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  1. I’m born and raised in Los Angeles as well and now live in the OC (Irvine). I’d add the La Brea Tarpits to the list. there are endless parks to go to and places to experience in Los Angeles. The original farmer’s Market at the grove, Cool Haus Ice Cream, Diddy Riese Cookies & Carmela’s Ice Cream 🙂 . I have to disagree with #20,I think there are WAY better cupcakes & ice cream out there owned by small businesses, in my opinion Sprinkles is overrated. I’d tell any parent visiting to check out Red Tricycle Los Angeles guide.

    1. Hello Candice, thank you so much for the article! We go to LA once a year (hubby’s work) and next month will be the first time I take along both my babies (2 year old and 6 month old). So, I really needed to find options to keep my little angels busy . I am a born and raised Brazil, if you ever need information about fun things to do with kids in Brazil, just let me know.

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