able to love on my little one. Solution-baby wearing!

  12. I like the idea of baby wear because you can keep your baby close, regulate their temperature and it seems so much more comfortable.

  13. I love baby wearing my little man! It lets me get things done around the house & he gets to be in the middle of it all (which he loves!)

  14. This would be perfect for my nephew and his wife, they just had a baby girl and also have a toddler. This is something they could use when they are out with both.

  15. I totally NEED one of these. My little one is due in March 🙂 I love the bonding cuddle time all the while getting things done!

  16. Having my hands free to take care of my older kids is priceless. Also, getting to snuggle with my little one before he’s old enough to fight me? That can’t be beat.

  17. I am hoping to have a little one in the near future, but I am planning on babywearing when my husband and I have kids because it keeps them close to you and helps with bonding 🙂

  18. I haven’t done it yet since I am expecting my first in a couple of weeks, but I am going to assume that I will love having her so close to me.

  19. Well, since I’m still “brewing my baby love” (9 weeks left), I believe the mobility + mommy & baby bonding time will be awesome!!

  20. About to have my 1st baby & would love to try this carrier. It’s so cute & seems like the perfect way to carry my little bundle of love.

  21. I’ve never owned any type of carrier, wrap or sling. 🙁 I’d love to win so I can baby wear my next little one since my baby is 2 1/2 years old. 🙂

  22. I would love to win one of these. They look so comfortable for mama and baby. It would be so helpful to snuggle baby and use my arms and hands for trying to get things done.

  23. I love babywearing because it’s a way for my baby and I to be close and bond, she loves to sleep when cuddled up,close, and it’s so much easier than lugging around the stroller.

  24. My little man doesn’t like the carrier I have. I would love to have one such as this because I think it would be so much more comfortable for him.

  25. My sister (whom I take care of on top of my 5 kids) had a little boy 3 months ago, she’s waaaaay too young to be a mother and literally has no idea what she’s doing.. I’ve tried to impress upon her the importance of baby wearing so she can go about her teenaged business and still be in contact with the baby instead of handing him off to me or putting him down every time she wants to do something.. it’s currently driving me crazy tryin to get this through to her.. winning one would be a blessing because I could lead by example, wearing him around the house so easily and she would see how simple it is… hopefully following suit.. I also have a dear friend who is pregnant with her first and I’d love to surprise her with something so wonderful!

  26. I know a mama friend that would love one of these and a mama friend thats expecting, both would be surprised at the gift. 🙂

    I love to babywear because I can keep my little one close during housework or when shes not feeling well and needs extra cuddles

  27. I will be completely new to babywearing since I am due any day with our first child. I am looking forward to having her close while still being able to use my hands and keep her upright instead of in a seat or stroller.

  28. Babywearing keeps your baby warm and snuggly right up against you…their most favorite place to be! Babies grow up faster than we would like them to…so might as well enjoy wearing them around now! 🙂

  29. So that I can have free hands and accomplish things around the house! Plus it make me feel close with my baby 🙂

  30. I love the bonding with a carrier when I need to use my hands! As my son has gotten older, I like being able to carry him without feeling as though my arms will fall off!

  31. Carrying a baby provides cozy comfort to both the Mommy (or Dad, or grandma etc.) and baby, and it makes life so much easier!

  32. I love baby wearing because it gives both you and baby a comfort feeling. It was also easier to nurse on the go and keep my hands free for the other kids.

  33. Babies just sleep better when next to you. Having something that does that and provides you with a hands free experience means you get things done without disturbing your little one. Win win for all.

  34. My sweet little one is due in March, and he/she will be our first. I want to babywear and have a baby K’Tan on my registry but would love to be able to take it off! I’m excited about snuggling my baby constantly, giving him/her the comfort and security of being close to Mama, and how much it’ll allow me to do around the house all at the same time. 🙂

  35. I love wearing my baby girl! She loves being close to me, and I can be free to do housework and help my other 3 small children. It’s a lifesaver!

  36. I like baby wearing because it keeps the child close and it helps me to be able to keep up with my older kids. It really makes multitasking simple and easy for the busy mom.

  37. My friend would love one just as much as I do, especially so we can wear our babies (due 3 weeks apart) while we’re both out on maternity leave!

