Celebrate National S’mores Day!

national s'mores day

August 10th is a very special day. Do you know what it is? It’s National S’mores Day! I love food holidays because there are so many options for celebrating. For example, you can go traditional with a basic graham cracker/marshmallow/milk chocolate combo, or you can get…creative. Let’s go!


How about some s’mores cupcakes? These look delish!

Photo credit: Love from the Oven

My family is moving to Pretzel City, USA (AKA Freeport, IL), so I’ve got pretzels on the brain. Why not replace graham crackers with pretzels and create and s’mores that will tackle both your sweet and salty cravings! Want more sweet and less salty? Dip your creation in chocolate.

national s'mores day
Photo credit: The Beach House Kitchen

Can you make a delicious brownie even better? Find out by testing these s’mores brownies with their graham cracker crust and marshmallow topping.

national s'mores day
Photo credit: Cooking Classy

If you don’t like chocolate (who are you people?!), try substituting it with something else. Maybe with lemon curd, like in these Lemon Meringue Pie S’mores.


national s'mores day
Photo credit: Sunset

I love dark chocolate fondue, especially with strawberries. Try swapping out the standard milk chocolate square for some dark chocolate and add some strawberries for a richer, more grown-up s’more.

national s'mores day
Photo credit: Delish

You could also put a s’mores-y twist on the ice cream sandwich and make this S’mores Icebox Cake. This recipe is a little bit more labor intensive (including making your own ganache and marshmallow cream), but it’s not hard. And with delicious results like this cake, the work is worth it!

national s'mores day
Photo credit: Mom Endeavors

One of my favorite desserts is a trifle. They look impressive, but are simple to make. Try out this s’mores-inspired trifle for your next potluck event. Or family meal. Or just for you. I won’t judge.

national s'mores day
Photo credit: How Sweet It Is

Remember that thing I said about not liking sticky fingers? I take it back. It’s worth getting a bit messy to make these Chocolate Fudge S’mores Thumbprints.

national s'mores day
Photo credit: Gimme Some Oven

Finally, here’s a super-kid-friendly recipe: S’mores Pops. You could even do this as a “craft” at a summer birthday party or family get-together!

And in case you don’t see something you like here, check out some of Baby Gizmo’s previous s’mores recipes posts like S’mores Waffle Bites, S’mores Dip, S’mores Crêpes, Peanut Butter S’mores Bars, Warm Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Bars, or S’more Cups.

(Oh. August 10th is also Lazy Day, so feel free to enjoy a double celebration by eating sweet, sweet s’mores while lounging about in your comfy pants. Elastic waistbands mean room for more s’mores.)

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