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Back-to-School is next week for many cities which means parents all over the country are scrambling for those last minute school supplies. While we load up on pencils, scissors, rulers, crayons and notebooks, we can’t forget about some kid’s favorite part of the day – lunch time!

This week’s Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway is all about a Fit & Fresh lunch! We will have TWO winners – each reaching a special prize pack that is sure to make your child’s lunch that much better. One lucky winner will receive a Girl Prize Pack and a second lucky winner will receive a Boy Prize Pack.

Fit n Fresh


Gabby Insulated Lunch Bag (Hoot print)    

This insulated bag is made from durable, easy to clean fabric, has an easy to grip fabric handle and a large outside pocket for your child’s favorite electronic or book. An interior mesh pocket is perfect for holding an ice pack, utensils and condiments.

Lunch Pak Carrier (pink/green)

The Lunch Pak carrier can carry a whole meal all in one box. Store a sandwich on the bottom that will never be squished, then use the tray on top to store snacks or even a juice box! The ice pack can be snapped onto the lid or onto the bottom of the tray to keep the whole meal fresh and cool for lunch time.

Bento Lunch Kit (Woodstock print)

The Bento Lunch Kit is the perfect solution to no more squished sandwiches, flattened grapes or crushed pretzels! It includes two half cup bento pods and removable, reusable ice pack clips into the lid or to the bottom of the tray to keep foods chilled and fresh until lunchtime. Plus, the insulated travel bag keeps everything in one spot.

(1) 2-Cup Container with Ice Pack  (pink/green)

This leak-proof 2 Cup Chilled Containers are just the right size for pasta salad or kid friendly veggies. Clip the removable ice pack into the lid and feel good knowing your child’s food is kept fresh and yummy.

(1) 1-Cup Container with Ice Pack  (pink/green)

Prep fruits, veggies or snacks in advance and use the side markings for proper portions. Clip the removable ice pack into the lid and feel good knowing your child’s food is kept chilled, fresh and yummy. The new 1 Cup Chilled Containers feature a soft TPE lip that makes it easy for your child to open and leak-proof!

Kid’s Dip ‘n Dunk Snack Container  (pink/green)

Perfectly portioned servings of vegetables are a tasty treat when dipped, dunked and munched! With its snap-in ice pack and leak resistant lid – the sky’s the limit on fun and healthy eating! Container holds 1 cup of fruits or veggies, and inner tray holds 2 tablespoons of dip.



Liam Insulated Lunch Bag (Street print)

Pack your child a healthy lunch in a reusable lunch bag to encourage healthy eating, save money and help the environment. Made from durable, easy to clean fabric, this cool lunch bag has an easy grip, with fabric handles and a zipper closure. An interior mesh pocket is perfect for holding an ice pack, utensils and condiments.

Lunch Pod (yellow/blue)

Fit & Fresh has the convenient answer to keeping your child’s lunch chilled, fresh and healthy- a removable ice pack! Add some great music play and your child will never want to trade their lunch again! Rock ‘n Lunch Pod comes with lunch pod container, lid, removable ice pack that snaps into the lid.

4-Pack Cool Coolers Ice Packs

These popular Cool Coolers Ice Packs are perfectly sized to fit in all types of lunch bags and boxes.

(1) 2-Cup Container with Ice Pack (yellow/blue)

(1) 1-Cup Container with Ice Pack (yellow/blue)

Meal Carrier (yellow/blue)

Store a sandwich on the bottom that will never be squished, then use the tray on top to store snacks or even a juice box! The ice pack can be snapped onto the lid or onto the bottom of the tray to keep the whole meal fresh and cool for lunch time.

For more information on Fit & Fresh, visit their website at:

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One (1) Girls Fit & Fresh Prize Pack (6 Items – see above!)

One (1) Boys Fit & Fresh Prize Pack (6 Items – see above!)


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  1. My favorite go-to lunch food for the kiddo’s is whole wheat wrap spread with almond butter, nutella, sliced banana and apple, topped with cinnamon and a side of carrot sticks. A perfect combo of carbs, necessary fats, protein, fruit, veggies and a lil’ bit of fun sweetness

  2. My son is going into 1st grade and where we live we half half-day Kindergarten so it will be his first time eating at school. It would be amazing to be able to send him with all of this fantastic stuff.

  3. the boy or girl i have both and then what kid to take they eat lunch in school but the they like to take juice and then cheese and cracker

  4. My daughter loves peanut butter and jelly sandwich with greek yogurt and celery sticks. But she only went twice a week last year. This year, with three times a week, we’re going to switch things up more. I’m excited to make her soup and meat roll-ups and so much more.

  5. My son loves cheese meat and crackers or breakfast burritos. He doesn’t care what time if day it is… He will eat a breakfast burrito.

  6. My daughter loves smoothies in her lunch box. I fill and freeze a reusable food pouch. It helps keep the other items in her lunch cool, and it’s thawed in time for lunch.

    She also likes hard boiled eggs. And anything special, like a little cookie. It’s a constant challenge to pack a lunch that she’ll actually eat!

  7. Favorites include cold mac’n’cheese with spinach mixed in, fruit and veggie smoothies with chia seeds, and dessert of greek yogurt with frozen fruit (especially blue berries).

  8. I love the hoot pattern and I’m very nervous about packing lunch this year since we havetons of allergies this would make it so much easier.