  38. I love to babywear because it keeps u and your baby close to each other …. Also it let u use both of your hands ….. You don’t have to use a big and heavy stroller… It’s easy to use ….love it

  39. 6 weeks pregnant for the first time. I’m trying to absorb of the baby stuff I might need! Ahhh soooo much stuff!!! This looks like a great item to have.

  40. I loved my Baby K’Tan, but sadly lost it earlier this year and I am still mourning its loss 🙁 It is on my list to buy for sure!

  41. My dear baby is due in March but I know I will love to wear my baby because it keeps him close as well as keeping your hands free to run errands.

  42. I’m becoming a dad in December, and all the baby-wearing options are a bit overwhelming. I’ve heard good things about Baby K’Tan and would love to have one!!!

  43. It would be really cool to have one of these, because my husband and I bought a convertible car seat, so we can’t carry the baby from the car to the house in the seat. Wearing the baby would be great for car-to-house and all the other places!

  44. I like to baby wear because it keeps my hands free to help my toddler, especially when preparing meals for him! Would love to win!

  45. I didn’t babywear a ton with my first, but my second comes in 2 weeks so this would be perfect to get an extra set of hands while keeping baby happy!

  46. I would love to win these for my daughter and my best friends daughter. I was just telling them both the other day how wonderful they are!

  47. I read Mei-Ling Hopgood’s book about parenting in other countries. The baby-wearing section really interested me and I’ve been baby-wearing ever since. Its so nice to be hands-free!

  48. Baby wearing was a sanity saver when my daughter was tiny, and I know it will be even more of a help this time as I take care of baby and chase after her big sister.

  49. Sooooo much easier to do things with 2 hands than with 1. And crowded places are a breeze when you don’t have. Stroller weighing you down!!

  50. I am expecting my first baby so I have not participated in babywearing yet, but I love the idea and planning on wearing my baby! I love the idea because you can keep your baby close to you all the time while having your hands free 🙂

  51. The free hands are a definite huge plus to baby wearing BUT the reason why I am so pro baby wearing is the comfort that you give to your child while wearing them. They feel your breath and your hear your heartbeat. You bond so much with your sweet little one while wearing.

  52. Baby wearing lets me smell my baby and feel her chest rise while she is soothed with my heartbeat! I would love to win ygja because my sister is havib her first child and i woukd love for her to feel the same thing! 🙂

  53. I have never owned one of these, but have always wanted one. They appear super comfortable for the baby and the mom or dad wearing the baby. I am about to have my third child and I will need two free hands. That is why baby wearing is so important to me. Plus I love the colors of the Baby K’Tan Carrier.

  54. I like to babywear because its so practical and it helps me stay close to my baby while getting other things done around the house 🙂

  55. I love the closeness/bonding with baby and how it frees my hands to be able to do other tasks around the house or while shopping.

  56. Both of my twins loved when I wore them around. Now with baby #3 I’ll need to wear baby so I still have free hands for them.

  57. The main reason I love babywearing is because it keeps baby close and gives me two hands to deal with my other children. )

  58. I’m expecting my first child in December and am really looking forward to baby wearing! I hope baby girl enjoys being worn so that I can be close to her while also being productive at home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Can’t wait to use one of these! Would love to win as I have heard nothing but great things about these, especially this brand!

  60. I love to baby wear because it is easier to walk the dogs, while keeping my baby boy close. We get that time to bond too.

  61. I love how I can have my baby with me while I work without sacrificing any of the contact with her. Without baby wear I would have to put her someplace else and miss out on all that wonderful time.

  62. I like to baby wear b/c I have two other children who still like to hold my hand while we are out. After I have baby #3, baby wearing will allow me to still hold all of my children close to me 🙂

  63. Baby wearing is great when you are going places that aren’t easily accessible with strollers. Or too crowded.
    And I loved having my winter baby in the carrier as I knew he’d be warm.

  64. I love babywearing because it allows me to stay close to my babes while still getting things done in other areas of my life. A win win!

  65. Love the ktan! Baby wearing absolutely saves my sanity most days. It makes it possible to get out of the house with 2 toddlers and a baby.

  66. I would love to win to give this to my sister. She would be able to do a lot more with the carrier then with a stroller. The joy of hands free!! 🙂

  67. I love baby wearing because it keeps baby close and comfortable while still allowing me a bit of hands-free flexibility. 🙂

  68. My little ones are more content when they are kept close and it’s so much easier to keep my newborn in a carrier and have my hands free for my very busy three year old.

  69. I babywear because it makes me a better mama! With a 2 year old, a 3 year old and a baby due in march babywearing is the only way I can be hands on all the time 🙂

  70. I like to baby wear because it has created a bond between my baby and I that is unlike no other! Also, i can do so much more while baby wearing… i have 2 older children that need attention too and this is the perfect way for me to balance our lives 🙂

  71. I love the coral color!!! So far, my 3 week old son is not a fan of the k’tan, but I may have the wrong size and need help from someone who knows what they’re doing!!

  72. Love how easy this carrier is – no long strips of fabric to tie or dangle in a parking lot. Plus it truly is hands free! When you have more than one, that’s a necessity.

  73. I baby wear because it is convenient. Being a mother there is always something I have to do. Baby wearing allows me to hold my precious baby close and still attend to the other children. Did I mention I love being able to use both hands when need to. Baby wearing is awesome

  74. I love the bond of babywearing! It was one of my favorite things when my 4-year old was little. With another coming in March (and many pregnant friends), I’d be thrilled to win one for me & a friend!! 🙂

  75. I have done a lot if research on baby wearing. I even went to Pinterest and learned how to DIY. But this is great and the second one I’ll give it to my aunt. She is also expecting around the same time as me.

  76. I love to baby wear. Our 2nd child is due in just a few more weeks and I have missed baby wearing so much. It is such a very special way to bond with baby.

  77. I love baby wearing because I can be hands free while doing other things but most importantly I love the closeness of having baby right up against me and how calm it makes them feel.

  78. I love to wear my babies. I’d never put them down if I could. Babywearing makes this possible but with the carriers I have one arm usually becomes unusable. This carrier looks amazing!

  79. I am looking forward to babywearing my baby girl due in February 2015, especially when her big sister will be 13 months old and most likely into everything! Having two hands free is a requirement!

  80. I like to babywear because it allows me to snuggle my baby while meeting the needs of my other children. Thanks for this giveaway!

  81. I’m due with my first baby in early December and I would love this awesome baby carrier! I love the idea of baby wearing, hopefully my son agrees!

  82. I love the security of having your baby close, for baby and yourself. Can still go about your day, know where you baby is, and knowing they are comfortable, secure, if breastfeeding can be fed. So many great reasons. I am due in November and can’t wait to do some more babywearing! My daughter is 2 1/2 now and is in her phase of no carrying her at all. ‘walk myself’ They grow up so fast!

  83. Let me count the ways…
    One… He sleeps much more soundly during the day if he’s in his wrap
    Two… Nursing him while going for a stroll is so awesome
    Three… Bonding
    Four… I can do chores around the house (except cooking) with him! Multitasking, yay!
    Five… Snuggles and kisses. Hello, that should’ve been reason number one 🙂

  84. Our first baby is due November 15 and I am excited to baby wear because of the relationship and closeness it will foster. Plus I’m sure it will be easier to get things done around the house with my hands free!

  85. I’ve really enjoyed babywearing this time around for a number of reasons. My son is very active, so at first it was nice to keep up with him while having his baby sister with me. I also was able to still do things with her, like cook and clean. It also helps put her to sleep. Then there’s the out and about part- it’s way easier than strollers, and people don’t try to touch her in a carrier.

  86. My lovely niece Ali just had her first the other day, and he’s BEAUTIFUL!!!! He’s a sweetie pie in need of some wearing!!!

  87. I recently had my first baby and being able to wear my baby would allow me to do things that need to be done while keeping her close!

  88. I love to babywear, because it keeps my baby close to me and let’s me get things done around the house without having to sacrifice spending time with my son! 🙂

  89. I love babywear so I can keep my baby close to my heart. Even thought I do not have one yet would love to win one in time for the arrival of our baby boy on Dec 26. We can begin our bonding process ^_^

  90. I would love to have one because getting things done would be easier!! Have 2hands and my baby would be happier cause she is close to me!!

  91. I’m excited to try this type of babywear. When my girls were little I just got those ones you put on your back.. Not very comfortable!!

  92. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd. I have loved wearing both babies and used the moby sand ergo. Would love to try the ka’tan!’

  93. I have 4 weeks left in my pregnancy with a toddler as well- this baby carrier would make things much easier with free hands!

  94. I live wearing my baby, haven’t been able to find a comfortable carrier yet. This one looks awesome!! Would love to win it.

  95. Plan on baby wearing with my daughter after she is born. But I never did it with my son. I think it would be great because you can get things done and your baby gets all the comfort of being carried.