  9. My son is just starting kindergarten this fall so I havn’t had to do lunches yet, but I’m looking for ideas for lunches

  10. Boars Head Everoast Chicken Breast on whole wheat bread is my boys favorite 🙂 Also string cheese, blueberries, crackers, yogurt, etc.

  11. My kiddo isn’t in school yet but those lunchboxes look adorable and would be perfect for our frequent trips in car/plane!

  12. New to the lunch-to-go scene as my oldest is just starting kindergarten, but she loves almond butter and jam rolled up in a wrap. Berries and watermelon chunks are also a must for most days.

  13. Sadly right now my son’s favorite foods are hot dogs and my homemade chicken strips. At least the chicken strips are pretty healthy…

  14. My daughter’s “favorite sandwich” and her lunch at least 2x/week during the school year is a turkey & cheddar sandwich.

  15. We love our panini press! I’ll make a quesadilla with cheese and whatever leftover meat we have from the previous night’s dinner.

  16. Both of my kids LOVE lunchables or PB&J’s with some apple slices, and chips and of course their “baby waters” or baby bottled water or a juice box 🙂

  17. my son loves PB&J but since his school is nut free he eats wowbutter and jam! Gotta have cheese and carrots in there as well for him!

  18. Ignore my last comment, I made it before I read the raffle copter thingie. My go to is pasta with fresh veggies and cheese.

  19. My sons usual lunch is the meat, crackers, and cheese options with an apple and juice or milk. His favorite lunch would be what he calls his buffet, where he gets to choose his favorite foods in the house and eat them all at once for lunch, but that isn’t an option for school day lunches.

  20. My daughter is a foodie and will eat just about anything! She LOVES whole wheat chicken quesadillas with all the fixings with a side of peaches and a cold cup of milk or she will happily eat a almond and apple butter sandwich with a side of broccoli and mango for desert!

  21. My son loves an array of color for lunch. Colorful veggie chips, red strawberries, cheeses, nuts and colorful veggie pasta. All these items pack perfectly for lunch too!

  22. no nitrate pepperoni, cheese, hummus, crackers, snap peas and chocolate milk is my boy’s favorite lunch!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  23. My son is quite easy and east just about anything. He’ll eat a sandwich or pasta…. My daughter on the other hand will not eat any bread!! She does not like the taste. So I always have to have pasta in the fridge ready for the next day or I send her tuna with some veggies and crackers….

  24. Our daughters go to for lunch is peanut butter. On toast, on a bagel, scooped with pretzels, wrapped in a tortilla doesn’t matter as long as there is peanut butter.

  25. I don’t have to go lunch boxes yet and this will be awesome to win for my boy he loves crackers and Pb&J .. thank you all for the chance and this will be an awesome birthday for him 🙂

  26. for take to school lnch- hummus- peppers- cheese, blackbean chips they love – they also love cold pb stirfry vegetables and pasta

  27. My son will be starting pre-school in a couple of weeks, so I see a lot of pb&j’s in my future. It’s his favorite go-to lunch, with a cup of yogurt or chips.

  28. My daughter takes her lunch every day to ensure a milk-free lunch as she is cow milk intolerant.

    Her favorite lunch to take is pizza! we make it with whatever kind of bread we have, but her favorite is a bagel… I pull out some of the inner breading to make it a stuffed pizza bagel… marinara/pizza sauce (or use some olive oil for white pizza) vegan cheese (any flavor… and can be soy or rice… she likes both), fresh or frozen spinach (if frozen, thaw and dry off first), and pepperoni I don’t toast the bagels, but some breads I toast first to ensure they hold up… then, while the cheese is still melty, I put the bagel together… so the cheese will “glue” it into a stuffed pizza bagel.

    She loves to have salad or fresh veggies and fruit, along with her water bottle and of course, a mint for dessert so she doesn’t have stinky breath.

    My son usually buys lunch, but sometimes he loves to take his lunch. When he does, his favorites are soups or leftover lasagna or enchiladas.

  29. Since my daughter’s starting kindergarten in a few weeks, I had to step up my game. I started using star/heart/flower cookie cutters to cut the pb&j, watermelon and cheese.

  30. Would love the boy package! I have a kiddo with food allergies and have to send his lunch everyday =) Would save me tons on Ziploc baggies!

  31. we wind up doing leftovers for lunch, their favorite is pizza. We also make homemade lunchables. Our school doesn’t allow any nut products so my children have never developed a love for PB&J’s like I did as a child.

  32. chicken breast chopped in bite size pieces, strawberries, apple cut into fries, baby carrots, almond butter and rice balls or some sort of cracker and small cheese squares.

  33. Peanut butter with marshmallow creme sandwich! Dont knock it til you try it! I always brought them in my lunch when I was young, also.

  34. our go to lunch is usually cubed cheese, water or juice, bagel, pasta, salads grapes, tangerines, strawberries, bananas and pretzels or popcorn.


  36. For lunch a banana is our go to favorite must have! We usually like to stick some yogurt and a sandwich along for the ride!

  37. A meat and cheese sandwich with a bunch of fruit and veggies on the side. My youngest is the healthiest eater I have. 🙂 She always eats her veggies first.

  38. Much to my own dismay when asked my son claims pizza rolls as his favorite lunch food… he rarely has them so that must be the reason


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