  96. O love to baby wear because I can keep my princess close to me and I can actually use both my hands and get some work done around the house:)

  97. It makes baby feel safe and secure, while freeing my arms up to do things around the house. I really love using these for hiking as well. 🙂

  98. I am a gma of 4 with one arriving in January. I will be babysitting this Grandbaby and would love one to carry him around! !

  99. I love to win one- my daughter loves being wrapped but I only have one wrap would love go try out this one and see if I like it better

  100. Having a baby in winter in Canada, I think baby wearing will be a great alternative to a stroller when we want to get outside for a bit.

  101. i babyewear because my dauhter is 9 months but only the s of three months and has some health issues and i have two othe rtoddlers to run after so if really helps

  102. I’m due with my second boy in March and would love to have him close and secure to me while I’m running around chasing the other one! 🙂

  103. All of my friends with two babes say that having a carrier is a life saver. Used a bjorn with my first son but it killed my back! I’ve heard awesome things about k’tans and would love to have one for when baby 2 comes in January!

  104. I love to baby wear while running errands in my small town so I don’t have to keep strapping baby in and out of the car. Also love the cuddles and kisses

  105. I like to babywear because it keeps my hands free to take care of my toddler and get things done around the house. Its also a great conversation starter to get to know other moms!

  106. I’m pregnant with my second daughter and never did baby wearing with the first so I’m excited to try a KTan with our new princess.

  107. I love to babywear! It keeps baby calm and relaxed bc she’s close to mommy and lets me have 2 hands to get more done!

  108. I love happy babies and wearing them close to me has given me 2 happy kiddos and now I have 1 more coming in February. I would love this carrier.

  109. I love baby wearing as I can still cook and clean while holding baby (and nursing is much easier lol). I wear my infant and toddler some days.

  110. I like to babywear for many reasons. First of all, we have 4 children ranging in age from newborn to 10 years, so I don’t know what I would do if we didn’t babywear! The second reason is because we practice attachment parenting and BWing is the easiest way, besides nursing, to calm an upset baby or toddler.

  111. When I had my second I had to start baby wearing because leaning far over enough to hold a 14 month olds hand is hard when holding a large, heavy, and bulky car seat carrier. Now with my tiny third baby, a girl after two toddler boys) there’s no way I can play all over the park with them if I have to stay by the car seat carrier, I can’t easily feed her and be present with them unless she’s being worn and not fully held and supported all by me, and the best reason is having them close.

  112. I love to baby wear because I can smell my baby’s head all the time:) it brings us a closeness holding him just doesn’t do!

  113. We are still waiting on our little one to arrive, however, we plan on baby wearing! We have heard so many great things – it’s a good way to bond, if baby is fussy you can wear them and still have to free hands!

  114. My little girl isn’t here yet but I love the idea of being close to my baby while still being able to get things done! Getting to bond with her like that will be amazing for myself and my husband!

  115. I have a few friends that have the K’tan and they love it. They say it’s quick and easy to put on but most of all comfy.. So I would love to be able to get one;-)

  116. Oh I have a lot of reasons. Baby snuggles has to be the top one! But, let’s be serious. I have four kids (8 and under) and two hands. Anything I can do to even the score even a little bit, I do!!! 🙂

  117. I baby wear to keep her close and snuggle while I am still able to get things done at home or out and about. Less bulky than a stroller in stores as well!

  118. I like to babywear to keep my baby close and snuggly. This keeps my hands free, I don’t have to navigate a clunky stroller all over, and also keeps people from trying to touch my baby! 🙂

  119. I live carrying my baby because of the closeness. Can never get too many cuddles. And its so convenient depending on where you are…no fuss of a stroller. K’tan makes the experience so comfortable!

  120. I LOVE baby wearing and my next little bundle of joy is due in February. So I would just love to win one to carry her around in. And the other one would go to my girlfriend who just had her first baby on September 27th! What a great gift it would be!

  121. I am due in March 2015 and I would be able to keep my little one next to my heart and safe while having free hands to keep my day going.

  122. Further to my above comment, I would love to baby-wear not only to feel close to my little one but to have my hands free to do other things while I’m carrying him or her! 🙂

  123. I am due in Jan 2015 and this would make everyday tasks with my new bundle of joy so much more easier! How I could appreciate this. 🙂

  124. I love this product because it help make every day mom life a bit easier, and with 3 kids i need all i can get. plus my eldest is a wrestler and this would help me be right there next to him on the mat.

  125. I love to babywear because he is about to explore and I’m able to multitask. All while still being able to cuddle and kiss him. 🙂

  126. I just had a baby 1 week ago today and this would be perfect way to carry him so I can apend time with my older kids and get house work done! I hope I win!

  127. Love being close to my baby, snuggles -they are only this little for so long. Time flies, so I want to enjoy all of it. Plus being able to do chores around the house, be hands free when shopping, and going on walks to the park or beach. Love baby wearing!

  128. Babywearing got me through the early months with both my kids. Neither would nap anywhere other than on my chest, I would never have gotten anything done with out wearing them. I love wearing my kids and having them close!

  129. I’m due with baby #1 in 2 weeks and would love to try this piece of baby wear. I think life would be so much easier.

  130. This will be perfect for my 2nd baby due to arrive in December. I have a small frame, so I think this type of carrier will work better than my previous one.

  131. I like to baby wear because my lil guy relaxes so much when he’s cuddled up to me, & he falls asleep in the carrier I have borrowed from a friend. It’d do wonderful for me as well because I love him being so close to me, & cause I would have my hands free. 🙂

  132. Baby wearing helps me to keep my youngest son safe from his older siblings. They just love him so much that they try to pick him up, but aren’t quite strong enough to actually carry him. I also wear my middle child occasionally for some special mommy – daughter bonding time.

  133. I LOVE baby wearing! Ever since my son was a newborn we’ve been taking him on walks in our carrier! I love having him close to me! I also use mine when I cook! Sometimes Henrie just doesn’t like to sit in his chair while I run around like a headless chicken in the kitchen!

  134. I love to it because it calms and soothing for the baby. Not to mention love having my two hands free to do other things around the house or shopping

  135. I love baby wearing because it keeps my little guy close to me and I’m able to get this done. With an 11 week old and 2 year old it also allows me to keep both happy most if the time 🙂

  136. I haven’t done baby wear before. I’m expecting baby#2 in January and with a toddler running around I’ve been looking into it more. I coikdvr benifited from a carrier with my first for he was a hold me baby but I’m not talented with sewing and I couldn’t buy one st the time. I keep entering carrier giveaways in hopes in getting one but if luck isn’t on my side I will somehow find a way to buy one this time around 🙂

  137. My daughter is going to be a first-time mommy early next year (which makes me a first-time grandma!) and I’d love to be able to give her a wrap and to have one at my house for whoever wishes to baby-wear. I like how it frees up your hands and helps makes baby feel secure. Good for bonding. 🙂

  138. loved wearing my son and now my daughter. Love the warmth and how close they are. I love holding them too, but your arms give out after awhile. Especially if you have a chubby one. hehe Plus I would love to try out a wrap.

  139. Would love to have one of these!! I have only heard great things about them!! I’m due Jan. 1st with baby number 3, and it’s a girl this time!! Wish I would have had one to wear my boys with, I tried my friends on with her baby and it was amazing!!

  140. Love baby wearing & keeping myself hands free. I baby wear while shopping, walking, dropping the kids off at school , the park….

  141. My first child is due next month so I can’t give a reason why I like to since I’ve never done it. However, I would imagine it would be easier to get things done if one were babywearing, especially if baby’s being fussy, and I would definitely like to try it out.

  142. Well, if I have to pick just one of the many reasons I love baby wearing, being able to easily kiss baby’s soft fuzzy head would probably be the #1!

  143. Bonding, cuddles, allows me to be hands free to do things around the house, and we love going on walks with the little one. Whats not to love!

  144. Baby wearing is a life saver! I love being able to have them close to me and still be able to do chores, shop, and play with my toddler. My bonus I get to kiss them whenever I want. Baby wearing rules!

  145. I’d love this because I have 2 under 2 and my husband is deploying shortly after the birth of #2. Trying to make my life easier with two littles.

  146. I would like to win Because my son and I love to be together and a carrier that can help me stay close and bond with my son means so much to me and being able to carry him in more than one position so we don’t get bored.

  147. I like to babywear because I have 5 littles, ranging in age from 8 down to 8 mos. Babywearing allows me to hold and cuddle my attached baby while loving up on my other kiddos!

  148. I haven’t had my rainbow baby yet, but when he/she arrives in April, I am excited to babywear for close snuggles, being able to take the dog for a walk easily, and breastfeeding on the go! The k’tan is at the top of my wish list!

  149. So many reasons to love babywearing! Keeps them close and happy, hands free, so much less bulk than a stroller when on the go or baby holding contraptions when at home…

  150. Oh, I would love this. No tails in the winter snow. I loaned out my moby, and I’m assuming I’ll never see it again, and my little boy can come any time now!

  151. Baby wearing is one of the most beneficial methods for years, and I hope to be able to do the same for the bonding experience 🙂

  152. I like to wear my baby because I get to keep him close while still able to move around with out the bulk and extra weight of strollers and baby carriers.

  153. I loved holding my babies close to me! I’m hoping to win this carrier for my oldest daughter–who is expecting a baby in November.

  154. I was just looking their website yesterday and completely fell in love with it!!! Love how easy it looks to wear in their ‘how-to’ videos! I’m having my second baby after 11 years and this time, I definitely want to try baby-wearing!! Wantbto leep my little one close at all times!!!

  155. I live In NYC- baby wearing is the Only way to get around! ! And we love it. We get to be close, he gets to nap if he wants and see things from up high if he’s awake. And we can take the pup for a walk and have free hands. So good.

  156. This is my first baby but I would think it would make life in general easier…breast feeding in public, cleaning the house, etc…can’t wait for my lil girl to get here so I can “wear” her 🙂

  157. I am looking into trying a baby carrier like this! Expecting a baby in January & this would be great carrier to snuggle and carry him.

  158. I love to keep my babies as close as I can for as long as I can! They’re only so little for so long! What a wonderful feeling!

  159. Baby wearing is easier than pushing a stroller through a crowded mall or the school pick up area. Plus keeps baby close and both of us warm!!

  160. I like to babywear so I can actually get stuff done around my house, also I just like snuggling & having my baby close to me!

  161. There are so many reasons to love baby wearing besides the bonding it’s the hands free lifestyle to get things done that is so appealing 🙂

  162. I love having the warmth of my baby girl near me and knowing she’s comfortable cuddled up with mommy listening to my heartbeat and voice.

  163. I LOVE baby wearing! Hands free constant cuddles, walking and breastfeeding at the SAME TIME! So many things I love about baby wearing! It’s just more convenient then pushing a stroller!

  164. Too many reasons to pick just one! Lil Bit loves to cuddle, makes breastfeeding on the go easier, frees my hands up, helps my back! I could go on…

  165. I love babywearing because it gives me the opportunity to multitask. Figuring out how to nurse in it was a huge time and sanity saver.

  166. I loved our k’tan with our first! Just had our second and would love for my husband to be able to baby wear and bond with our newest son the same way!

  167. I love baby wearing because I know it’s good for me and good for my son. I love having him hang around like a little Koala bear!! But…he hates the Ergo! I neeeed this wrap! 🙂

  168. I love wearing my babies. So much more bonding time!! And I can get things done at the same time 🙂 and I can give my older kids more attention because I’m not totally preoccupied with the baby.

  169. My baby had colic and reflux and carrying her was about the only way she felt comforted. I loved baby wearing because it helped me to be able to get things done around the house.

  170. I wore my daughter until she was almost two! First in front and then in back. Kept her feeling safe, kept my hands free, and gave me peace of mind knowing that 1-nobody could steal her and 2-she wasn’t going to run off. I plan to do the same with my next child!

  171. I need this! I have a cuddly 7 week old who is definitely attached and this would make it easier to get things done with her with me. I’m also a foster parent so I can have other kids in my house too. It would be one well used carrier! To top it off I have friends who are expecting and need this so the win one for a friend deal is really an awesome deal.

  172. I would LOVE to win this – I’m five days overdue with my second. My first was in his wrap for much of his first 5 months. We both loved it and being hands free with a toddler on the run will make life easier!

  173. i love babywearing because it enables me to meet the needs of both my kids at the same time. no one has to wait for attention!

  174. I like baby wearing because it make her feel safe to be close to me. Easy cuddles, and keeps me hands free. We have used baby wearing since 2011 when I had my first little one 🙂

  175. I like to baby wear because it keeps your little ones close to you, and you are then able to use both hands which can come in handy in keeping baby happy and getting things done around the house, or out and about!

  176. Sooooo many reasons why I love to babywear but one of my secret favorite reasons is because it is easy access to rubbing their cute little bottom!


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